Windows Management Instrumentation Driver is a Windows system service that provides monitoring and management services for components of the PC. If you run into problems with your computer, it’s important to check what wmiprvse.exe process is running on your machine before doing anything else.

wmiprvse.exe what is it? This question has been asked many times before, but the answer is not always clear. wmiprvse.exe is a Windows process that runs in the background and performs tasks such as updating drivers, installing updates, and updating to newer versions of Windows operating systems.

What Is wmiprvse.exe And Why Is It Running?

When you use a Windows-based computer, you notice that the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) issuer Host (wmiprvse.exe) operation uses a lot of CPU power (near to 100%) for a few minutes every 15 to 20 minutes.

While the issue is occurring, utilize challenge supervisor to identify the method identifier (PID) of the wmiprvse.exe system that is using a lot of CPU. WMI provider services that operate on computer systems in an organization’s environment bring up a whole new set of instructions that IT analysts may use to collect or create records on any other laptop on the network.

Your system is infected with malware if you encounter any errors messages linked with the wmiprvse.exe process. Because wmiprvse.exe is a common window functioning system file, malware authors commonly use the same or similar names for their executable reports.

What Exactly Is Wmiprvse?

Home windows control Instrumentation firm service is abbreviated as Wmiprvse. It’s a WMI corporation called Host.


Wmiprvse is a part of Microsoft’s web-primarily based company control (WBEM) machine and the version of the commonplace facts (CIM) Microsoft Operations supervisor (mom, which is now known as SCOM [System Center Operations Manager].) According to the method strings in technique Explorer, wmiprvse is a part of Microsoft’s web-primarily based company control (WBEM) machine and the version of the commonplace facts (CIM Of course, it doesn’t mean anything until you understand what these terms mean.

What is the difference between SCOM, CIM, and WBEM?

MOM (SCOM) is, first and foremost, an event and analytics organizer and dispatcher. It takes care of security permissions, community trust, diagnostics, data security, report creation, and performance monitoring. CIM is a set of standards that enable conformity among variables that are managed via an IT infrastructure.

WBEM is a machine management technology protocol based on internet needs that connects to how software or operating systems are regulated. WMI is essentially Microsoft’s implementation of WBEM.

In other words, without wmiprvse, Windows applications may be difficult to govern since a system is a number that allows all of the critical management services to run. Customers and directors would presumably no longer be notified when problems occur. A step-by-step process wmiprvse is suggested by Explorer as a child of svchost.exe.

The method had a publish-release issue in Windows Server, causing the working server’s CPU to be overworked. Microsoft, on the other hand, fixed the problem. Other instances where customers have reported high CPU use in connection with this method have been identified as viruses that have duplicated the name of this lawful method.

wmiprvse Registry And System File Locations

The following are the relevant registry and system file locations for the process:

HKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWARE MicrosoftWbemCIMOMcompatiblehostproviders

HKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWARE MicrosoftWbemCIMOMsecuredhostproviders

HKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeClassesCLSID{1F87137D-0E7C-44d5-8C73-4EFFB68962F2} localserver32



Wmiprvse.exe is the executable file for the Windows Control Instrumentation Provider service, which is responsible for critical errors in reporting and tracking. The service is used by a few third-party apps to connect to management and tracking features in home windows. In the vast majority of cases, you should never deactivate or terminate the WMI method or provider.

The “wmiprvse.exe high disk usage” is a process that runs in the background and it’s purpose is to manage Windows Management Instrumentation Driver service. The process has been running for years, and there are no known issues with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WmiPrvSE exe harmful?

A: WmiPrvSE exe is not harmful.

Can I disable WmiPrvSE exe?

A: The WmiPrvSE.exe is a Microsoft Windows Media Center service and can not be disabled by the user, but it can be stopped from automatically starting up with your computer.

Which process is using WmiPrvSE exe?

A: WmiPrvSE is using the process C:\Windows\system32

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