If you’re looking to try out a new profession in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, we’ve got the list. These professions will truly test your mettle and help you conquer whatever comes next!

The “World of Warcraft: 8 Best BfA Professions” is a list of the best professions to make gold in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. The list includes professions such as herbalism, mining, and skinning.

While the majority of World of Warcraft’s emphasis has turned to Shadowlands, the older expansions still have importance. This is particularly true with professions, which have unexpectedly continued to give valuable things and bonuses since the game’s introduction. Here’s a list of the greatest BfA careers to pursue.

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We hope our guide to the finest professions in Battle for Azeroth helps give you a sense of what each profession may provide on your trip, whether you’re leveling an alt and want to profit from BfA professions or simply giving the game a try before taking up Shadowlands.


We won’t be rating each profession since we’re discussing an earlier expansion. We’ll also skip over the gathering professions, since their only purpose is to acquire raw materials.

Instead, we’ll concentrate on the benefits that each of the crafting professions has to offer. Every crafting profession has its own particular Tool of the Trade that grants exceptional benefits. They’re usually made after finishing a quest chain that takes 120 skill points to unlock, and although most of them became outdated with Shadowlands, you may wish to save them anyhow.

Let’s get started with the finest BfA professions in WoW with all of this in mind.


Alchemy-1024x631 Alchemy-1024x631 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Create stat-boosting flasks and rapid buff potions using this ability. This is a very strong BoP trinket.
  • Transmogrification: None
  • Silas’ Transmutation Sphere is a useful tool. It may be transformed into one of four helpful items:
    • Curing – Reusable healing potion that may be used once every minute.
    • Disguise – For 10 minutes, wear a random cosmetic disguise.
    • Transport – Teleport to any flight master in a BFA zone in a moment.
    • For 10 minutes, Prosperity grants you the ability to produce more alchemy products.

Gather plants and make strong potions and flasks to boost your stats as you travel. Alchemy in Battle for Azeroth lets you to make the same potions and flasks as in previous expansions.

Unfortunately, at Level 50, all of the potions that can be prepared in BFA become worthless, so utilize them while leveling! If you still desire the stat increase, the flasks may be used after 50 and are a cheaper alternative to the Shadowlands flasks.

Alchemists may make an Alchemist’s Stone, a unique BoP item with numerous levels of enhancements at each new phase. It increases the effectiveness of healing potions and may provide a boost to your main stat. It’s great for leveling, but getting enough crafting materials might be difficult.

Unfortunately, the Tool of the Trade is only valued in its transportable form these days. By instantaneously transporting you on a 9-minute cooldown, it will get you through a BfA zone considerably quicker. However, when you’re attempting to level up, the curing variation isn’t awful.


Blacksmithing-1024x625 Blacksmithing-1024x625 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Create plate armor, weapons, and mount-affecting equipment using this ability.
  • There are several transmogs (weapons, shields, plate armor for each slot)
  • Khaz’gorian Smithing Hammer is the tool of the trade. Every hour, you may repair one gear piece for free.
    • The Indestructible (no durability damage) attribute may be obtained by crafting BFA armor/weapons. Beyond Level 50, it isn’t possible to use it.

From the ores strewn throughout the country, craft formidable plate armor and a variety of weaponry. You may make a wide range of plate armor and weaponry, as is customary. You may also develop some really handy mount boosting devices to help you navigate more easily.

The Inflatable Mount Shoes and Stirrups are particularly noteworthy. The first lets you to walk through water with your mount, while the second allows you to interact with things in BFA zones while mounted. Avoid the Hoofplates since its purported mount speed increase does not stack with any other speed enhancements, such as the guild one.

Aside from that, you’ll largely be interested in the vast array of transmogs available. You can construct some fantastic-looking faction-based weaponry and shields. The armor isn’t horrible either, although you can definitely find something better elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Tool of the Trade cannot be utilized above Level 50; otherwise, it would be a terrific way to save money on maintenance expenses. If you are able to get it, make frequent use of it on equipment such as your weapon to save money.


Enchanting-1024x617 Enchanting-1024x617 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Benefits: Convert less valued gear into reagents and create strong enchants.
  • There aren’t many transmogs (a couple wands)
  • Iwen’s Enchanting Rod is the tool of the trade. When disenchanting, you may get more reagents and empower a golem to battle with you in BFA zones.

Enchant your gear with beneficial benefits by disenchanting weapons and armor you discover along the journey into reagents. As is customary when enchanting, you concentrate on buffing your armor parts. However, the number of slots available for enchantment in BFA is relatively restricted (just weapons, rings, and gloves). Unfortunately, none of these enchants function on things with an iLvl greater than 140 (Shadowlands gear), but they’re still useful for leveling.

They are, however, the most powerful tier enchants that can be applied to heirloom gear, since Shadowlands enchants cannot be applied to them. They’re great for giving yourself a boost if you’re leveling an alt.

If you’re searching for something to do with your resources, you can get a pet and a couple transmog wand appearances from Enchanting. Due to the scarcity of BFA gear, raw reagents may now be found at a reasonable price on the market.


Engineering-1024x533 Engineering-1024x533 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Benefits: Make a variety of helpful goods and one-of-a-kind devices to deal with any occasion.
  • Moderate (headpieces for each armor type, certain guns/maces) transmogs
  • Ub3r-Spanner is the tool of the trade. To help you in the open world, create one of three constructs:
    • Dummy used as a target (draw aggro)

Put your thoughts to it and come up with a diverse set of tools for on-field usefulness and damage. Engineering in Battlefield 1 is mostly concerned with providing you with access to some highly strong helmets that have amazing, unique Azerite abilities. You may also use unique belt enchants to offer a shield, fright, and knock back adversaries, among other things.

