The West Indies all-rounder smashed four consecutive sixes in his team’s 20th over of the T20I against Pakistan in Dubai, which helped them chase down a mammoth total.

At the T20 World Cup, Carlos Brathwaite achieved something rarely seen in cricket. Four sixes off four balls.

The “carlos brathwaite” is a West Indies cricketer. He has scored four sixes off four balls in the T20 World Cup match against India on Wednesday, July 5th.

Carlos Brathwaite takes a selfie with the T20 World CupOnly 57 runs were scored by Carlos Brathwaite throughout the event, 34 of which came in the final.

Carlos Brathwaite became a West Indian legend on April 3, 2016.

He was on strike with England on the verge of winning the World T20 final in Kolkata, and his team needed an improbable 19 runs off the last over to win.

Brathwaite did it in style, blasting Ben Stokes for four consecutive sixes as West Indies won with two balls to spare in one of the most spectacular triumphs in cricket history.

On Saturday in Dubai, the West Indies will begin the defense of their championship, which they won last year against England.

To commemorate the anniversary, Brathwaite leads Sport through a tournament, match, and final that will be remembered for a long time.

The underdogs retaliate.

Brathwaite was not included to the original West Indies team, but was brought in as a substitute for Kieron Pollard, who was injured. West Indies outperformed expectations, topping their group with victories against England, South Africa, and Sri Lanka before defeating India in the semi-finals.

“We were excited and confident heading into the competition, but everyone expected us to finish just ahead of Afghanistan and exit in the first round.” I recall thinking that we had nothing to lose since no one expected us to do anything, so we’d go out and express ourselves.

“We had a bunch of seasoned T20 players who had played a lot of IPL cricket – we were perhaps the best-equipped team in the World Cup.”

“We were used to T20 cricket, the venues, and the atmosphere.” We were perplexed as to why we weren’t considered favorites, but we were content to enter as underdogs.

“Everything simply fell into place.” We lacked that one player who could have won us the game. We received contributions from a variety of players.

“We had a wonderful steel pan session on the lunch tins after the semi-final. In Mumbai, everyone was gathered around the lunch table, and we were playing the pots and pans – a pleasant atmosphere, some jingles, and everyone dancing.”

West Indies’ aspirations evaporate in the final

England won 155-9 in the final, with Brathwaite scoring 3-23, which will be forgotten shortly. West Indies fell to 11-3 in reply, and they required 49 off 27 balls when number eight Brathwaite joined Marlon Samuels at 107-6.

“When Darren Sammy exited, we looked around to see who would be the next to go. I had just gotten up, dashed out of the dugout, and was hitting. It was only then that I realized the magnitude of the undertaking.

“I explained to Marlon that it was all about putting the bat on the ball, something I had been working on for a long time. When you’re trying to get fours and sixes in the last minutes of a game, it’s common to totally miss the ball.”

The equation came down to 27 off 12 balls, but Chris Jordan only gave up eight runs in the match’s last over.

“Marlon scored a boundary early on, and Chris Jordan bowled well, nabbing every single yorker.”

“I recall thinking it was an uphill battle at the time.”

Marlon Samuels and Ben Stokes exchange words during the 2016 T20 World Cup finalIn the final, Marlon Samuels (left) was chosen man of the match.

There are six balls remaining and 19 runs must be scored.

As he prepared to face Stokes, Brathwaite had struck 10 off six balls. Samuels was at the non-end, striker’s undefeated on 85 off 66.

“Looking at the scoreboard, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is going to be a wild chase.” It all boils down to six balls. After that, I became deafeningly deafeningly deafen Keep your eyes on the ball. The bat is on the ball. Get it up in the air and hit Marlon.”

Stokes’ line is incorrect after 19.1 overs. Behind deep backward square, Brathwaite hoists the ball into the stand.

“One of the balls was down on its leg, and I assisted it. I began to run, but it had flown wonderfully right away. Marlon was fist pumping his way around the stumps in circles. I was in a good zone, but it was just one ball, and I needed to relax.”

Fuller from Stokes on leg stump, but Brathwaite smacks it over long-on for a massive six in 19.2 overs.

“The second ball came off the bat beautifully. ‘Yeah, it feels fantastic,’ I said. Marlon was slamming it with a ton of punches. I was asking him to take it easy since we hadn’t won yet.”

Stokes bowls straight and full for the third time in 19.3 overs. Brathwaite doesn’t center it, but he still clears long-off.

“Ball three was a stumbling block. My wife was among the throng as I turned around. I didn’t realize we were in this until now. It’s just one run to win, so I’ll take it all in and enjoy it. With fist pumps and kisses, I turned to the throng.

“At this point, I realized I could relax and enjoy the moment.” It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. It was outstanding – amazing. It was just a few seconds, but it seemed like time had slowed down.

“You’ve worked so hard for so long that you want for that time when you can relax and appreciate it.” It just so happened to take place in India in a World Cup final versus England, who happens to be an old foe.

“After the third ball, there was a little bit going on between Eoin Morgan, Stokes, and Marlon, so it allowed me some chance to appreciate it.”

“With their lights turned on, the camera phones came out to capture the occasion.

“It felt great, as if I’d earned these five seconds to really appreciate the rewards of my labor. You’ve been pining for her for years – at the gym, on sleepless evenings. Everything had happened in a flash in front of my eyes.”

Stokes wanders on to the pads after 19.4 overs. Brathwaite smashes it over mid-wicket for a six. He’s already yelling, arms raised, before the ball has even reached the mid-wicket boundary. Samuels gives him a bear embrace before being smothered by his teammates as they rush onto the field.

“Then there was ball four, which also came off the center, and the rest is history.”

West Indies team celebrate beating England in the 2016 T20 World Cup finalOn their path to winning the T20 World Cup, West Indies only lost one match, against Afghanistan in the group stages.

The festivities, as well as sharing a moment with Stokes

Ian Bishop, a pundit, exclaimed, “Carlos Brathwaite, remember the name!” Brathwaite had produced one of the greatest limited-overs innings of all time in the most tense World Cup final in history, only hours after West Indies had won the Women’s World T20 on the same stadium.

“To honor the spectators, we ran a circuit around the pitch.” My wife and the West Indies women’s team were among those that visited. On the field, we performed some dancing.

“I then made a video call to my family.” My mother had been congratulated by everyone in the community. I could hear a lot of yelling and automobiles honking as they drove by my home.

“After that, I went to Stokes.” Jordan and I are friends, so I inquired whether Stokes was still around. I was collecting jerseys of players I admire during the tournament, and I had previously said that I wanted his jersey after the game.

“Look, buddy, someone had to win and someone had to lose, but I had a lot of respect for you and what you’ve done so far,” I informed him.

I received his jersey after we experienced a mutual moment of respect. It was nice to savor the moment while simultaneously speaking with a fellow competitor and telling him, “Tough luck, and I still admire your trip thus far,” which I now respect even more.

“The performance, being able to share it with my wife and family through video chat, and then being able to interact with the opponent completed the night.”

“It was one of the most unforgettable evenings of my life.”

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