This week is a bit snowy, says the astrology, and for the past week it has been a little hazy, also says the astrology. Everybody is feeling a little pessimistic, and there is a long line of people waiting to go into the post office. Every part of the world has its own astrological story to tell.

What does the future hold for you and for everyone else? This free astrology report provides you with the answer to that question. This is the full and original version of this horoscope. I do not claim to be a professional astrologer or an expert at interpreting astrological charts, but I have done my best to accurately describe the astrological aspect of the weekly horoscope for your sign and year of birth.

This is a full week ahead for the different signs of the zodiac, including all 12 houses and all 12 astrological houses. In the first part of the week, you will look at what planetary energies will trigger for the Sun, Moon, planets and asteroids in your birth chart.


Weekly astrological predictions for all signs 9. november 2020


word-image-6381 take action to fulfil a wish Success is based on trust – and this strategy NOW is your time! Plans, ambitions, desires. Here’s what’s happening this week, Aries. You can also say goodbye to feeling like you can’t move fast – or are just lazy – when Mars becomes direct in your sign from the 14th. And most importantly, prepare a fearless plan of action. Know what you want to achieve. And don’t hesitate when solutions or opportunities arise. You’ve been waiting months for this, Aries. On the 12th, Jupiter and Pluto form an exact alignment in your status sector. This is the last time in your life that this will happen in this area of your horoscope. You need to be ready now, because the doors of progress are opening wide. Opportunity has knocked on your door three times. This is the third question, so try to answer it.

Reconnection to the grid

Having a plan or strategy and presenting yourself as someone who has done it is the key to success and impressing those who matter. This week, you will be asked: If not now, when? It is a time of transformation, of new beginnings, and of feeling your will return when it was lacking. All thanks to the new supermoon in your 8th house. House. This happens the day after Mars goes direct. And it would be sexy to have the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in your 10th, which is still very much in orb. It tells you to aim higher and find out what you can do. If you want it, the world can give you something in return, in the form of money, recognition, or the positive reaction you expected. In a nutshell: It’s time to move on – and move up, Aries. Have a plan of action when it comes to ambitions and desires. The recent meeting of Jupiter and Pluto is your green light. Connecting with empowerment.


word-image-6382 Say goodbye to roadblocks It should always be easy! Tell the truth about love, Taurus. It’s time to talk, Taurus, if you’re into the things of love the pain of philosophy is well represented. And I’m not talking about the 50 Shades scenario here. There are quite a few ingrained ideas that love must be hard, complicated or difficult work. That you have to endure something or sacrifice yourself or even your dreams to get it. Love must both anchor and liberate us. Don’t let us feel withdrawn, limited, or lost in the process of satisfying someone else.

Love is the solution – and your direction

A new beginning in love is promised this week. When you’re ready to break free and embrace it. We have a final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in the 9th sign of Jupiter in your horoscope, which will take place on the 12th. This can lead to a complete transformation of a situation that has held you back for too long. Mars finally enters your 12th day on the 14th. Signs of self-realization for. He can show you the way when it comes to deep-seated issues that hold you back or limit you. Maybe it’s just because you didn’t have the courage to do what you think is right. A new direction in love flows from the new super moon in your partnership zone on the 15th. It is sextile with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in your 9th house. House, which is still in circulation. She preaches the idea that love should always be simple. If you’re single, this could lead you to someone who makes you painfully wonder why you went through all this drama. So you see, that’s how it should be. Settlers may enter a period of light flow. If you decide to end the cycle of resentment, it should make the perceived breakup less painful. Will you take it with you? Love doesn’t have to hurt to be good, Taurus. In a nutshell: It’s time to enter a new era in love, Taurus. If you’ve learned that love is hard to find – or just hard to live with, you’d like to find freedom.


word-image-6383 Change requires a plan and a goal Give this dream a new direction Get ready for the transformation! Things are changing – and for the better, Gemini. The exact coincidence of Jupiter and Pluto in your 8th house. House le 12 may lead to a relaxation of long-term restrictions. You could literally feel them disappear. Others can get the resources they need to make a difference. Or the moment they have waited so long for in terms of money, business or career. Jupiter always offers expansion and possibilities. Pluto suggests rebirth and transformation. Jupiter raises hell and Pluto guards the riches of the underworld. This is a powerful element that can put you in a better position, both personally and professionally. Directional Mars in your 11th house. The house on the 14th also brings friends and contacts back into the picture. People might look at you differently. Or the rebirth of a meager social life – even with socially distant leaders. A connection can simply be restarted after a cooling phase.

