The Edition is a result of the brand’s ongoing re-imagination and renovation. The new hotel finally opens in October 2018, after undergoing considerable remodeling work following an 18-month construction period.

The “best hotels in madrid” is a new hotel that has just opened in Madrid. The Edition is the first of its kind, and it is ready to compete with the Four Seasons and the RIU for being the most luxurious hotel in Madrid.

This is the spectacular hotel The Edition ready to compete with the Four Seasons and the RIU for being the most luxurious hotel in Madrid

This is the magnificent hotel. The Edition is poised to fight with the Four Seasons and the RIU for the title of Madrid’s most opulent hotel.


There are 200 rooms and an atmosphere that does not encourage you to remain in your suite, no matter how lovely it is. The Madrid Edition enters the list of hotels in the capital with a modern and design concept that focuses on cuisine and style, almost as if it were a work of art, as they do in all of their hotels.

Ian Schrager, the founder of Studio54, is the brains behind “The Edition,” a Marriott hotel brand with locations in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, New York, and Turkey, where we can discover The Bodrum EDITION, a five-star hotel on Yalikavak Bay with views of the Turquoise Coast. The one in Madrid, which is a tribute to the design that we like, is the most recent addition.

What is the status of the Madrid Edition?

The hotel is located in the Plaza de las Descalzas, on the site of the Monte de Piedad’s headquarters. The hotel was created by British architect John Pawson and Paris-based artist François Champsaur.

The building’s facade is distinguished by its contemporary and clean lines, which contrast with the 18th century baroque portico that serves as the side entrance of Jerónimo, one of the hotel’s restaurants. This porch, designed by Pedro de Ribera, used to be part of a neighbouring building and is now the first surprise we see before even entering.

From the hotel’s main entrance, we approach the hotel’s distinctive stairway, which is shared by all of the chain’s properties. It’s composed of plaster and has 23 steps that spin in a spiral bordered with beige marble in Madrid.

The Edition of Madrid Stairs

Staircase The Edition of Madrid

The foyer, a stunning area with undulating ceilings that serves as the hotel’s nerve center, is reached by this stairway. The lobby’s most notable feature is his pool table, which was created by Emmanuel Levet Stenne from a single piece of white marble and has couches and armchairs by Jean Michel Frank, recycled bronze stools by Maison Intègre, and rope chairs by Christian Astuguevieille.

Madrid Billiards The Edition

A spa without water, but described by the hotel as “a warm and private area wrapped in dark wood and ornamented with ancient baroque chandeliers,” is located on the bottom level. Among other therapies, we may offer ourselves mud baths and massages.


The “The Edition of Madrid” rooms

Rooms The Edition of Madrid

The rooms, which include 177 rooms, 21 suites, and two Penthouse suites, all have custom-made plaster headboards that match the design of the side entrance’s baroque portico. Depending on the accommodation, the views include the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, and the Gran Va.

We like the fact that there were no single-use plastics in the rooms, and the room keys were made of wood.

Bathroom Rooms Rooms The Edition of Madrid

Suite Rooms The Edition of Madrid

In “The Edition of Madrid,” the hidden gastronomy is revealed.

It is not essential to stay at the hotel in order to enjoy the restaurant’s cuisine. Apart from the Punch Room, a specialty cocktail bar, and the Sky Bar, a rooftop patio (with an outdoor pool, which will be a “yes, I do” in August in Madrid), it contains two restaurants run by chefs Enrique Olvera and Diego Muoz.

The Mexican canteen Jeronimo

Enrique Olvera is the chef in charge of this restaurant, which allows us to experience Mexico without having to leave Madrid. It’s accessible via the baroque portico and has an explosion of color in fabrics, as well as a Dorfer green stone bar and an oak-paneled room.

Jeronimo The Edition of Madrid

The Edition of Madrid Jeronimo Mexican Restaurant


The Japanese Asian restaurant Oroya

Diego Muoz, a Peruvian chef, is in charge of the restaurant, which is situated on the hotel’s roof. This restaurant incorporates steel structures with climbing plants, glass panels, and a laid-back, flavor-packed menu. Its food is especially good for sharing, with influences ranging from Spain to Japan through Africa, Italy, and Peru.

Oroya The Edition of Madrid

The Edition of Madrid

Square 2 in Celenque (Madrid)

+34 91 9545 420; Fax: +34 91 9545 420

[email protected]

Photos | The Edition of Madrid, Instagram of @editionmadrid @jeronimo_madrid and @oroyamadrid

The “four seasons madrid opening date” is a spectacular hotel that is set to compete with the Four Seasons and RIU for being the most luxurious hotel in Madrid.

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