If you are a Crusader Kings fan like me, you’re likely aware of the mods being advertised on Steam. Almost all of the best mods are free, but you can pay a small amount to download them. So what’s the point? For me, I think it’s worth paying for the mods because they are not only free, but there’s almost nothing like them on the game’s official forums.

If you’re looking for mods for Crusader Kings 3, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the past year playing through the game myself, and I’ve played over 450 mods already—so I have a pretty good idea of what’s good. These mods are the cream of the crop. They’re freeware, easy to install, and require virtually no specific knowledge of CK3 to use. Most of them are heavily modded anyway, so you won’t be learning much about the game while using them.

When you pick up a Game of Thrones game and play it for the first time, you’re immediately thrown into Cersei Lannister’s world. It’s a world where you’ll have to make tough decisions and feel the consequences of them, all while trying to get to the endgame.

word-image-3160 Crusader Kings 3 is finally here, giving players a new chance to venture into medieval court intrigue and rule (part of) the planet. Many gamers consider Mods an integral part of the experience, and the third installment in the series does not disappoint. Mods for Crusader Kings 3 were available from day one, meaning players didn’t have to wait to radically change their game with a full conversion or add small UI elements that were somehow absent by default. Our list of the best mods for CK3 is intended to highlight the biggest and most ambitious mods, as well as the smaller mods that are worth trying. Read on for our list of the best mods for Crusader Kings 3.

Best CK3Mods

word-image-3161 word-image-3162 Thanks to the support of Steam Workshop, installation is particularly easy. Players who own CK3 can simply sign up for the games they are interested in. Some of the mods listed below are work in progress that will gain functionality over time, while others are full versions that will be refined and updated to be playable in new patches. Sometimes modders decide to abandon projects or make them last longer. In this case, older versions of the game are available in separate beta branches, so you can still play custom games. To access it, right-click on the game in your Steam library, select Properties, go to Beta Versions, and select your preferred version from the drop-down menu. Here are the best mods for CK3:

  • Bronze Age: Maryannu
  • Princes of Darkness
  • Sunset Invasion.
  • Unconditional birthright
  • More construction sites
  • Additional rules
  • Rhomaioi – A mod of the Byzantine Empire
  • Pantheon of the gods
  • VIET Events – a tasteful and compelling modular event
  • Wonder Towns 2
  • Community flavouring pack
  • Delete notifications
  • LotR : Kingdoms in exile
  • Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)
  • Inherited weapons
  • Goderjah: A disappearing world
  • Fallen Eagle: The dawn of the dark ages
  • Tales from Ireland

Bronze age: Maryannu

word-image-3163 Bronze Age: Maryannu is a full conversion mod for Crusader Kings 3 that takes the action back in time and introduces a custom map, including the Middle East and Aegean in extremedetail. If you were in 2115 or 1590 b. If you start as a Mycenaean, Sumerian, Hittite, etc., you will still be a ruler, but you will have to deal with the challenges of a different time. The mod includes new religious doctrines and innovations to match the times, rebuilds buildings with an emphasis on urbanization, and adds the ability to kill children. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Darkness Principals

word-image-3164 CK3’s Princes of Darkness mod, inspired by the World of Darkness IP, puts you in the shoes of an immortal vampire who doesn’t have the same pastimes as the average medieval ruler. Old age and disease no longer kill you, that privilege now belongs to good old fashioned burning and beheading. Marriages no longer produce offspring and become mere political tools, and religious beliefs have been revised to determine the philosophy of one’s character. As a vampire, you also need to keep an eye on your hunger pangs, which indicate how much blood you need. When you fall victim to the stress, you unleash the monster within and force the character to give up. Sign up for the Steam workshop.

Sunset Invasion

word-image-3165 Based on one of CK2’s most controversial DLCs, the Sunset Invasion mod for Crusader Kings III adds the menacing Aztecs to the game’s map, allowing the player – as an independent ruler or vassal – to determine their relationship with the invaders. The creator of the EmperorHarm mod describes this mechanism as halfway between the Grace mechanism of CK2 : Jade Dragon, and the morality system of Bioware’sgames. Your interaction with the Aztecs will lead to friendship or respect, which will open up new possibilities over time. You can find it in the Steam Workshop.

Unconditional birthright

word-image-3167 Fighting the Partition – formerly known as the Hawk Child – is one of the most difficult tasks in the early game of Crusader Kings III, but it can also be a major obstacle. If you’re past the first part of the game or just want to make continuity clearer, the Primogeniture without Requirements mod allows you to upgrade to Primogeniture, Ultimogeniture, or House Seniority without having to meet the requirements of the classic version. However, this does not apply to AI as it still needs to meet all the requirements. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Other construction sites

word-image-3168 The first version of the CKIII More Building Slots mod increases the number of regular buildings you can build in baronies to 6 and in provinces to 9, essentially opening the door to getting extra bonuses when you have gold for extra buildings. Sign up for the Steam workshop.

