As the Final Day of voting approaches, I’m sure many of you are feeling anxious and confused, and wondering why the people who are supposedly supporting him are still campaigning for him.

Trump is the Republican nominee. The Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton. This is what the cards say. What will happen?

When The Donald Trump Election was announced, many people were more worried about the fact that it would be the first time that a presidential candidate had won the election without having won the popular vote. As you know, the November election is not actually a true general election, and is only a small part of the entire process. Even so, many still felt that Trump would lose, since he was facing a very well funded and well organized Hillary Clinton backed campaign.

What the cards say Will Trump win the US election?

Hi, it’s Jasmine! In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, Americans will vote for the 3rd. November to go to the polls. Today I look at the energies around President Trump (using the Russian Gypsy divination system), what might help him and what might hinder him in the coming weeks, and whether these current energies are trending toward success or failure in his re-election campaign. Our first energetic representation is the hearse in position 1. Here we have a clue that President Trump is currently struggling with an illness. A hearse may indicate death, but in this position it indicates a struggle with an illness that will likely be overcome. We know that President Trump is currently suffering from the coronavirus, which only confirms that we are in the right energy. The second and third energies here are the anchor in position 1 and the fish in position 3. The anchor in position 1 speaks of success, of stability, of things staying as they are. It is also the sign of a captain who does not let his ship sink. So the President sees himself as a man who will not sink his ship, even if he has to fight to the end, in his energy, in his spirit, he fights for the good of what he considers his ship. A fish in the third position represents abundance and prosperity. His election is focused on the economy and rebuilding what was lost to the pandemic isolationists. It’s incredibly important to him, and he’s hyper-focused on this particular issue because it’s his pride and joy, which he considers his primary strength. From his point of view, he and only he can repair what is damaged. He trusts that the American people will trust him in that. The next energy to appear here is Handshake, still in position 1. (Vertical) The handshake marks strong bonds of friendship and support. Its electoral base appears stable and will not weaken. This shows that the people who support President Trump are his die-hard supporters and their numbers have only increased since the last election. If this energy were in a different (opposite) position, it would indicate a loss of support, but in this case there is an increase and strengthening of the voter base in favor of his re-election, especially given the previous Anchor and Pisces energies. Now we have Fox’s power in position 1. The fox’s energy indicates the deception of someone in the yard. It shows the potential of someone he trusted to turn against him, someone who plays both sides. The fox is cunning and insolent, her focus entirely on profit. It shows the energy of this person who betrayed him, got caught up in what she could get out of him and prioritized that over the relationship she had built with him. The last power we have is the dagger at position 3. So we have the energy of someone who has gone down a few notches. This betrayal we are witnessing on Fox will hurt President Trump, but most likely not his campaign, because the public will not hear about it at first and we may not hear about it until the new year. It won’t cost him votes, but it will hurt him internally, it’s a very personal betrayal. So from the energies that have surfaced here, we can see that while the President is dealing with personal health and emotional issues, his energy is strong and his voter base unshakable, while the issues that still need to be addressed seem to be on a more personal level. It looks like President Trump will be the third. November will emerge victorious, even though the profit margin may not be as large as we think. ~ Love and light, JasmineIn the article, I’m going to reveal to you what the main stars of the cards say about the election and the outcome, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of umpire and I’m very good at reading the cards. I’m not perfect, but I’ve been studying the cards for a long time, and I think I know a thing or two about them.. Read more about who won the us election today and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win the US election?

This year the 2016 presidential race has been one of the most hotly debated and fiercest elections in recent memory, with pundits and even the candidates themselves talking about the possibility of a landslide. Despite this campaign, the polls still show a tight race, the candidates are not increasing their support from their respective bases, and there is no clear consensus on who will win the election. The election of Donald Trump as the next US president has been met with an almost universal sense of disbelief, a sense that it’s the end of the world. The idea that we’d ever be led by a man who talks about his penis size and says “I love you” to his supporters has been made even more unbelievable by the fact that he had seemingly no chance of winning.

Who really decides the US election?

This election has been going on for months now. It has been the most controversial and polarizing in recent history. Trump has come out on top in initial voting results, and many believe he is on a path to win the election. Trump has many supporters, and news outlets have been questioning the validity of voting machines. Some have claimed that the Trump campaign has been rigging the system to ensure a Trump victory, and that the media is in on it. At the time of writing, Hillary Clinton is sitting pretty with a large lead in the polls, and she has the media and Democratic party on her side. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a bit of an unknown. A lot of people thought he would be gone from the race by now, however he is still in with a chance of winning.

What happens when a presidential candidate wins a state with slightly?

Trump, Hillary, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, and Kasich are all battling it out in the upcoming US Presidential Elections. I have some insight into the situation, and I’m not a fortune teller, but I am a fan of reading the cards, and having some insight into the situation. The cards say Trump has a 50/50 chance of winning the election, while Clinton has a 75/25 chance, and that Trump has a 6% chance of winning the election without winning a single state. Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the New Hampshire primary is one of the most shocking events in American political history. A man who was once considered an also-ran has come out of nowhere to win a state that has been a Republican stronghold for decades.

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