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The “harden injury update” is a blog post about how the author’s hamstring injury was healed by doing stepbacks. The article also has some helpful tips for people who have injured their hamstrings.

'You Don’t Rehab a Hammy by Doing Stepbacks'

After being traded from the Brooklyn Nets last week, James Harden will soon play for his third franchise in two seasons. And, after forcing his way out of the Houston Rockets last season, he may have done the same in Brooklyn.

Tracy McGrady, an NBA star, recently responded to Harden’s first news conference with the Sixers, and he had a strong reaction to one of The Beard’s statements. He did, however, call him out for lying about his recent hamstring ailment.

McGrady seemed to feel Harden pretended to be injured in order to push his way out of the Nets.

James Harden made a subtle dig at his old Brooklyn Nets colleagues.

In the NBA, James Harden discusses player empowerment:

“We can control our own destiny. I needed to be around guys that I know want to win and are willing to do whatever it takes to win.”

— Nets Videos (@SNYNets) February 15, 2022

While talking to the media in his first press conference with the 76ers, James Harden made a subtle dig at his old Brooklyn Nets colleagues..

“It made sense to me, dude,” Harden remarked, according to ESPN. “This is a moment when I wanted to be among individuals who I know want to win and are prepared to go to any length to succeed, and the structure here is incredible.”

Tracy McGrady was able to read between the lines even if he didn’t outright criticize the Nets.

“What are you implying when you say you want to play with men that want to win?” That the Brooklyn players didn’t want to win? Is that what we’re discussing?” On the Feb. 15 edition of Inside the NBA, McGrady remarked. “… That’s how it sounds to me. Before he moved to Brooklyn, we all knew that Philly was his first option. As a result, as everything started to fall apart, he wanted to get out of there.”

Harden forced his way out in what manner? McGrady thinks he was able to do so by fabricating an injury.

James Harden was called out by Tracy McGrady for faking his ailment.

NBA legend Tracy McGrady and Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden.

NBA legend Tracy McGrady and Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden. James Harden and Tracy McGrady (L-R) | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images; Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

James Harden had missed three straight games with the Nets due to a hamstring issue before to the deal. His absence sparked immediate suspicion as to whether he was using it as an excuse to remain off the court and push the Nets to agree to a trade with the 76ers (the team he originally wanted to go to last year). When it was revealed that Harden would not be playing in the NBA All-Star Game, that belief was cast into doubt.

McGrady, on the other hand, isn’t convinced.

McGrady said, “He wasn’t wounded.” “He was unharmed.” He turned it off. Do you believe he’s in pain right now?… Stepbacks aren’t the way to heal a hammy.”

McGrady’s last line was likely in reference to a practice video of Harden working on stepback jumpers, which could aggravate a potential hamstring injury if he has one. So, T-Mac’s thoughts are justified, and he isn’t the only one who believes this. Charles Barkley even made a joke about it during the NBA All-Star Draft.

However, we still don’t know for sure whether he cheated. Harden might have inflicted serious injury on himself, and the timing is just accidental.

Whether he’s injured or not, he looks to be on the squad he wants to play with in the future.

With the 76ers, James Harden has a chance to win a championship… if you’re in good health

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Whether or not this ailment is legitimate, James Harden and the 76ers have a chance to win a championship this season.

However, health may still have a significant effect.

The Beard is one of the all-time best scorers in NBA history, having led the league in scoring three times. And his new star teammate Joel Embiid, who is averaging 29.3 points and 11.1 rebounds, is enjoying an MVP-caliber season. They have the potential to defeat anybody if they remain healthy.

Embiid, on the other hand, has never played more than 64 games in a season in his career, and he missed his first two seasons in the league due to a foot injury. He’s always been prone to injuries, and his health will be a concern in the future.

Harden has been relatively healthy during his career, appearing in over 80 games four times. But he’s growing older, and a hamstring injury kept him out of the playoffs last year.

So, yeah, there’s a possibility Harden isn’t wounded right now. However, he must not enrage the health gods, or he and the 76ers may be doomed in spring.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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