Getting real to make it real

Of course, it helps to have a plan. Your dreams need a path. Dreaming is not enough. If you know what steps to take, you can turn your dreams into goals. Especially those you liked or supported in 2020. So pick a fixed date, because on the 15th the new supermoon will appear in your 6th house. House. More than ever, our dreams and goals are important to our well-being. But if they remain only dreams, they have the opposite effect. The new supermoon coincides with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, which is still in orbit. Your 6th is the seat of routine, habits and, most importantly, details and planning. So take that energy and make an escape plan. The small steps you need to take every day to make this dream a reality. You will not only be amazed at how much more energetic you will feel immediately, but also at the effect you will have in other areas. The change may be in the way you approach this dream, Gemini. This week, it all depends on the reality of the situation. In a nutshell: Changes may give you the chance to realize a goal or dream you had in mind this week, Gemini. It all depends on whether you have a plan. Be realistic and make your dreams come true!


word-image-6384 Can you imagine true love? All kinds of double acts and duets Wear your heart on your sleeve and write someone’s name on it! What’s your next target, cancer? Chances are you have an idea. And feel a boost of confidence when it comes to moving towards that goal. Thanks to Mars, who returns directly to your sector of prestige and status from the 14th. No more planning, cancer. Just do it. The 12th brings the final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th house. House. Add to that the new supermoon, which makes this conjunction in your 5th house. Sextile house on the 15th. This is the last time Jupiter and Pluto meet in your sector of marriage, partnership and lasting love in your life. Combined with a New Moon in your romantic zone, this can stimulate new ventures in love, romantic relationships, parenting, creative endeavors, close working relationships, and partnerships of all kinds.

Make something new

It’s the draft moon. If that’s not what you want right now, you need to take extra precautions. But it can bring you new relationships that can make you a parent, stepparent, foster parent or grandparent, or make children or young adults a bigger part of your life. It’s also a great week to do something or take steps to get the love you know you deserve. Self-confidence can be part of it. And also the courage to do it again if necessary. Love asks you to take that risk now. So throw your hat – your heart into the ring, Cancer. In a nutshell: A new beginning in the field of love is now possible. It is a past, present or potential partner. It may depend on whether you take the risk of falling in love or not. Or his future. Imagine a new form of unity this week.


word-image-6385 Pretending to satisfy this need of the soul Take care of the little things and the big things will follow. Get ready for the reunion The final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th house. The house is on the 12th. This is the last time in your life you’ll be meeting here. Work, welfare and the little things that matter so much more are now the focus. And the opportunities that surround them. Change the little things and the big things will come naturally.

It’s time to roar again!

Allow yourself to do what feels right for you, set your own path and, most importantly, be organized. Having a plan and a goal and sticking to them are the secrets to success you will discover this week. Work smarter, not harder. Work that fires your spark – Jupiter offers all this and more, as Pluto and Mars, back in Jupiter’s 9th house since the 14th. This is all due to the energy of the new super moon in the 4th house. The moon in your horoscope on the 15th. This new moon sextile conjunct Jupiter and Pluto. It all depends on what you need. Now be good and live. This is what I call the New Moon coming home, because it opens the door for you to go to something that satisfies you. And also what gives the sense of security that is so important to the soul. A place, a group of people or a way of doing things where you feel at home. It often starts with laying the groundwork in the form of routines or habits that keep us going. And then it develops into something that satisfies us. That could be work, home, feeling like we’re reaching our goals, or family. Have the courage to reach deep within yourself for the answers you need this week, Leo. In a nutshell: It’s time to go back to where the heart is. Answers to these long-term needs may emerge. Have the courage to explain them. This week, Leo, you are on the path to opportunity – and satisfaction.


word-image-6386 Make this transformation Feel the desire and the direction Take a walk in the wilderness! For the third and final time, Jupiter and Pluto align on the 12th in your fabulous 5th house. Line up the house. Happiness, opportunities, a love story that will change your heart and perspective forever, children, relationships with potential parenting or stepparenting, your creative projects – any, a few, or yes, all, can be transformed or changed. This happens in the same week that Mars becomes direct again in his former reign of the eighth in your horoscope. You have a deep desire for passion. To take action and claim the missing element in your life. To feel the warmth, the life and, if I may say so, the freedom in matters of the heart? Dare to go there. Or at least go for it, virgin.

