According to sources, the rapper Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed and later died outside of his home in Chicago. Local police have since launched an investigation into the incident with no suspect information released yet.

The “2shitty snitch” is a phrase used in the music industry to describe someone who tells on other artists. The term has been used to describe Drakeo The Ruler’s stabbing death, with fans and industry members reacting to the news of his death.

Music Industry, Fans React To Stabbing Death of Rapper Drakeo The Ruler; Police Investigation Underway To Find Assailant

(CBSLA) EXPOSITION PARK – A Los Angeles music festival was put on pause in the middle of a performance Saturday evening when rapper Drakeo the Ruler, one of the artists, was stabbed and died backstage during a dispute.

Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, The Game, Al Green, The Isley Brothers, George Clinton, 50 Cent, and YG were among the performers at Once Upon A Time At LA, a hip-hop music festival held at Banc of California Stadium in Exposition Park. The event was supposed to run from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., but owing to the stabbing, it was called off more than an hour early.

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While an inquiry has been initiated, the cause of the brawl is yet unknown. Parts of the argument, which included more than a half-dozen individuals, were captured on film and shared on social media. Detectives are on the lookout for a motive and an assailant.

Many of the festival’s tens of thousands of attendees were completely uninformed of both the brawl and the stabbing event, but heard soon as news spread like wildfire after the several officials on the scene started to congregate in one place — the backstage roadway.

While there was already a large police presence at the event, after the stabbing, many additional officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Highway Patrol converged on the site. When the event was called off early, they aided in escorting customers out.


In reaction to the murder of one of its performers, Drakeo The Ruler, @rbarongroup posted an Instagram story. (Image courtesy of @rbarongroup on Instagram.)

Drakeo’s management team almost confirmed the news on Sunday afternoon when they published a message to their Instagram account that said, “1993 – 2021 #drakeotheruler.”

While in his dressing area, Snoop Dogg, the next planned act, learned about the event. For his own safety, he promptly fled the event.

“I’m devastated by the events that occurred last night at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival,” he wrote in a message on Twitter on Sunday. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Drakeo the Ruler’s family and loved ones. I’m not one to dwell on the bad, and as one of the many artists, I was merely there to provide great energy to my hometown of Los Angeles. I was in my dressing room last night when I learned of the event and decided to leave the festival grounds right away. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by tragedy. Please take care of yourself, love one another, and be safe. IN HIP HOP, I’M PRAYING FOR PEACE.”

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“Nah bro this s— isn’t right for real what are we doing,” Drake said on his Instagram story in a homage to his pal Drakeo. Your enthusiasm has always lifted my spirits. Drakeo, rest in peace.”

Other prominent tributes to the rapper include Juicy J, DJ Akademiks, Empire Distribution, Trippie Redd, and Roddy Ricch.

“I was simply astonished,” claimed one fan, Joshua Maida, who talked with CBSLA reporters. I’d want to express my condolences since I knew him and enjoyed his music. I never would’ve guessed that at the conclusion of that brawl, someone right there had died, and it was a well-known person.”

Drakeo, who was born Darell Caldwell in South Los Angeles, was just 28 years old at the time of his death. He was well-known in the West Coast rap scene, and in a 2018 feature, the Los Angeles Times called him the “most innovative West Coast stylist in decades.” For his linguistic ability and unusual flow, he was highly acclaimed in the hip hop scene.

Drakeo has released ten mixtapes and one studio album, his debut, throughout his seven years as an artist.

His mixtape “Thank You For Using GTL” was one of his most well-known efforts. At Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, his lyrics were totally recorded via the prison’s phone service, Global Tel Link (GTL).

He had already served time in jail for the murder of a 26-year-old woman in 2016. He faces charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and murder conspiracy. After three years in jail, he was given a plea bargain.

NEWS: The No-Burn Order has been extended till Monday evening.

Drakeo told the Los Angeles Times in 2018 that he felt like he “had to continually watch his back” and that he was aware that someone were out to murder him.

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The “kellz stinc team” is a group of fans that are reacting to the stabbing death of rapper Drakeo The Ruler. Police investigation is underway to find the assailant, and fans have been posting their thoughts on social media.

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