For some people, being a leader is the biggest challenge of their career. But for others, it’s being told what to do. In most situations, this is a good thing: a strong leader can help his or her team to grow and excel. But when a leader has a strong personality, it may be difficult to deal with each person’s individual needs, especially when those needs conflict with those of the group.

Social media is a vast global space where everyone can express themselves, making it essential for media outlets to show support. But to make their voices heard, they need their audience to engage with their posts, comments, and tags. When they don’t, it’s no longer their voice, but that of the person who responded to their post. Without engagement, writers’ voices can easily be lost in the sea of noise, and their words quickly become irrelevant.

Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman has a reputation for being funny, quirky and original. Needless to say, Big Star provided some popularity in the process. But if anyone thought the five-time champion was a role model, they shouldn’t have given that message to Rodman himself.

Dennis Rodman did not want to be considered as amodel

word-image-11099 word-image-11100 NBA legend Dennis Rodman didn’t like the idea of being a model. | Gal Schweizer/LatinContent via Getty Images Dennis Rodman is many things, including a champion, an All-Star and a beloved basketball player. Some people would have considered him a role model, and they would have had reason to believe him. Rodman defied stereotypes, turned his body into a canvas, decorated it with tattoos and piercings, and spent time with people from every conceivable group. But never consider him a role model. In an interview with Playboy magazine in 1997, the NBA legend said he didn’t want anyone to admire him. No one in the world is a role model except their own children. People think athletes and artists are role models for kids, but they’re wrong. Today’s children have more opportunities than we ever had. They don’t need me to show them. These kids are 15 years old, they’re having the time of their lives. Every day is Woodstock. Dennis Rodman But Rodman wants one thing from his fans, and it has nothing to do with them thinking he’s a role model. I ask people to respect my individuality, Rodman said.

Charles Barkley said something like this

Everyone knows the famous Charles Barkley role model commercial from the 90s. Charles explains how this ad came about and why it’s still so important to him. – The Lefkoe Show (@LefkoeShow) May 21, 2020 Rodman wasn’t the only NBA player who wanted nothing to do with the model. Charles Barkley said something similar in a Nike commercial in 1993. His 41-word speech remains one of the most iconic moments of his career. I’m not a role model. I’m not paid to be a role model. I get paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I put the ball in the basket doesn’t mean I have to raise your kids. Charles Barkley Nearly 30 years later, Barkley hasn’t changed his mind. He is always forthright and open to discussion, but does not openly see himself as a role model.

Other athletes have adopted the idea of being role models

. Barkley and Rodman made their opinions clear: They do not see themselves as role models and do not believe that parents should be the true inspiration for children. However, other athletes have taken advantage of his popularity and success to try and inspire millions. In 2018, LeBron James opened the I Promise School to help at-risk youth in Ohio. Former Baltimore Ravens offensive midfielder Michael Oher has created the Oher Foundation in response to the filmBlind Sideto help children living in poverty. Athletes often organize youth camps, speak to children, or use their social media for good causes. Barkley and Rodman are not necessarily wrong when they say that parents should be role models for their children, but a definitive answer to the question of whether athletes are role models may not be necessary. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 . COMPARED TO: How the controversial Charles Barkley video came to be I’m not a Nikemodel

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