Chrome Incognito is more popular than Firefox Private. Chrome has the most users and a wider range of plugins available, while Firefox requires you to install add-ons to make it as private as possible.

The “firefox private browsing” is a feature that allows you to browse the web without leaving any traces. Firefox Incognito vs. Chrome Private Browsing: Which Is Better?

Chrome Incognito vs. Firefox private: Which is better?


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  • Most browsers provide a private browsing mode that enables users to access the web without having to delete their history or data, however private browsing does not equal complete online anonymity.
  • Users who do not want their surfing habits tracked or who use a shared computer will benefit from private browsing.
  • Google Chrome includes Incognito mode, which allows users to access their bookmarks while surfing while disabling addons.
  • Firefox private browsing protects you from tracking by blocking malicious scripts and viruses.



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Most browsers provide a private browsing mode that does not record user history or cookies and leaves no trace when the window is closed.

This browsing mode is appropriate for those who share a computer or don’t want their browsing data or cookies saved. Users should bear in mind, however, that private surfing does not imply complete online anonymity.

Two of the most popular browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Continue reading to get a side-by-side comparison of their private browsing options.

Is it safe to use private browsing mode?

Private surfing is a feature that allows users to browse anonymously. In private browsing, user cookies are not carried over, and their browsing history is not preserved. Any cookies or data will be deleted when the private browsing window is closed.

Because their browser history isn’t saved in private browsing mode, many users believe they are anonymous. Private surfing, on the other hand, does not mask users’ IP addresses or locations, so websites may still track who visits them.


Most browsers are upfront about the scope of private browsing anonymity, stating that it merely stops your history and cookies from being kept. Use a VPN or a browser with a built-in VPN for complete anonymity and security.

Chrome Incognito vs. Firefox Private: What You Should Know

Protection against tracking

Monitoring protection in Firefox private browsing prohibits sites and businesses from tracking users. Trackers track users to gather information about their browsing patterns and behaviors in order to deliver customized adverts. This function also shields you against malicious scripts and viruses.

When you launch an incognito window in Chrome, you have the option of blocking third-party cookies. When cookies are disabled, websites are unable to track visitors throughout the internet.

However, since it may create difficulties with features on certain websites, this function is permitted to be deactivated rather than always-on.


a user interface

In Firefox, the purple mask icon in the menu bar denotes private browsing. By clicking the three lines in the upper right corner, users may simply access it. Ctrl+Shift+P is the Firefox keyboard shortcut for private browsing.


Users may enter Incognito mode in Chrome by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner, just as they do in Firefox. When you’re in an incognito window, you’ll see a symbol.

Users may still access their bookmarks from the menu bar, and under settings, they can pick which extensions to activate in Incognito mode. Ctrl+Shift+N is the keyboard shortcut for Incognito mode.

➡ Privacy

Google Chrome is extremely clear about the privacy benefits of private browsing. Chrome will not store your browser history, cookies, or login information when you use Incognito mode. However, websites, businesses, schools, and internet service providers may be able to see what users are doing.

Chrome also states that any downloaded files, bookmarks, or reading list items will be displayed in the browser.


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Firefox is equally forthright about user privacy, but not as much as Chrome Incognito. After a session of private browsing, Firefox clears all search and browsing history. Users are kept secure by tracking protection, but they are not made anonymous.

Although Firefox private browsing does not keep downloaded files, they will remain viewable on your computer.

More information about this subject may be found here.

➡ Speed

Chrome and Firefox are two of the fastest web browsers available. Firefox’s tracking protection prevents content and scripts from loading, slowing down your browsing experience. As a result, Firefox’s private browsing is quicker than other browsers.

Chrome Incognito, on the other hand, is quick since it doesn’t have any extensions enabled. By default, Incognito mode disables all extensions; if users wish to use a particular extension, they must activate it explicitly.

However, enabling all extensions to run in Incognito mode may impede browsing performance, giving Firefox an advantage in terms of private browsing speed.

➡ Add-ons

Private browsing in Firefox is compatible with addons and will work correctly. Firefox Multi-Account Containers is a Mozilla addon that enables users to organize web subjects into color-coded containers.

Cookies that have been downloaded in one container are not accessible in other containers. This enables users to keep their browsing data and subjects separate. To keep organized, users may establish a container for private browsing.

Extensions can operate in Incognito mode in Chrome, but they must be activated manually. In the extension settings, users may enable particular extensions to operate when surfing anonymously. Third-party add-ons may have access to browser data and history, so users should be aware.


For many users, particularly those who share a computer, private surfing is a beneficial tool. Users should be aware, however, that unless they utilize a VPN in conjunction with private browsing, they are not anonymous when surfing the web in private mode.

Firefox’s private browsing mode provides improved tracking protection against malicious scripts and viruses. Because this function avoids material from dragging down web pages, private surfing in Firefox looks to be quicker.

Chrome has a basic UI and makes the amount of privacy in Incognito mode extremely evident. To make Incognito mode run quicker, all extensions are deactivated by default. However, if you want to utilize a certain add-on, you must activate it manually, which may slow down your surfing performance.

With quicker browsing speeds, greater tracking protection, and the Multi-Account Container add-on, Firefox private browsing comes out on top.

Let us know what you think about private browsing and which browser you prefer in the comments section below.

Obtain Mozilla Firefox.

Install Google Chrome.

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The “incognito browser” is a type of browser that allows users to browse the internet without leaving traces. Firefox and Google Chrome are the two most popular browsers with an incognito mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incognito better than private browsing?

A: Incognito mode is a type of software that allows you to browse the internet anonymously. Private browsing, on the other hand, provides no anonymity at all and its not recommended for high-risk websites or those who are just looking to be discreet in their browsing habits.

Is Firefox incognito better than Chrome?

A: Yes, Firefox is better in every way.

Is Firefox focus better than incognito?

A: There are two different types of private browsing modes in most browsers such as Firefox. The first type is Incognito mode, which does not record and store your history, cookies or temporary internet files from the website you visit like a regular browser would do. Focus Mode sets Chrome to Do Not Track by default so that websites cant track you when they have no idea who you are and what data theyre collecting about your visits while also allowing access to some site specific features with only one click on any tab.

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