The Galactic Moon Festival is back for Halloween! This year, the celebration has new stuff to do, including a new costume competition. Get ready to show off your best galactic costumes and win prizes!

SWG Legends has brought back the Galactic Moon Festival for Halloween this year with new stuff.


Halloween has returned to SWG Legends, the rogue server for Star Wars Galaxies, but there’s a lot more to it today than the original SOE event. There are new collections, paintings, badges, titles, quests, puzzles in the Dead Forest on Kashyyyk, a haunting labyrinth, as well as a new “twist” for the Tusken Invasion heroic in Mos Espa, and all the old things, and I’m still wearing my Stinky the Hutt bag in quiet protest.

“Jabba the Hutt has chosen to host the yearly Galactic Moon Festival once again in order to garner more support from the worlds Naboo, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine, so everyone may enjoy the horrifyingly wonderful haunting of the season.” Jabba has had enough of all the love festivals, life celebrations, and other sugary occasions. As a result, he has decided to host the scariest festival of the year.”

If you’ve never done the event before, go over to the forums, where you’ll find a tutorial and a list of some of the upcoming live events – spoilers ahead.

Other changes included in the ride-along patch for the events include the option for everyone to wear tusken clothing, the inclusion of the Beachfront and Jungle Bastion flashpoint maps, and the reintroduction of group travel via instant transport vehicles.


SWG Legends has brought back the Galactic Moon Festival for Halloween. The event will include new stuff like a moon-themed costume, new hairstyles, and more. Reference: swg legends bespin guide.

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