Say it anyway

Especially since the emotionally inflammatory new super moon is in your 3rd on the 15th. This new moon is sextile to the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, which is still in orbit. You can include your ideas, meetings, business, work, contracts, trips around town and, yes, even the internet. But the fact is that you are able to express your desires and/or feelings in a way that not only makes you understand, but also increases the chances of you getting what you want. It’s about taking risks, virgin. They are now more open and willing to take risks. Also, you won’t take it personally if you get a negative response. They just shrug and move on to the next request – and the person who accepts it. What you say or share draws attention to you. And leads to opportunities and understanding. Have faith in your words. Those are the spells for this week, Virgo. In a nutshell: Emotional expression, especially when it comes to love or what you care about, is transformational magic for you, Virgo, right now. Say it, imply it, and see what it attracts.



word-image-6387 live large Love has the green light Join the new rich list Home, family, homeland, roots, living conditions, patriotism, intimacy, and what you need for belonging and security are the focus this week, Libra. As the saying goes, there is no better place than home, and the person you share that home with – like your partner – past, present or potential – forces you to pay attention to all your emotional needs. The 12th brings the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 4th house. House. It can – literally – give you the key to a new lifestyle or to improving or changing your current lifestyle. Jupiter always offers expansion, solutions and opportunities. And whatever changes or limitations you encounter emotionally, domestically, familially or financially due to the presence of Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter has the final say. And it’s about getting rid of it. Partnerships and passion are back on the agenda as Mars becomes direct again in your 7th on the 14th. No more ego and indecision in love. And no need to wonder where the talisman has gone, Libra. She’s back, baby, and you know it. And I’m going to enjoy myself accordingly.

More than money can buy

This week there will also be a new super moon in your second home on the 15th. House. This is due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. It’s about what’s really important to you right now. What you find valuable may not be what money can buy. People, your time, meaning time for what you love to do and not what you have to do, love, family and yes, the sense of belonging you get from being where you are supported and living your best life. Yes, some of you may now have the material means or breakthrough to do so. Jupiter’s cycle of abundance and Pluto’s entrance into this storehouse also tell you: Being rich is a state of mind. So start living with an attitude of abundance, Libra. In a nutshell: Feel the heat again as Mars becomes direct in your 7th house. House. But this week also offers the key to a bigger, better, more abundant lifestyle. These are things money can’t buy, Libra.


word-image-6388 Try to be a little cheeky Don’t look back. The news may bring the decision you’ve been waiting for. This week Scorpio plays a prominent role in the lives of rulers past and present. Also, there is a new super moon in your 1st year on the 15th. House, which increases the potential for new beginnings and restarts. Your ideas, what you say, hear, write, post, work, study, commute (if that’s what you do) and the internet take on new meaning. The news may bring you an opportunity or something you were told would change your life, thanks to the latest meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 3rd house. This is the last time they will meet in this house in your lifetime. And the meaning of what you say, or in turn what someone says to you, can be felt for years because it can open up a new direction for you. This in turn can change your daily routine, what you do or don’t do on a daily basis – paid or unpaid work, or that all-important feeling of well-being, as former ruler Mars finally enters your 6th house from the 14th. The House is moving forward.

Without hesitation. Don’t be afraid.

The next day brings a new supermoon, which again coincides with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. He asks you if you are fearless in saying what needs to be said. Or even say what you like or what you’ve been working on. Above all, put the past behind you on some level. This is exactly what the new supermoon in conjunction with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is asking of you. When you look back, you don’t see what the future holds. So don’t make that mistake, Scorpio. Yes, you’ve had to deal with a lot of limitations and a sense of closure. But what has happened is now being replaced by what is to come. And that’s the best way for you, in every way. In a nutshell: Scorpio, the news may bring solutions or an opportunity you are working on or waiting for. Try to be a little brave when it comes to starting something new. This week, life offers a bold new beginning.


Magnetic switch

Solutions and opportunities arise Get your confidence back Time for a new direction Financial decisions, a new sense of abundance and opportunity can make you feel like you are on a new kind of wealth list. This is all due to the eventual confluence of Jupiter and Pluto in your second house. House on 12. Many of you were struggling with limitations long before Covid reared its ugly head. For example, you may have noticed that you work more for less money. And not just for the money, but for the recognition and satisfaction. You may have experienced unexpected expenses or a drop in your income. You may also feel that you were not able to show your best game. I was missing something in the back of my mind. Covid itself then asked for massive adjustments and exclusions. You can clip your wings in different ways. The final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in this house of your life may allow you to rid yourself of some of them. With better times ahead in 2021.

You bring back sex!

From the 14th, Mars is again directly in your 5th. House and bring back sexuality. Get rid of persistent trust issues or feelings of low energy. On the eve of your birthday, you’re ready to get noticed, Sag. So start over now. A little red can go a long way. Red accents – lipstick, accessories, tie – indicate that you are open and ready to get dressed now. The full supermoon in your 12th. The house on the 15th this week is a call for self-determination and reorientation, Sag. You follow the call of your soul in the direction you want your life to go from here. This Moon is in conjunction with the Jupiter/Pluto alignment which is still in your 2nd house. Long-standing problems or things that have held you back or hindered you can disappear like a fog. Or maybe you’re just wondering why it took you so long to do something. This is your moment and your chance to free yourself. You’ve been held up too long. In a nutshell: Thanks to Jupiter, the ruler of the week, you will be able to solve these problems in the long run. In the long run, this may change. This is the version you’ve been waiting for, Sag.


