GTA 6 is coming in 2018 with a lot of excitement among fans. But what are the features you would ideally love to see?

With the release of GTA 5, many fans are wondering what will happen in the next installment. There are some things that they want to see from GTA 6.

GTA Online - it's finally happening

Is it time for a change of pace in GTA 6? (Photo courtesy of Rockstar)

Readers express their expectations for GTA 6, ranging from playing as a corrupt officer to various locations and personalities.

Reader Grant submitted the topic for this week’s Hot Topic, asking what you want and anticipate from GTA 6, considering rumors that it won’t be released for many years.

There were several recommendations, but the most popular were a new location and a female protagonist. Many people were also concerned that the new game will shift the emphasis away from single-player, something most people appeared to oppose.

The jerks are All I want is for Rockstar to create some likable characters! They spend so much time satirizing things that I find the tone of everything to be excessively aggressive. You seem to spend the most of your time being a jerk while working for other jerks! I know I’m in the minority, but I’m sick of it!

Little Jacob in Grand Theft Auto 4 is the only character I’ve found remotely endearing (for a drug and gun dealer!). He was a wonderful and devoted friend to Nico, always there for him even when he didn’t have to.

GTA 5’s Michael may have been a more nice family guy, but I found him, his unfaithful wife, and his annoying kids repulsive!

When games like Sleeping Dogs depict criminals as considerably more complex, I hope Rockstar would attempt something else with its characters and stories. LastYearsModel

Virtual tycoon The most crucial thing I’d want to see is a significant increase in playability. Seriously, I mean it. GTA 5 is the best-selling game of all time, yet it plays like a poor Xbox 360 AA game. And that’s a significant improvement over the prior versions, which were considerably worse!

Fighting, shooting, and vehicle racing are all in different degrees of terrible, which should not be conceivable considering the amount of money Rockstar put into these games. Not to mention that they’ve been doing this for decades and seem to have learned very nothing.

People have put up with the subpar gameplay for so long, which is a tribute to how fun the core notion of being a virtual gangster is. That, and the discourse, but I’m concerned about what will happen now that Dan Houser and Lazlow have departed. Gaston

The boys’ club Well, it’d be lovely if GTA 6 didn’t exist at all. And, to be honest, I don’t think that will happen. What? Why start GTA Online from the beginning when the current model can be changed and enhanced with updates? Why, in any case, other than from a creative standpoint? Why would Rockstar go to such lengths? Let’s face it, the last time Rockstar was genuinely innovative was when Bully and The Warriors were released.

But, if they were to do so, at the very least, a female protagonist would be a welcome addition. Since the second game, Saints Row has been doing this.

‘Well, we don’t really hear of violent, female criminals who are prepared to get their hands filthy,’ we shouldn’t say. Female characters only get to be wives and girlfriends in all those gangster movies they watch, therefore Rockstar hasn’t done it. And, for at least the last 10-15 years, they’ve been governed by ‘gentlemen’s club’ douche-nozzles. Allow for freedom of choice! DMR

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More than just thugs Personally, I’d want to see more variation in the kind of characters you may play in Grand Theft Auto 6. After all these low-level thugs, how about playing as a corrupt officer or a wealthy executive attempting to take over the city? We’ve had these kind of characters previously in the games, but we always play as the same folks. It’s probably about time you could play as a lady as well.

In terms of the setting, I’m not sure what to say since the obvious alternative is someplace other than America, but they’ve already said that this would never happen. So I’m not sure where it differs from what we currently have.

Because most American cities are similar, maybe smaller towns and suburbs? But it doesn’t sound that intriguing, since it’s been done before with GTA 5 and San Andreas. Moony

Mafia in the United States GTA is an incredible mega-franchise; I played the first one on the PlayStation 1 and had a great time since I had never played anything like it before.

Pedestrians, Hare Krishnas, police, and other gang members have all been killed, and automobiles have been stolen. It’s basically a gangster sim, and it’s all a fresh novelty that people responded to. I recall the music being enjoyable as well.

With greater visuals, plot, vehicles, and people in GTA 3, Rockstar polished the gangster sim. The city itself is the primary character, which Rockstar recognizes as the game’s heart, which is why they put so much work into bringing it to life.

My personal favorites are San Andreas and Vice City since I like the cities and the tone of the games. I realize that the remasters are tempting, but would I desire GTA 6 more? Maybe, but Rockstar isn’t promoting GTA 6 because of GTA 5’s status as the best-selling game of all time.

Now, for GTA 6, I believe they might have a whole American Mafia set-up, current or 1900s, with each city in the game and maybe a Red Dead influence in Seattle, Houston, or El Paso.

Creating a gangster empire, which the player could select where to start and who to join, would be epic in size since Rockstar doesn’t do little, and the next GTA is constantly becoming larger, with DLC towns to play as time goes on.

Whatever great design Rockstar comes up with, I believe we can all agree that it will be fantastic. In 2026, will GTA 6 be released? 1492 Genghis Khan (PSN ID)

From the author of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City If GTA 6 ever comes out, I’m sure it’ll be fun, but I’m more interested in seeing what Dan Houser produces next… TommyFatFingers

More about gaming

Be prepared for the unexpected. I’m sure the GTA role-playing community will have their own ideas for the future GTA Online game, but I’ll simply focus on single-player, which, if 2025 is to be believed, will feature concepts that I won’t even consider!

For starters, there are a variety of playable characters of various gender, nationalities, faiths, races, and sexuality. All have their own backstories, and maybe not all violent or clich├ęd! With some of your actions triggering it, the plot may be smart about it and determine who they finally turn out to be.

The remainder of the game is essentially played in third person or first person with non-playable characters, which may make interacting with them more enjoyable. The planet may be huge, with two or three major cities on two or more land masses, accessible by boat, ship, yacht, aircraft, or even a Channel Tunnel!

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos may even build a rocket to go to the Moon and Mars. The truth is, everything else is merely a step up from what’s already accessible! Look at NoPixel’s GTA Online attempt; how can they possibly compete?

In any case, the aforementioned are what might take the series to a new level of immersion, but picture what the aesthetics would be like in 2025. It’s shaping up to be the greatest gaming event ever, and what a time to be alive to see it. Alucard

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