Other, lesser-known innovations such as DPS bombs, special hunter scopes/ammo, and mediocre weapons exist, but they’re mixed up with helpful convenience items like as deployable stable masters, transmog stations, and temporary boats, which are still useful in Shadowlands. You may also make one-of-a-kind combat pets as well as the desired Mecha-Mogul mount (flying goblin head).

Last but not least, you gain access to an unique auction house in the BFA capital of your faction!


Inscription-1024x561 Inscription-1024x561 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Benefits: War scrolls with class buffs, Vantus Runes, talent shifting tomes, cosmetic glyphs, and reputation contracts may all be created.
  • There aren’t many transmogs (a small handful of off-hand weapons)
  • Lana’thel’s Sanguine Feather Quill is her tool of the trade. Allows you to make Blood Contracts and heal from monsters that have died in the real world.
    • Blood Contracts summon one of four avatars in the open world that may operate as a healer, tank, or melee/range DPS.
    • Farming resources from Blood Trolls in the Underrot dungeon, a global monster in BFA zones, and the Golden Serpent boss in the King’s Rest dungeon is required for crafting.

To construct magical scrolls and tomes that can grant boosts on your quest, grind herbs into powerful inks and create magical scrolls and tomes. BFA has seen a few minor modifications in Inscription, the most notable of which is the addition of contracts. After completing a global quest in BFA zones, these one-time use goods award the player a week-long boost that grants additional reputation. Once you’ve made friends with a faction, its quartermaster will sell you the recipe. If you’re attempting to earn the reputations needed to enable flying in BfA, they are really useful.

You may also make Vantus Runes to offer yourself an advantage against BfA raid bosses, as well as tomes to change out your skills in the open world, as is customary. In addition, war-scrolls have been introduced to provide a lesser version of some class boosts to groups without a warrior, mage, or priest. These buff scrolls have a level limit of 50, which is unfortunate. It’s a shame, since Shadowlands has yet to release an improved version.

Aside from that, you may make a few cosmetic glyphs for druids and mages, as well as a few transmog-able off-hand items. Those, along with contracts, are the most likely to be purchased.

The Trade Tool isn’t extremely effective. The avatars you may conjure are rather weak, and they are more likely to just aggro surrounding foes. The item’s AoE healing involves channeling and is a little sluggish, but it’s incredibly showy and thematically appropriate for certain classes.


Jewelcrafting-1024x598 Jewelcrafting-1024x598 Blizzard courtesy of HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

  • Create stat-boosting gems for your armor sockets as a bonus.
  • There aren’t many transmogs (a couple staves)
  • Jewelhammer’s Focus is the tool of the trade. Allows you to remove socketed gems from their sockets without damaging them. You may also get daily gems by interacting with sculptures in each BFA zone.
    • Only useable if you’re at or below Level 50.

Cut the earth’s valuable stones into magical foci that may be implanted into your armor for extra stats. With BFA, there hasn’t been much of a shift in this field. You cut gems into different stat-boosting shapes that may be inserted into the gem sockets on your gear. You can make some staves for transmog, but they’re not really useful for anything else.

The strongest rings you can get are the ones you make yourself, but because BFA is outdated content, it serves little purpose.

Surprisingly, the leviathan gems are still useful in Shadowlands, despite the absence of any major stat gems in the current expansion. If you want to increase your main stat by 8, you should check at the BFA gems.


Leatherworking-1024x543 Leatherworking-1024x543

  • Create formidable leather and mail armor, as well as a variety of other items.
  • Many (leather/mail armor for each slot, bows/fist weapons) transmogs
  • Mallet of Thunderous Skins is the tool of the trade. It may be used as an endless Heroism drum. For a 30-minute boost, interact with the drum in each BFA zone.
    • Only useable if you’re at or below Level 50.
    • In Shadowlands, this boost is effective.

Forge the hides and skins of the wild beasts into durable leather and mail armor. You may make leather and mail armor for yourself, as is customary. Legs and boots are the only elements that can be significantly upgraded, but they are also the most complex to create. There are also several subpar fist weapons and bows available.

The Barding is the most helpful item you can make, since it keeps you from being dizzy while riding your steed. For Shadowlands, the permanent mount equipment is still quite important. Unfortunately, the heroic drums can’t be utilized beyond level 50.


Tailoring-1024x532 Tailoring-1024x532

  • Create strong cloth armor, healing bandages, and boosting flags for groups.
  • There are several transmogs (cloth armor for each slot)
  • Synchronous Thread is the tool of the trade. Gather fabric by repairing random rifts in the environment, revive if you die in a BFA zone, and summon the Time-Lost Trader for unique tailoring recipes on rare occasions.

Make spell-enhancing cloth armor and handy goods out of the exquisite sea-blessed materials. You may make strong cloth armor for spellcasters as normal, with the gloves and legs being able to be enhanced even further.

What’s more, when in BFA zones, you have access to unique back enchants like decreasing threat, slowfall, and avoiding the daze effect. You may also use bandages to heal yourself and your teammates.

The Saddle Blanket and Battle Flags are the most useful things. The first is a standard part of most permanent mounts, while the second is a one-of-a-kind item that may be placed in unrated battlegrounds for a significant boon such as decreased damage, reduced CC effects, or increased movement speed.

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The “wow best professions for hunter 2021” is a blog post that goes over the 8 best professions in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most useful profession in WoW?

A: This is a very difficult question to answer, as there are many professions in the game. However, I would say an artist or crafter.

What is Max profession BFA?

A: Max profession is the maximum rank that a player can reach in any given profession. BFA stands for best friends forever, which means you are always with your very-best friend because nothing will ever come between us.

Whats the best profession to make money in WoW?

A: While it may not be the best profession to make money in World of Warcraft, Archaeology is a good option.

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