Supplementary rules

word-image-3169 The More Game Rules mod increases the number of customizations available to players when they start a new game. New additions include the ability to disable pagan reforms, adjust the limit and person limit for armies, and set how often the AI wants to experience the seduction lifestyle. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Romayoi – Byzantine Empire Mod

word-image-3170 The Rhomaioi – A Byzantine Empire mod is designed to make the experience of piloting everyone’s favorite purple blob in CK3 even more unique. In this context, the Byzantine Empire developed a form of government, the imperial autocracy, which emphasized that all the land of the Empire belonged to it. Players can appoint exarchs to rule large areas of the empire, providing significant military bonuses, and themes can be used to summon minions for external defensive wars. The emperor could also seize estates without being branded a tyrant, adopt sons-in-law and appoint a co-emperor. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Pantheon of the Gods

word-image-3171 Being a medieval ruler has its advantages, but what if you could become a god? The Pantheon of the Gods mod allows you to rise from mere human form and become a deity with a newly added solution. New properties, religions and cultures have also been added. Apotheosis allows you to give other characters divine gifts, and if you’re lucky, your descendants may inherit your divine blood. Sign up for the Steam workshop.

VIET events – a tasteful and immersive event for Mod

word-image-3172 The VIET Events – A Flavor and Immersion Event mod adds over 180 flavor events to fill in the gaps between the wars of Crusader Kings 3 and existing event chains. These new additions cover everything from gossip to philosophy to love. The creator of cybrxkhan plans to add more events over time to reduce repetition, adapting some of them from the CK2 version of the mod. You can add variety to the life of your medieval ruler by purchasing a mod from the Steam workshop.

Wonder Towns 2

word-image-3173 In Crusader Kings III you can already build impressive possessions over time, but the Cities of Wonders 2 mod hits the mark by introducing mega cities. This new estate type is as heavily fortified as a castle and yields more gold and rights than castles and cities, making it a powerful addition to your kingdom. While they are very expensive to build, unless you are an emperor with the right solution, they also offer some unique buildings, which further increases their value. Register for the mod in the Steam Workshop. An unofficial update has been released to make the mod compatible with the Corvus 1.3 update.

Community flavouring kit

word-image-3174 Community Flavor Pack is a cosmetic mod that adds historical portrait accessories to fill out the different cultures in Crusader Kings III. Among other things, there is a gamba harness, a Frankish helmet, a Zvonimir crown and a round Viking shield. You can find it in the Steam Workshop.

Delete notifications

word-image-3175 No matter how big your kingdom is, the life of a medieval ruler becomes stressful sooner or later. It also means that you start receiving an endless stream of notifications. While useful, they can sometimes get in the way of more important things, and that’s where the CK 3 Notification Clearing mod comes in. It adds two new and very useful actions. One lets you delete all notifications with the press of a button, the other lets you lock them so they don’t move to the middle when they appear. You can find it under Delete Notifications.

LotR: Empires in Exile

word-image-3176 CK3 LotR: The Realms in Exile mod is the first piece of wish fulfillment for players who want a total conversion mod in the J.R.R. Tolkien universe. In Realms in Exile, which will be gradually expanded with new factions and scenarios, you can currently decide the fate of the Riders of Rohan, who are under attack on three fronts. You can choose to play as three characters, the first being Theoden, who has access to special buildings in Helm’s lair, Aldburg and Edoras. As Saruman, you can choose to betray the Light or not, and Wulfgar Brynjarsson of Dunland can make an alliance with either, but not without incurring the wrath of the other. Get it from Nexus Mods.

Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)

word-image-3177 The RICE (Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment) mod acts as a collection of thematic flavor packs that add simple mechanics, events, and various other additions to complement the lesser-known cultures and locations on the map. At the time of writing the destinations are Chios, Sybil and Siva. For example, you can build masked villages in Chios to strengthen the economy, sacrifice deer as ruler of Turum to better understand yourself and the cosmos, rebuild the Oracle of Amon in Siva, and much more. You can find it in the Steam Workshop.

