As Americans watch more and more TV, violence in the US has increased. The Old Masters are to blame for this rise because they have been glorifying violence since before World War I. Trump is a symptom of society’s growing apathy but could also be an agent for change if he encourages people to take action against injustice instead of simply consume it on screen..

The “violent crime” is a problem that has been present in America for a while. The rise in violence can be linked to TV, the Old Masters or Trump, take your pick.

Rising violence in America linked to TV, the Old Masters or Trump, take your pick



When people say “aim high,” they typically mean “dream big.” However, in light of recent school massacres, the word has taken on new significance. This year, Education Week reporters uncovered 30 incidents of violence in K-12 schools, with 22 of them occurring since August! What exactly is going on?

There is a relationship between television and aggression, according to the New York Psychiatric Institute. According to a 2002 research, kids who watch television for more than one hour each day are more likely to grow up to be aggressive adults.

If that’s true, there must have been a lot of TV watching last year, since according to Time magazine, 2020 was one of the most violent years in the United States in decades.

But, wait a minute, wasn’t there a lot of carnage long before television? I’m thinking back to when Cain, the world’s first adolescent, slaughtered his sibling Abel, and all the subsequent slayings in the Old Testament. Teens who read the Bible for more than an hour a day, according to the Psychiatric Institute, may turn aggressive.

Murder goes unpunished at the Museum.

In that scenario, maybe art museums should be off-limits to schoolchildren, given artworks often depict biblical scenes of violence. Consider Peter Paul Ruben’s painting “Cain Slaying Abel,” which depicts the world’s first murder. It’s enough to give you nightmares to see Abel’s lips spread wide as if wailing for Cain to stop.

Consider also Caravaggio’s “Sacrifice of Isaac,” which depicts a father murdering his kid by pressing his head down on a bed of pebbles with a blade. To add to the roughness, the image depicts Isaac with his mouth open, as though he is pleading, “Please, father, don’t harm me!” Then there’s Jusepe Ribera’s work, which is the most bloody of them all.

On Eunomia, you may discuss this news.

Would an emotionally disturbed youngster be able to shoot up a school after seeing images of Cain murdering Abel or Isaac preparing to kill Isaac, believing that since murder is in the Bible, it’s OK if I do it? Is this too far-fetched to be true? It is, without a doubt.

What I really believe

Since Trump took office, there has been an upsurge in the frequency of school shootings, which reflects a feeling of anarchy in the country, with no consequences.

His criminal record is extensive. I’m guessing he’s breaking the law by stating his items’ earnings go to charity when they don’t. Or when Trump breached an IRS regulation by buying a Tim Tebow helmet with charity money.

Or when Trump breaks the law by collecting campaign money from foreign authorities. Or when he spent $6 million of campaign funds on his personal enterprises. I’m not even addressing the Capitol insurgency on January 6th.

When Trump stated he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, he was expressing himself. His senior advisers are now following his example and refusing to cooperate with subpoenas from Congress. Teenagers, who are naturally rebellious, are likely drawing cues from all of these law-breaking without consequence.

The New York Psychiatric Institute may have been correct in linking television to adolescent violence, but it’s more than likely due to regular newscasts.



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