The Missouri State Highway Patrol has sent out a “BOLO” (be on the lookout) for The Joker. It is an alert, asking people to watch for this particular individual and his vehicle. This was done without thinking about the consequences of what it would do if released publicly.,

The “amber alert missouri today 2021” is a BOLO that was sent out by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The BOLO was for the Joker, but it ended up being sent out to everyone’s phone.

Missouri State Highway Patrol accidentally sends out BOLO for the Joker



Missouri’s highest-ranking law enforcement department is the Missouri State Highway Patrol. It was established a few years after the United States Numbered Highway System was established. Long before the Interstate Highway System was established.

The Patrol’s authority spans the whole of the state. One of its responsibilities is to test emergency alert systems on a regular basis to ensure that they function properly. According to The Hill and CNN, a recent incident of this has prompted the government to explain.

Unintentionally issues a search warrant for the Joker.

A recent message from the Missouri State Highway Patrol has been rescinded.

One that was recently sent out to a large number of Missouri mobile devices. It’s possible that those who got it felt they needed to keep an eye out for a certain car.

In this example, it’s a 1978 Dodge 3700 GT. Purple and green in color, with the words ‘UKIDME’ on the license plate. Fans of movies and comic books may recognize the vehicle in question. The reason for this is because it was included in the 1989 film “Batman.” Based on the same-named D.C. Comics character. The Joker, the main character’s archenemy, drives an automobile that fits the description.

No, the Joker didn’t appear to have gone on the run in Missouri. The statement was apparently not intended for the wider audience. Rather, it was supposed to be a practice run for a Blue Alert.

When a law enforcement officer is assaulted, this codename is usually used.

An wrong choice was picked, according to a later statement from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The message was released to the public rather than being maintained inside the agency.

The non-existent tragedy was also mentioned in the letter as occurring in Gotham City, Missouri.

On Eunomia, you may discuss this news.

That municipality does not exist, yet it seems to be a reference to Batman/Bruce Wayne’s hometown. However, there is a separate entity known as ‘Gotham City, Missouri.’ This is a solar energy firm in Wildwood, Missouri, which is close to Saint Louis.

It’s not the first time a big government institution has unintentionally entangled itself in the world of comic books.

Wakanda was identified as a trade partner by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2019. Authorities then said it was accidentally left up as part of a website test. Wakanda is a fictional nation that does not exist. However, it is the setting for Marvel’s Black Panther in cinema and literature. It’s also a hub of the fictitious super-strength metal vibranium, which was utilized to manufacture artifacts like Captain America’s famous shield, according to legend.

The Joker was portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 film.

Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter persona, in the 1989 film adaptation. The Joker, played by Jack Nicholson, was among the other cast members. The film was a critical and commercial success, earning the second highest box office gross of the year.

It was nominated for an Academy Award for its art direction. Nicholson received a Golden Globe nomination.

The Joker is undoubtedly the most well-known comic book villain of all time. Other DC characters, like as Superman and Wonder Woman, have used him as a counterpoint. His most well-known feud, though, is with Batman.


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The “Missouri State Highway Patrol news” is a story that was released by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The BOLO for the Joker was accidentally sent out to law enforcement officials around the country. Reference: missouri state highway patrol news.

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