Whether it was nerves or not, the Jaguars wasted no time matching the Rams’s offer to pick up the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.  It was a move that had fans buzzing, and shortly after the pick was officially made, the Jaguars sent a shocking voicemail to the Rams’ first round pick.

The goal of the Jaguars on Draft night was to draft a young quarterback who they could develop for the future, like the Blaine Gabbert-led Jags ended up doing. The thought process on their part was that by drafting a QB like Lawrence, they could give him ample time to develop into a starter, then trade him for a mid to late-round pick after his rookie year. When the Jaguars selected the University of Georgia’s quarterback, however, they didn’t get the future and instead got the present. In the 3rd round, the Jaguars took Lawrence, a big time talent who could start right away.

The 2017 NFL draft unfolded before the world without much preamble, as it typically does. There was the expected amount of trades, with the New England Patriots shipping their first-round pick to the New Orleans Saints for a first-rounder and a fourth-rounder.

The worst-kept secret of the 2021 NFL Draft was that Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence would be No. 1 selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Lawrence is the best possible QB in years, and the Jaguars desperately need a passer. The last thing Jacksonville needed was to make a deal and call up a player to make it official. But when we called Jaguars headquarters, the call went to voice mail. Not once or twice, but three times. At this point, the Jaguars began to get nervous.

Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars seem like good options

Trevor Lawrence | Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images word-image-10025 There are NFL draft stories where players, especially quarterbacks, don’t want to go to an unfamiliar or unattractive city. Stanford’s John Elway told the Indianapolis Colts that he would rather play baseball than play for the New York Yankees. It is known that Ryan Leaf missed his interview with the same team to go to California. And even though he grew up in Pennsylvania, Jim Kelly of Miami University thought it was too cold in Buffalo. Lawrence doesn’t seem to have a problem with the city or the struggling franchise. According to the Johnson City Press, Lawrence was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, went to high school in Cartersville, Georgia, and attended college in Clemson, South Carolina, so it’s no surprise that he loves going to Jacksonville. The Jaguars, led by owner Shad Khan for nearly a decade, have had problems on the field. They haven’t had a quarterback since Mark Brunell retired when Hahn bought the team, and their record since then is 39-105. Off the field, the Jaguars have made some promising strides lately. They have established themselves as the most popular NFL team in the UK and have been hosting games in London for seven years. The organization has also recruited successful coach Urban Meyer to lead the team in 2021 and beyond. This positive focus is probably another reason why Lawrence seems so happy to be in North Florida.

Jaguars had to wait seven minutes to draft Lawrence, according to NFL rules

. The Jaguars have made a behind-the-scenes film available on their website and YouTube, titled The Hunt. In chapter three: The turning point of the series tells the story of the Jacksonville officials in their set-up room before making the first pick. The team knew Lawrence would be their man once they made the first pick. However, league rules prohibit a team from officially making a selection before television broadcasts. That’s where the confusion began between Lawrence and the Jaguars. Jacksonville general manager Trent Baalke explained the resulting chaos: When the union called, they said it would take seven minutes to return the card, so we didn’t pick up the phone to call them. You know, we just sat there and he sat at the end and wondered why we hadn’t called him. After waiting six minutes, an employee dials Lawrence’s number to start the procedure, but no one answers.

A clip from Hunt shows the team’s calls going to voicemail on game night.

. In the program, viewers hear the call go to a full voicemail box. Khan further explained that the team had tried to contact the QB three times, but to no avail. Eventually Meyer takes matters into his own hands and dials Lawrence’s number from his cell phone. The documentary does not explain why the phone calls to Lawrence went unanswered. Maybe he didn’t recognize the number, or maybe the team didn’t have the right numbers. Anyway, when Lawrence saw Coach Meyer’s name pop up on his cell phone, the quarterback was quick to respond. The video continues to capture a moment of joy for the player and the team. The coach, owner and general manager tell Lawrence how happy they are to have him, and the quarterback responds by saying he’s happy to be there. Trevor Lawrence’s official relationship with the Jacksonville Jaguars may not have started well, but if the experts are right and things go as well as they seem, the ending could be much, much better for this franchise and the quarterback. All statistics are from Pro Football Reference CORRESPONDS TO: Urban Meyer may already be digging his own grave with the Jacksonville JaguarsThe 2017 NFL Draft was a productive night for the Jaguars. They selected former Clemson quarterback Chad Kelly with the No. 149 overall draft pick. Not long after the selection, however, Kelly sent a message to the team’s Twitter account. The message was brief, but the team had no choice but to listen.. Read more about trey lance and let us know what you think.

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