Gucci’s newest and most expensive line of popular fashion, the X Series is a culmination of years of innovative design. The handcrafted pieces are made with Italian leather and Swarovski crystals for an unparalleled classic fusion that will be worth every penny to those lucky enough to own one.

The Gucci x The Beatles “Love” sneaker that came out this fall is the latest in a long list of collaborations between luxury brands and celebrities. These partnerships can be seen as an extension of their brand, but are they worth it?

The “xbox series x msrp” is a high-end gaming console that has been released by Microsoft. The Xbox One X is the most expensive console, with an MSRP of $500.


Folks, we’re talking five digits here.

Microsoft and Gucci announced today that they will collaborate on a Gucci-themed Xbox Series X console.

The console screams Gucci in terms of design. The Series X is decked out with GG designs, for better or worse. The design, according to Gucci, reflects Guccio Gucci’s initials and the slogan “Good Game.”

The console is otherwise identical to the normal version. That implies 1TB of internal storage and the same monolithic design seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey’s alien monolith.

Two Xbox Wireless Controllers are included with the system. Except for the blue and red lines on the left side, these controllers are mostly black.

The console is packaged in an Xbox-branded carrying case. It has the appearance of old baggage, and the color scheme ensures that some heads will turn your way.

Finally, a one-year membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is provided. It is unclear how long the subscription will be accessible.

All of this, however, comes with a hefty price tag of $10,000. The Series X retails for $499.99, while an Xbox Wireless Controller costs $59.99.

The second limiting aspect, in addition to the high price, is availability. Only 100 of these limited-edition Series X consoles will be made by Gucci and Microsoft.

You may have it beginning November 17 if you’re willing to forego a down payment. The console is available for purchase on Gucci’s website and at select Gucci boutiques.


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Due to battery concerns, the release date has been pushed back to 2022.

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