The global market for games is expected to reach $143.6 billion by 2021, with mobile gaming leading the charge. Here are four bold predictions for the next five years of gaming.

The nfl week 4 predictions straight up 2021 is a prediction for the future of the NFL. It has been written by someone who predicts what will happen, and why.


The start of one of the most important seasons in the history of the Portland Trail Blazers is less than a week away. Here are four bold predictions regarding Damian Lillard and the Blazers for 2021-22 as they prepare for a short preseason road trip before starting at home against the Sacramento Kings on October 20th.

In terms of offensive rating, the Blazers are in the top two.

Last season, the Brooklyn Nets were the only NBA club to have a higher offensive rating than Portland. In 2021-22, don’t anticipate anything to change until the Blazers pass Kevin Durant, James Harden, and the rest of the league’s most efficient offense.

According to, after signing Norman Powell, Portland scored an eye-popping 118.8 points per 100 possessions last season, which was not only the highest in the league at the moment, but also more than a full point higher than the Nets’ season-long record. Billups’ halfcourt ball and player movement concepts, as well as creasing the paint with the dribble and moving the ball up the floor to attack early in the shot clock, should help the Blazers avoid the dry periods that plagued them while Terry Stotts was in charge. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lillard and C.J. McCollum increased their effective field goal percentages by playing more off the ball.

Other than Brooklyn’s offense, there isn’t a basketball offense that appears better on paper than Portland’s. Perhaps Donovan Mitchell takes a step forward and the Utah Jazz break into the top two. The Milwaukee Bucks will be playing with the unfettered confidence that comes with winning a title, and just changing P.J. Tucker’s minutes may be enough to boost their offense. While the Denver Nuggets wait for Jamal Murray to return, there’s a possibility Nikola Jokic’s offensive impact spreads even farther and Michael Porter Jr. combines his ruthless efficiency with more usage.

Still, the Blazers’ combination of core continuity and a more varied system is a safer chance to take them to the best or second-best offense in basketball.

Throughout the season, Larry Nance Jr.’s role evolves.

Nance is unlikely to force his way into Portland’s starting lineup. A year ago, that team was fantastic on offense and very stingy on defense, and Robert Covington is a better match next to Jusuf Nurkic than Nance because of his greater volume, range, and accuracy from three. There’s a chance that playing Covington, Nance, and Nurkic together will provide the Blazers with their ideal mix of offensive firepower and defensive toughness, but that’s far from a guarantee, and Norman Powell was almost certainly promised a starting role during free agency talks with Billups and Neil Olshey.

However, being on the court at tipoff isn’t necessarily a reliable measure of a player’s value to his team. Nance has done nothing in training camp or in Portland’s two preseason games to debunk the impression that he’s the ideal model for how Billups wants to play on both ends of the floor. He’s already the Blazers’ greatest ball-moving and point-of-attack assist player, and the more time he spends on the court with his new teammates, the more comfortable he’ll get in both roles. Nance is also the key to unlocking Billups’ small-ball lines, which he will undoubtedly use for both convenience and need. As a switch defender, he’s on a different level than Nurkic and Cody Zeller, and neither center has a track record of playing complete seasons without injury.

In the early part of the season, Billups may be tempted to play Nance more than he actually does. Portland has made a lot of promises to a lot of players in the build up to the regular season, and Nance said during Media Day that he is fine with whatever position the Blazers assign him. For the first few weeks of 2021-22, Nance is likely to be treated like any other reserve, until the statistics and eye test support his being the proverbial sixth starter. Nothing should stop Nance from putting his two-way mark on this squad in a way that makes him essential if he can hit above-break threes at a decent rate.

Nassir Little and Tony Snell End Up Fighting Over Rotation Minutes

Little’s summer development and the Blazers’ hopes for him in 2021-22 have been discussed extensively by Billups and the Blazers. He came off the bench in Portland’s preseason opener, has been labeled as this team’s designated stopper of superstar wings, and is set to play all of his minutes at forward after being forced into the backcourt last season for a short period. Little’s length, explosiveness, and developing skill make him as natural a fit for Billups’ offensive and defensive systems as any other player on the team.

All of this is to say that if Snell wasn’t suffering with a lingering foot ailment, Little could be in a very different situation heading into the regular season. With Snell, there is no feeling of the unknown, which is a major element of Little’s fascination. Given his experience and wing positional stature, he’s a proven commodity as an automatic standstill shooter and a competent though unspectacular defender. Don’t be surprised if Billups opts for the safe option as Portland’s ninth man, aided by the dependability that a veteran like Snell provides on a weekly basis.

The Blazers would undoubtedly be better off if Little just defeated Snell. As a spot-up shooter, downhill finisher, and competent defender of various positions, his realistic potential for this season would give Portland with the athletic juice and lineup versatility it desperately needs. Little’s lack of general feel and still-developing jumper, on the other hand, make him just enough of a game-by-game question mark for Billups to go to Snell.

Both will almost certainly play in the regular season; the true test will be how the Blazers distribute their minutes in the playoffs.

With good health, Portland is able to win 50 games.

BetOnline’s 44.5 over/under for the Blazers is much too low. This squad is just too seasoned and established offensively to fall short of that very low bar, even if Lillard misses a substantial portion of the schedule. Even if Portland was still using Stotts’ ultra-conservative scheme, the signings of Nance and Zeller would be a significant defensive upgrade, and every incumbent has praised Billups’ more aggressive, active approach despite some difficulties implementing it during training camp and preseason games.

A simple scan of the Western Conference shows how sturdy the Blazers seem in comparison to other teams with strong playoff hopes. The Nuggets and LA Clippers won’t receive Murray and Kawhi Leonard until the spring, at the earliest, and Klay Thompson, regardless of when he returns from a two-year absence, will need some time to adjust to the Golden State Warriors. During the preseason, Russell Westbrook hasn’t exactly addressed concerns about his ability to get along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Dallas Mavericks are a wildcard team thanks to Jason Kidd.

The Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and New Orleans Pelicans are also not certain to make significant progress. The Sacramento Kings are in the same boat. Apart from Portland, the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns are the only teams in the West who seem to be very steady.

Obviously, the Blazers have faults, including a postseason ceiling that is lower than that of other teams vying for a championship. However, Portland should be able to reach 50 wins with an exceptional offense and even a bottom-third defense, particularly since it won 48 games last season with an objectively weaker team. I’m crossing my fingers for good health!



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