Considering that people from all walks of life are using trains, it becomes difficult to choose the best way for them. If you have kids or students who require a quick and simple description about train journeys in general, this essay is perfect for you.

The “short essay on train for class 2” is a short essay that has been written in simple English. The essay talks about the journey of a student and his child, who are travelling on a train.

Short Essay On Train Journey For Students And Children In Simple English




A train journey takes us across a variety of sights. Regardless, the nature of these sceneries varies depending on the region through which we travel.


Following that, we witness one kind of sight when driving through an assembly region, a very other type of sight while driving through agricultural areas, and the picture changes yet more while driving along the seacoasts.

When touring assembly sites, one of the most striking features of the landscape, according to all reports, is the large number of towering smokestacks. For the most part, these fires emit large amounts of smoke, clouding the atmosphere and making everything around them seem dirty and smeared.



On all sides, stockrooms and industrial facilities can be seen; trucks laden with goods pass and re-pass along the line; and, for the most part, there is a lot of noise and activity.

The sight in agricultural areas is very remarkable. Greenfields waving with corn, dairy animals grazing on pasturelands, charming farmhouses, and lush plantations – all combine to create a very beautiful and pleasant picture. The homes peeking through clumps of trees seem to be very lovely, and the winged animals singing from tree branches provide soothing music to the ears.

As you go down the shore, the scenery changes once again. The changing colour of the water and the waves crashing against the shore may be seen from the windows of your carriage. The waves rush high now and again, while the ocean is calm and serene at other times. At sunrise and sunset, there is almost always a picture of breathtaking beauty.


Traveling by train


I’ve gone through the routine of preparing. These were, in any case, brief journeys. My father informed us at some time that he is on a business trip to Kanyakumari. He decided to bring his whole family along.

We were ecstatic to learn of this good news. We packed our belongings and boarded a train to Kota, where our real adventure would begin. We took the Rajdhani Express to Kanyakumari from Kota. We were assigned to a compartment with a subpar air conditioning system.



The trip was very enjoyable. We traveled through a lot of different states. I kept an eye out throughout the day and was taken by the vista from the start. We observed dairy cows grazing, people working in the fields, lovely flower gardens, and natural product tree plantations. Our train made just a few stops. Suppers were provided on a regular basis. We were grateful for the delicious food.

The scenery along the Konkan drift was breathtakingly beautiful. Several chapters were read aloud to our group. We arrived at Ernakulam, a beautiful and fantastic city, at that time. We took another train to Kanyakumari from Ernakulam. This leg of our journey from Ernakulam to Kanyakumari was much better. Finally, we arrived at Kanyakumari, India’s southernmost point. We’ll never forget our journey.

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My first train journey was a long one. I had to travel from one side of the country to the other, and it took me close to two hours. But it was worth it. The journey gave me time to think about all that I wanted to do in my life., Reference: paragraph on my first train journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a paragraph for a train journey?

A: Thats a lot of work! A paragraph is composed of sentences, which are then organized into paragraphs. You can create an outline to organize your thoughts before you begin writing them down. However, while writing, it helps to keep in mind the main points that need to be conveyed so the reader knows what they should know by the end of each section or chapter.

What is a journey by train?

A: A journey by train is a mode of transportation in which people travel on trains and buses to get from one place to another.

How do you write a journey essay?

A: The best way to write a journey essay is by telling what you did and how it changed as time went on. You should also provide the reader with examples of your experience in order for them to follow along.

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