word-image-6389 Give personal dreams the priority they deserve What you want is an important part of who you are. Faithful to the future Jupiter and Pluto meet for the last time on the 12th in your 1st. House. They have been linked before and have been circling each other for a while, but today is the time when both apply. Personal change and the ability to move forward. Or opportunities may arise to help you out of an emotionally stressful situation. What you have resigned yourself to for too long or thought you could not change, will now change. To your surprise. This week also focuses on changes in the home and family. With Mars directly in your 4th on the 14th, initiate all the steps you need to take in terms of living, lifestyle, moving, or just finding everything you need to feel centered and safe. In anticipation of the Age of Now beginning next month, there is a new forward-looking Super Moon in your 11th house on the 15th. It coincides with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto and focuses attention on a long-term goal, desire or dream. There’s a reason for that. And it’s too important to be ignored.

Make a promise to your future self

Again, the opportunity that presented itself may have something to do with that. If so, he asks you to make this promise to your future self and put it into practice. It could be a professional goal, something you want to do, have or experience, or even something from the heart when it comes to your relationship. It is a desire that your heart and higher self have invested in. And he tells you it’s too important to ignore. In a nutshell: Your goals and dreams are part of who you are. Ignoring them is like saying you don’t matter. And we all know it is, Capricorn. You want what you want for a reason. To be everything you were meant to be.


word-image-6390 Enjoy everything you have to offer Come back into the light. This is a dress rehearsal for the Age of Now! You’ve been on a deep mental journey these past few years. And this can be particularly intense and trying for you since 2017, when Saturn first entered your 12th house. happened. The Age of Aquarius is only a few weeks away. When Saturn and then Jupiter arrive in your 1st and merge on the 21st. December. But first we have the final confluence of Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th house. House, that was the 12th. Expect something to be reborn or transformed now. And if you have felt that you have been kept in the dark, neglected, held captive by circumstances or events beyond your control, this may be your return to the light. This is a time of soul liberation for you. This is made easier by the fact that you believe in your ideas and what you have to say. Finally, starting on the 14th, Mars enters your third house. The signs of ideas, business, writing, speaking and the internet. But put your words into action. But now, get on with everything about this site, the job search, the course, the agreement, the promise, and make sure others understand that you mean what you say. Show them, if necessary.

Be the only one

Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish, because on the 15th, a new supermoon will appear in your tenth sign for career, prestige and status. It is also sextile with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th house. House. It’s time to see where fear is holding you back. Or they just underestimate everything you have to offer. For example, don’t you think you’re special? Or that anyone can do your job? It’s time to adjust those deeply held beliefs and vow to never underestimate yourself. The same goes for your personal life. There’s no one like you. So be selective about who you hang out with. With a little confidence, you’ll be much more successful. In a nutshell: You are the sign of the individual, Aquarius. So don’t underestimate your specificity. This week you can rediscover what makes you unique. Get ready to have fun. Only as good as you can!


word-image-6391 People you know who could be the key to achieving these goals. Nobody goes alone. Turn desire into action by taking action Are you ready to grant this wish, Pisces? Or have the chance to bring them to life? Or at least make significant progress in that direction? This week will be the final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th house. House on 12. You may recall that when Jupiter entered this house of your horoscope almost a year ago, I encouraged you to make three wishes. And expect at least one of them to come out in this period. Assuming, of course, that you’ve taken all possible steps to do so. Jupiter is your former ruler, so he is particularly open to approaching you. Does this desire change or transform you on a real and deep level? If so, this could be an opportunity, as Pluto always requires transmutation and alchemy. So this desire doesn’t just change you, it changes you on a deep level. Mars, finally in your 2nd. House leads, gives you the confidence to get all the resources you need to do this. This desire will likely require funding or support. Jupiter likes to help those who do their best to help themselves. So do what you can. And then see how the planets meet you halfway with this wish list item.

Raise that dream

This week also brings a new Super Moon in the 9th sign of Jupiter on the 15th. This coincides with the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. This makes it super powerful for you. Remember, no one accomplishes anything alone. At 11, everything depends on your strength. How people you know or meet can play a role in helping you. Jupiter represents generosity and Pluto represents power. The power to make it happen. You know how nice it is to help someone take a step towards their dreams. So don’t deny others the same opportunity. Network, communicate and share what you are passionate about. The direction from which the yes or help answer will come could really surprise you this week, Pisces. In a nutshell: The people you know can be the key to life or to achieving a goal, desire or dream, Pisces. Share your vision and what you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to talk about those dreams. Others can join you. Or let them. in Fixed Sign Prediction for November 9th 2020. Read more about november 7 zodiac sign and let us know what you think.

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