Over the past few years, cyber crime has become a global issue. It affects all levels of society, whether it be in terms of individual privacy or national security. Every day more and more people are becoming victims to this type of criminal activity with no way out but to pay off their attackers as they continue causing further damage.

The “essay on cyber crime in 1000 words” is a short essay that discusses the negative effects of cyber crime.

Essay On Cyber Crime For Student In Easy Words – Read Here


Cybercrime is a modern-day crime that has become a major offense. Cybercrime is a kind of crime carried out through computers. This is caused by inappropriately utilizing the computer and its network.

Some individuals commit cybercrime with the aim of hurting others by hacking or obtaining their internal information, and this may be readily accomplished with current internet technology, through which these people cause offense in society.


Hackers that steal other people’s internal information or private information extort and harass them afterwards. Harassment is an issue that mostly affects women in our culture. They are the most often targeted victims of these cybercriminals.

This issue of cyber crime is not unique to India; it affects individuals all over the globe. There are numerous hackers all around the world that hack and harass people.

The majority of the hackers are Russians who break into numerous people’s accounts and then blackmail them. Cybercrime has become a significant issue all around the globe.

Issues As A Result Of Hacking 


This hacking began with computers and their internet connections, allowing hackers to quickly access people’s information via computers, and it is now also possible to hack from a mobile phone.

Hacking has become a major problem in society because hackers create viruses and install them on other people’s computers, causing havoc with their computers and causing numerous problems, or hackers hack people’s bank accounts or other private accounts and then take all of the money from the accounts.


By creating a virus and spreading it to other people’s computers, the virus affects the computer and many unwanted things enter it, causing a major problem for the device. This virus problem can also have psychological effects on the user as a result of the unwanted things they put in their computers via virus.

Taking Action Against This Offense 


Cybercrime has become a significant issue all over the globe, and as a result, many cybersecurity organizations have been established to combat the crime.

Various Russian agencies, or cybercrime agencies, have been established in many nations to combat this worldwide crime.

Because computers are utilized for hacking, these cyber agents are able to get some proof in order to apprehend the hacker.

Many hacking cases have been filed since the cybercrime agencies were established, and cyber agents have captured many of the hackers.

The hacker may face a variety of consequences, including a hefty fine or incarceration. On the other side, many hackers assist these cybersecurity professionals in locating other hackers that annoy individuals.

As a result, cybercrime has become a significant issue in today’s society, and we must be aware of it and be vigilant against cyber thieves.

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Cyber crime is a growing problem in the world. The article “paragraph on cyber crime” is an essay that discusses how cyber crime has been affecting society for some time now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cyber crime essay?

A: A cyber crime is when someone illegally uses the internet to commit a criminal act, often online.

What is cybercrime for students?

A: Cybercrime is a form of computer crime that typically involves the use of computers to gain illegal access and/or cause damage without physical contact. This can also include defamation, stalking, harassment or fraud.

What is cybercrime in simple words?

A: Cybercrime is the crime committed online. There are many types of cybercrimes such as hacking, identity theft, and phishing.

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