A Little Rock Police Chief shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. The video shows the incident from start to finish, with audio of Officer Josh Hastings’ radio call for assistance as well as his dialogue with Taz Hayes before he pulled out his gun and fired when the situation became tense.

Taz Hayes: Little Rock Police Chief Shooting Video

taz hayes

Taz Hayes, a Little Rock police officer, and Chief Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey Humphrey Humph

Taz Hayes is the woman suspected of shooting another woman before Little Rock, Arkansas, Police Chief Keith Humphrey opened fire and hit a vehicle, according to Arkansas State Police. The shooting scenario was captured on video, which you can see throughout this piece.

The incident, which happened on New Year’s Eve 2021, was recounted in an Arkansas State Police statement. Hayes allegedly shot another lady, Kelecia Mayo, forcing Humphrey to shoot fire, damaging a vehicle, according to authorities.

Near Asher Avenue and Fair Park Lane, a gunshot happened. Humphrey had accompanied cops on patrol on New Year’s Eve to prevent violent crime in the city, according to the Arkansas Times.

“Because it includes our chief of police, this is an unusual issue,” the mayor of Little Rock said in a statement. “In order to maintain accountability, clarity, and transparency, we requested the Arkansas State Police to investigate both occurrences, and they agreed.” We appreciate their willingness to work with us. While Arkansas State Police continues their investigation, no more statements will be made.”

What you need to know is as follows:

1. Taz Hayes is charged with shooting Kelecia Mayo during a fight in the parking lot of a Super Stop convenience store.


After another woman breaks a vehicle window, video shows a woman identified as Taz Hayes brandishing and discharging a pistol. The footage may be seen above.

A thorough station on the Humphrey shooting was issued by the Arkansas State Police.


“The Arkansas State Police are investigating a gunshot involving a Little Rock police officer that happened yesterday night (Friday, December 31, 2021) and an armed disturbance that occurred before the officer’s arrival at 5103 Asher Avenue. The Little Rock Police Department’s commanders recommended that state police examine the occurrences because they are linked, they stated.


Taz Hayes is a prisoner in Little Rock.

“At around 8:55 p.m., a Little Rock police officer on patrol going east on Asher Avenue noticed a dispute between a group of people outside the Super Stop convenience store and gas station. Taz Hayes, 29, who had been among those already in the parking lot as the police came from Mary Street, shot a revolver into the commotion. Kelecia Mayo, 22, was injured by the bullet.”

2. Humphreys Fired at Hayes, But He Missed


According to the announcement, Humphreys began filming at that time, but he is not identified.

According to the report, “the Little Rock officer then shot his revolver at Hayes.” “A bullet recovered later by state police special agents from inside a car in the parking lot will be studied at the Arkansas Crime Laboratory to see whether it’s the one shot by the officer.” Hayes was not hurt and was apprehended on the spot.”

“Mayo was transferred to a Little Rock hospital and was first classified as being in serious condition,” the statement continues.

“Questions about the identification of the Little Rock police officer and his administrative position should be referred to the Little Rock Police Department Public Information Officer,” according to the announcement.

“During the early evening hours of December 31, 2021, Police Chief Keith Humphrey was working a New Year’s Eve detail along with other members of the Command Staff to assist patrol,” Little Rock Police said, according to the Arkansas Times. In front of the Superstop at 5103 Asher Avenue, Chief Humphrey confronted an armed disturbance. An armed suspect opened fire on the victim as he exited his car to make contact, injuring him. Chief Humphrey then confronted the guy and used his department-issued service pistol to take him down. The suspect escaped and was captured and placed into jail a short time later. The Battery 1st and the officer-involved shooting will be the subject of a separate criminal investigation by the Arkansas State Police. As a result, all concerns about the criminal investigation should go to the Arkansas State Police. A separate internal administrative inquiry will be conducted by the Little Rock Police Department. According to protocol, Chief Humphrey has been put on administrative leave.”

3. Hayes has been charged with battery.

Taz Hayes

Taz Hayes on Facebook

Hayes has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

According to the statement, “State Police Special Agents assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division interrogated Hayes, who was later charged with battery in the first degree and detained at the Pulaski County Detention Center.”

“Agents are continuing their investigation today and will later submit a case file to Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley, who will utilize the investigation to help him determine whether a law enforcement officer’s use of lethal force was legal in Arkansas.”

Hayes “was engaged in a driving rage incident that concluded at the Superstop,” according to Arkansas Online.

“A verbal disagreement ensued, which escalated into a physical brawl,” according to a report received by the site. “Subject exited her car, brandishing a handgun, and fired six shots at another female, injuring the victim.”

Taz Hayes, who is he? Her Facebook page may be found here.

“Wishing 1-1-2022 New Release,” her Facebook profile photo reads.

“Taz Hayes (MzPlayamade) HUSTLE|EAT| GRIND|SHINE|PLAYAMADE|HEARTLESSB.W.A|03/02/20,” says Hayes on Facebook. “My Family F***** Up And Its Sad,” she wrote in March 2021. I’m glad I keep to myself. I just adore everyone from afar. You have to keep in mind that we have all we have. When Are We Going To Change For The Better In 2021? There’s just too much going on for us to hate one other. Is it true that you’re in a competition with each other? Is that what it’s all about? 🤦🏽‍♀️💀🤣 But if something happens, you’ll be crying, screaming, getting shirts, and everything else made in remembrance.! Leave the Bs at the door and LOVE YOUR PEOPLE!! To Mf, life is too short!!!”

“Mane,” a lady said on Facebook. Taz Hayes’ lil moma is dead incorrect, and she’s been tormenting my baby cuh for a minute. Taz got fed up and just turned off the shhh since she was a Supa player in the scenario. I’m not going to go out of my way to get a bottle to balance out the defensive weapon. With that glass bottle, she could’ve injured her eye or done anything worse, so I would’ve pulled mine as well. #Lilboosie#Setitoff#Selfdefense.”

4. The Police Chief is on Administrative Leave, according to the Mayor.


The mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr., issued a statement in response to the incident.

“On New Year’s Eve, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey, like he has done in the past, used an all-hands-on-deck strategy to patrol and required comman employees to monitor the city,” the mayor wrote.

“While on patrol, Chief Humphrey saw a disturbance that resulted in a gunshot.” Chief Humphrey also shot his firearm at the accused gunman, and he has been put on administrative leave, as is common in officer-involved shootings. Crystal Haskins, Assistant Chief of Police, is now acting Chief of Police.

5. Humphrey was a Texas police chief for many years.

Play Mayor Scott makes the ultimate selection on the next Little Rock police chief, which is Keith Humphrey. 2019-03-21T21:00:51Z

Police Chief Keith Humphrey is the 38th Police Chief for the City of Little Rock, according to his police bio. The reforming Chief is looking for ways to implement more projects that will let officers and civilian employees to move totally to 21st Century policing. Chief Keith Humphrey arrived in Little Rock after serving as Chief of Police in Norman, Oklahoma, from 2011 until 2019.”

“Chief Humphrey began his career with the City of Fort Worth Police Department in 1988,” according to his profile. He joined the City of Arlington (TX) Police Department in 1995, rising through the ranks to Sergeant (2000) and then Commander (2005). He was chosen Chief of Police of Lancaster, Texas, in 2008, and held that post until 2011, when he was hired as Norman’s Police Chief.”

“He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University – Commerce and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Amberton University,” the statement reads. He’s also a Harvard Kennedy School graduate with degrees in Strategies for Building and Leading Diverse Organizations and Leadership in Police Organizations. Chief Humphrey has taught at the University of Oklahoma, Langston University, and Argosy University, as well as the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

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