The Browns have been one of the most dismal franchises in recent memory. In fact, they’re sitting with a 1-31 record. They’ve even seen their head coach fired twice and traded away star players like Josh Gordon and Joe Thomas during this time frame as well. Now, a new season is upon us for Cleveland Browns fans to hope that Baker Mayfield’s future doesn’t resemble their past.;

The “where do the browns live” is a football team that plays in the NFL. They have been struggling with injuries this season, and their quarterback Baker Mayfield was already hobbled before they suffered another soul-crushing injury that will put an already hobbled Baker Mayfield in serious danger.

The Browns Suffered Another Soul-Crushing Injury That Will Put an Already Hobbled Baker Mayfield in Serious Danger

To be blunt, the Cleveland Browns’ 2021 season has been a colossal failure. From the release of Odell Beckham Jr. to an injury list that never seems to end, the Browns have faced adversity at every turn.

Things aren’t looking good for the Browns in the near future, which is unfortunate for Browns fans all across the globe. They sustained yet another catastrophic injury during their Week 12 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, this time to their already-hampered quarterback.

Jack Conklin was carried off during the Browns’ Week 12 loss.

After being reinstated off injured reserve with a dislocated elbow, right tackle Jack Conklin’s return to the Browns’ offensive line was short-lived. During Sunday Night Football against the Ravens, the veteran RT was twisted up and fell awkwardly on his leg.

Conlin grasped his knee and rolled about in pain on the ground. The seriousness of the damage was immediately apparent to everybody. Conklin got to his feet and started walking away from the field by himself. He just made it a few steps before his knee gave out completely. Off the field, his teammates and staff had to aid him.

Shortly after, the Browns had to call the injury cart to get Conklin into the locker room for treatment. According to David J. Chao, Conklin exhibited all the telltale signs of a damaged patella tendon (the Pro Football Doc on Twitter).

Conklin’s season has come to an end.

According to a source, the Browns’ superb offensive lineman Jack Conklin tore his patella tendon today and will miss the rest of the season.

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) on November 29, 2021

Regrettably for Conklin and the Browns, everyone’s first suspicions were well-founded. On Monday morning (November 29), the seasoned RT performed tests that confirmed he tore his patella tendon.

This will keep him out for the remainder of the 2021 season, and it might put his 2022 season in jeopardy. Patella tendons that have been torn are no laughing matter.

Mary Kay Cabot of has more on the injury:

The Browns’ worst fears were confirmed Monday, according to, when Jack Conklin’s MRI showed a season-ending torn patella tendon in his knee. 

In order to be ready for the 2022 season, he’ll almost definitely undergo surgery soon and begin rehab. ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to break the news. 

Conklin was injured on the Ravens’ second drive in their 16-10 loss on Sunday night. When he tried to walk off the field, his leg buckled, and he had to be carried off. He was brought into the locker room and ruled out of the game right away, which was a bad sign.’s Mary Kay Cabot

The Browns’ quarterback, Baker Mayfield, is in severe danger moving forward.

Browns RT Jack Conklin.

Browns RT Jack Conklin. Rob Carr/Jack Conklin/Getty Images

The Browns have been one of the league’s most injured teams this season. Both running backs, Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, have lost time. Injuries have occurred on the offensive line. Baker Mayfield is far from being in peak physical condition.

Now that Conklin is projected to miss the rest of the 2021 season, things are only going to get worse for Cleveland’s offense.

Putting the rest of the infirmities aside for the time being, Mayfield’s health has been the Browns’ primary worry this season. He’s been playing with a torn shoulder since the beginning of the season, and he has to wear an ugly brace during games in order to stay on the field. The whole experience has had a huge influence on him, and his ability to throw the football has been badly harmed as a result.

The Browns intended to ease some of the pressure on Mayfield and his illnesses when players returned from the injured list. With the return of Chubb, Hunt, and Conklin, Mayfield was anticipated to revert to a glorified game manager in the second half of the season.

Now that Conklin is done for the season, this isn’t going to happen. Instead, the Browns’ right tackle position will remain a key flaw, making Mayfield susceptible to sacks and quarterback hits.

If Mayfield absorbs another brutal hit from a rushing DE, his season may be gone. He’s hanging on to his health by a thread. With a backup RT on the scene to protect him, it’s tough to see him being at comfortable.

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