Windows 11 is only a few short months away. With it, Microsoft will be introducing some major changes to the Windows 10 operating system with features like mixed reality headsets, touch enabled screens and even Cortana support for desktop PCs. In order to prepare you for these new windows we have put together our list of the best themes currently available on ThemeHaus as well as what’s coming in December/January.

“Windows 11 themepack” is a great way to change the look of your Windows computer. It’s a good idea to update your themes periodically. If you’re looking for some new, fresh ideas, take a look at these 20 best Windows 11 themes that are worth downloading right now. Read more in detail here: windows 11 themepack.

Best Windows 11 Themes to Get Right Now (2022)

Microsoft introduced Windows 11 as the most recent version of Windows last year. This is also Microsoft’s first new version in six years, after Windows 10.

With the release of Windows 11, we have a new look and the majority of the features have been revamped.

These modifications, however, may be made much better with the aid of Windows 11 themes, which allow you to further personalize the appearance and feel of your computer.

You may change your wallpaper, desktop icons, mouse cursor, color scheme, and many other things using various Windows 11 themes.

We’re going to inform you about the greatest Windows 11 themes available right now in this post.

Themes for Windows 11 that are the best

Monterey SkinPack for macOS


MacOS Monterey is the most recent version of Mac OS X published by Apple last year, and it is the successor of Mac OS X Big Sur.

We all know that there is a constant discussion between Windows and Mac users over which operating system is superior.

We are not going to end that debate but what we can do is use both operating systems at the same time with the help of Monterey SkinPack for macOS.

You may experience the appearance and feel of macOS Monterey while still running Windows 11 with this SkinPack.

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3D Theme


Because of the distinctive style it delivers owing to the 17 wallpapers included in the package, 3D Theme for Windows 11 PCs is one of the greatest themes you can acquire right now.

This theme is easy to install, and it includes 3D icons and folders that you will undoubtedly like.

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Theme of a Bank Robbery


We all know that Money Heist is presently the most popular subject on the internet due to Netflix’s successful program.

As a result, fans of the Money Heist series want to express their support on their computers by downloading Money Heist-themed wallpapers.

But what if we told you that there is a Money Heist theme specifically designed for Windows 11 users?

You may acquire 15 high-resolution wallpapers from the Money Heist Windows 11 theme, so you don’t have to go searching for your favorite wallpapers on the internet.

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Premium Mountain Light


Premium Mountain Light is a free theme that is available to download from the Microsoft Store which makes it extremely easy to install on your PC.

This theme’s biggest feature is that it includes 18 4K quality wallpapers of various mountains from across the globe.

The accents of your Windows 11 theme will vary depending on the color of your wallpaper, which is thrilling.

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Ubuntu SkinPack is a collection of skins for Ubuntu.


As previously said, there is a controversy among Windows and macOS users as to which operating system is superior.

However, we must point out that there is a separate fan base who adores the Ubuntu operating system, for which we have a theme.

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Nostalgia Bliss for Windows


Nostalgia Bliss for Windows, as the name suggests, is a theme made for you to feel nostalgic about the early days of Windows.

This theme essentially transports you back to the days of Windows XP, when the wallpaper was a green grass carpet on a mountain with blue sky above it.

That wallpaper is, in reality, a snapshot of a location in Europe, which you should certainly visit if you ever get the opportunity.

To be honest, it looks fantastic on my computer, and you may use it to bring back the memories on your own.

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Theme of the Squid Game


We have a theme dedicated to the popular series Money Heist, and we have a theme dedicated to Squid Game as well.

Squid Game is another great Netflix series that has caught the globe by storm because to its intriguing idea.

I am a fan of Squid Game myself and while I was not willing to change my Nostalgia Bliss for Windows theme, I had to try the Theme of the Squid Game as well.

And, to be honest, this one also looks great and fits in nicely with my surroundings, as well as the whole PC, which now feels a lot better.

This theme includes 15 high-quality wallpapers from the Netflix program Squid Game, and the accent color varies depending on which wallpaper you choose.

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Theme for Hackers


Theme for Hackers is the best Windows 11 theme for all those nerds out there who like to code on their computers all the time.

You receive a green-colored background with lines and lines of code typed on a screen that seems like Command Prompt but is really a hacking terminal with this theme.

With this theme pack, you’ll receive a wallpaper of the renowned Anonymous emblem, which is considerably harder to come across on the internet.

This theme includes Live Wallpapers, which alter the text on your screen every 30 minutes, giving it a fresh appearance.

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Theme for Fortnite


If you are a Fortnite lover then you are probably going to download this Windows 11 Theme for Fortnite to your PC right now.

We’re also Fornite lovers who installed this theme on our PCs and enjoyed it, and we think you will as well.

This theme includes 15 Fortnite wallpapers, and once you install it, your icons will be Fortnite-themed as well.

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How to Use Themes in Windows 11

After you’ve chosen a Windows 11 theme from the list above, follow these steps to apply it to your Windows 11 computer:

  • Personalize by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop.
  • Next, go to Themes and apply any of the themes that are already installed on your PC, or search for themes in the Microsoft Store.


In this article, we have shared some of the Themes for Windows 11 that are the best that you can download for your PC.

Make sure to download these themes to your computer and experiment with them to find which one best fits you.

Feel free to share this article with your friends who are also looking for the Themes for Windows 11 that are the best to apply to their PC.

Deviantart is a popular website where people can upload and share their work. A lot of the best windows 11 themes are uploaded on this site. Reference: windows 11 themes deviantart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best theme for Windows 11?

A: As of now, the best theme for Windows 11 is a dark and minimalistic theme. This makes it easier to distinguish between elements on your desktop using light colors.

Will Windows 11 have themes?

A: No, Windows 11 will not have themes.

How do I get themes for Windows 11?

A: Windows 11 has a theme store where the users can purchase and install themes.

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