I’ve been looking forward to playing this game for a while and I’m glad that it doesn’t disappoint. The gameplay is simple, yet strategic and the theme works well with the board game.

Resident Evil: The Board Game is a board game that was released in October of 2017. This is the impression of someone who played the game for about an hour.

The Kickstarter for Steamforged Games and Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Board Game has now crossed one million dollars and is still unlocking additional stretch goals. The issue then becomes whether you should give it a go, and any fan of the series will tell you that the answer is a resounding yes. The suspense and anxiety that comes with opening those creaking doors, to the art form of making every shot count as you strive to hang on to your precious ammunition, are all there and accounted for, and those aspects thrive in an easy-to-learn system that is friendly to gamers of all skill levels. In a nutshell, it works, but if you’re still not convinced, let’s take a closer look.

Resident Evil: The Board Game contains a simple and easy-to-understand fundamental gameplay cycle that is divided into three phases: Action Phase, Reaction Phase, and Tension Phase. The Action Phase is when you use your selected character to do four character acts, which in my game were Barry Burton and Jil Valentine. Attacking with a weapon, avoiding, opening a door, or picking up an object are all possible actions, and after they’ve all been completed, the Reaction Phase begins, allowing foes to move or strike.

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The important thing to remember is that your tile might be more than just the tile your character is now on, which is where some strategy comes into play. Like in the previous game, you’ll find yourself returning through the Mansion, but this time you have the option of leaving doors open or closed. If you leave them open, you won’t have to spend an action closing them if you go back, but you risk attracting additional opponents. Your tile is defined by any number of tiles with open doors connecting them; for example, if you left two doors open on earlier tiles, “your tile” now encompasses those two tiles as well as the one you’re on. When you fire a gunshot, adversaries on all three tiles will respond and come closer to you, using an Out of Sequence action that isn’t even their usual response phase, giving them extra opportunities to strike.

You may, however, make use of the doors and surroundings to your benefit. Let’s pretend you have an opponent on whom you don’t want to spend bullets. You could conceivably draw it into a room, leave, and lock the doors, but the Zombie won’t be able to escape until a card or ability expressly permits them to. Of course, if you need anything in that room later, you’ve just made things worse for yourself, so this strategy comes with some risk.

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The Tension Phase, in which you draw a Tension Card, is the last phase. Green, Amber, and Red are the three different styles. Green cards have some creepy wording on them but are otherwise All Clear. The Amber cards will sabotage your plans or drive you to make a tough decision. Red cards, on the other hand, are the most deadly, and are intended to be used as jump scares. They resemble those classic gaming moments when something reaches through a window or smashes through a door to wreak mayhem. In my example, Barry and Jill were doing OK until a card created several Zombies and Corpses only a few squares away from our location, and the chamber I wanted to go to, as well as a task I needed to accomplish, were both in the same corridor. To say this was chaotic would be an understatement, as I spent more ammunition than I intended shortly before facing a Hunter, so it wasn’t exactly a winning formula.

Resident Evil will also throw some curveballs your way, as certain places will have an Encounter Card symbol, which when drawn may provide clues to puzzles or force you to generate Corpses or Zombies on your tile. When you kill a Zombie, they become a Corpse token on the ground, and you’ll have to roll a special die to see whether they spring back up if you go back through that square. A single corpse is inconvenient, but numerous may be fatal. However, the game goes one step farther than video games by allowing you to burn the corpses to remove them from the board. You’ll need kerosene and a way to burn it, but the fact that this is a gameplay feature adds even more complexity to an already tactical game.

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Missions will enhance gameplay for those who have mastered the fundamentals, forcing you to complete a specific activity in order to get a key prize. You have to rescue Brad Vickers in the demo, and if you don’t, you’ll lose him, but if you do, you’ll get him as a reserve character with a nice benefit. You may save other characters in the game to unlock prizes like this, and when you add in character-specific skills, push mechanisms, and weapon abilities (like three-shot burst capabilities), you’ll have a plethora of gaming possibilities.

Resident Evil The Board Game brings the survival components of the original game to life with fast-paced yet tactical action, while simultaneously bringing the franchise’s trademark moment-to-moment suspense and dread, and no Resident Evil fan should miss out on the horrifying enjoyment. I can’t wait to play the complete edition with all the Kickstarter extras if the present game is as excellent.

Resident Evil: The Board Game is available on Kickstarter.

Steamforged Games offered a demo copy.

Resident Evil: The Board Game Impressions is a game that has been released on Kickstarter. This game is for 2-5 players, and it takes about an hour to play. Resident Evil fans will love this new board game! Reference: resident evil 2 board game scenarios.

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