Legacy weapon

word-image-3178 Unique weapons that give powerful bonuses are one way to define a great ruler in Crusader Kings 3. It also usually silences the critics. With the Legacy Weapons mod, leaders can create any of these symbols of power and instruments of destruction. Once you reach a certain prestige level, you gain access to the procedure that allows you to forge special weapons for your character. Its quality can range from normal to masterful, and it becomes an attribute of your character when you create it. The weapons are passed to the heirs upon ascension to the throne, but must be repaired as their condition deteriorates over time. There is also a fantasy element, as certain special events can set your blade on fire or infuse it with blood magic. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Goderja: Dying world

word-image-3179 Goderjah: The Dying World is set in the Middle Ages in a dystopian fantasy world that wasn’t much better before humanity started using world-destroying magic. As the leader of one of the various factions, the player fights for survival and must deal with invasions, migrations and greedy neighbors. The mod also introduces new artifacts, dueling, coronation, and magic systems to further enliven the game. The game is currently in development, but the team behind it plans to expand the setting, map, and mechanics in the future. Still, it’s a good choice if you’re in the mood for some dark fantasy in your CK3 game. Get it on Steam Workshop.

Fallen Eagle: Dawn of the Dark Ages

word-image-3180 Fallen Eagle: The Dawn of the Dark Ages mod focuses on the period before the start of the vanilla version of CK3, covering the years between 395 and 867. With five different start dates, players can rule the Western and Eastern Roman Empires – both with a new system of government – expand the influence of Islam far beyond Arabia, confront Charlemagne and watch his Frankish Empire flourish, and much more. The mod also adds a migration mechanism for Germanic tribes and new music. You will also be able to meet and play with other famous historical figures, such as Attila the Hun. You can find the mod in the Steam Workshop.

Irish stories

word-image-3181 Based on Lebor Gabála Érenn, also known as the Book of Invasions, the Tales of Ireland mod is a complete conversion that focuses on the island and expands it significantly for those new to CK3. The territory is expanded to over 1000 districts covering 32 kingdoms, and the development is renamed Vee, becoming three times more powerful than in the base game. The robust event system and the new Casus Belli make it easier to swing the balance of power, and the old split allows you to appoint a single heir to your kingdom if you have enough prestige and all your sons are down. You can find it in the Steam Workshop.

Non-significant changes CK3

You can find all of our thoughts on Crusader Kings III in our review. You will also find guides on topics such as culture and innovation, continuity, faith and fervor. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord. We may also include links to affiliated stores, which will earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Thank you.I decided I wanted my favorite mods to be given their own space, and I don’t know exactly how to do it, so I’m creating this blog. I’m going to try to list the mods that I think are the best, and I’ll talk about them and their history. I’ll try to keep the tags around, though that may change from time to time.. Read more about crusader kings 3 immortal mod and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mod Crusader Kings 3?

Crusader Kings 3 is an amazing game, but it can be incredibly daunting to get the hang of. From learning all the different factions in the game to figuring out the best way to install mods, there are a lot of things to consider. That’s where this blog comes in. We’ll provide you with tips and tricks and let you know what mods you might want to install. Crusader Kings 3 is an open-ended, sandbox Grand Strategy game set during the Middle Ages. Crusader Kings 3 provides a historically accurate re-creation of Medieval feudalism, with a focus on the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusader States and the Muslim states of the Middle East. If you’re a fan of this game genre, you’ve probably already downloaded a bunch of mods to expand the game’s scope and depth. I personally recommend the Great Council, which adds back a lot of missing features that were cut from the base game.

Which Crusader Kings is best?

There is a variety of video games out there that offer a good amount of replay value, but that isn’t always the case with strategy games. Crusader Kings combines the two genres in a way that makes for a unique experience. The game is based on the real life history of the Middle Ages, so you are able to make decisions that can affect the whole of Europe. If you want to play as a baron, you’ll need to build a castle and set up your own court. If you want to play as a king, you’ll need to fight your way to the throne. While there are a number of kingdoms that can be chosen, the game features quite a few custom kingdoms of your own design. The game also comes with a lot You can play (and even enjoy) a number of games in your free time. Some games are fun and are free, while some games are more enjoyable than others. Here are a few of the best Crusader Kings III mods. Different mods may provide different gameplay experiences, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best for you. This list is intended to be a guide on which Crusader Kings mods are the best for you and your gaming experience.

Is CK3 better than CK2?

The popularity of Crusader Kings II has skyrocketed over the last several years, and for good reason: it is an incredibly deep, complex and involved game, with an engrossing storyline and tons of mods to keep the players interested. In order to help you get the most out of your gaming experience, we have rounded up some of the best mods to date. As you’ve probably noticed, Crusader Kings 2 is an enormous game. There is already a lot of information out there about the game, but few of those sources are complete. The CK2 Mod Spotlight focuses on those modders who work to make the game more complete, whether it is by adding new features, making it easier to play, or improving the stability and balance of the game. This week, we are looking at a mod that makes important decisions more challenging and interesting.

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