Apple’s new iOS 15 update came out recently and with it came the new FaceTime feature that allows you to save a group conversation with just two taps. However, if you decide to send a FaceTime video call to a group of people then you’ll be able to save only the last conversation of the group. To get a link to an ongoing group conversation you need to do the following: Tap on the group name in the chat window that you want to link. Tap on the group name again in the list of conversations. Tap on the App Icon in the upper left corner. Tap on the “Add Icon link” under the “More > Settings” section.

FaceTime is now available on all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, but some users are still having a hard time making it work. If you’re having problems with the new FaceTime, here’s how to create a FaceTime link on iOS 15.

In this article you will learn through the steps to create FaceTime in your calendar on iOS 15. You will also learn how to use it to call and text people. Steps To Create A FaceTime Link In Calendar on IOS 15 From the iOS 15 home screen, open the “Settings” app. From the “General” section, tap on “FaceTime” in the onscreen menu. Tap on “Add Photo” and tap on “Add Photo From…” in the pop-up window. Tap on “Camera” in the pop-up window. Select the photo you want to use from the library or from your photo album. Step 4: Make sure to tap on “Done”, then enter your phone number and

Apple has just revealed all the improvements that will be included in iOS 15, the next big update for your iPhone. The new version of iOS, due out in September, will include many new features such as SharePlay, Focus, Spotlight photo search, Live Text, a revamped weather interface and more. The planned new features for FaceTime might turn out to be the most important updates for iOS. FaceTime will be revamped in iOS 15, as video conferencing is increasingly forced upon us. One of FaceTime’s features is the ability to create a FaceTime link that can be sent via text or email, and can also be linked to a meeting in your calendar. With the introduction of this FaceTime connection, Android and Windows users will be able to participate in FaceTime calls.

Create a FaceTime shortcut in Calendar on your iPhone and iPad

Before you try to make a FaceTime connection from the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad, you should know that this new feature is only available on iOS 15. Message: As of today (June 8, 2021), you can only use this feature if you have the developer beta of iOS 15. This beta is not yet available to the general public, but it will be soon when Apple releases the public beta of iOS 15. We do not recommend installing beta versions of iOS on your primary iPhone, as bugs in the software and incompatibility can cause problems with the daily operation of your device. If you have succeeded in getting iOS 15 on your iPhone, you can create the FaceTime connection in Calendar by following these steps. To do this, open the Calendar app on your iPhone and select the + icon in the top right corner to add a new event. word-image-1529 After this action, the New Event window appears on your device’s screen. Enter the name of your event in the top text box. You can now proceed to make a FaceTime connection by clicking on the Location or Video Call button just below it. A new screen will appear. Click the FaceTime option in the video calling section. word-image-1530 FaceTime creates a call and links it to your calendar appointment as soon as you make the call. If all went well, a FaceTime shortcut appears in the Calendar app under the title of the event. In case the calendar does not add a FaceTime link…. As expected, iOS 15, which is still in developer beta, has many problems. Therefore, you may not be able to add a link to a FaceTime call directly from a calendar event. In these cases, you must manually add a FaceTime connection. To do this, open the FaceTime app on iOS and look for the latest FaceTime link in the Soon section. If you don’t see such a link, you must create one by clicking the Create Link button in the upper right corner. If a FaceTime link appears in the Soon section, click the I icon next to it. word-image-1531 In the following FaceTime Link screen, select Share Link. word-image-1532 When the Sharing menu appears, click the Copy option. word-image-1533 Once the FaceTime link is copied to the clipboard, go to the Location or Video Call option on the New Event screen. You can paste the copied FaceTime link into the Enter Location or Make Video Call search form at the top of the page. To do this, hold down the search box, and then press the Paste option that appears. word-image-1534 Once this link is inserted, click on the FaceTime option, which now contains the actual link for the video call. word-image-1535 There should now be a FaceTime link at the top of the calendar. Once you’ve added a FaceTime link to a calendar event, you can edit other details about the event on the screen, for example. For example, add meeting start and end times, invitations, alerts, attachments, other URLs, and notes as needed. word-image-1536 When you’ve added all the required event details, click Add in the top right corner (or Done if you’re editing an existing event in the calendar). word-image-1537 If you create an event with a FaceTime shortcut in your calendar, the FaceTime shortcut appears on the event detail page after you create the event. You can join a FaceTime conversation directly from this screen by selecting Join, or you can share a link to the conversation by clicking the Share icon next to the conversation. So much for creating a FaceTime link in the Calendar app for iOS.

How do you get Android and Windows users to join your FaceTime call?

It’s much easier now. Share a link to your FaceTime conversation however you like. Send them the link in a text, chat or DM, it’s perfect. To join the conversation, Android and Windows users simply click on the FaceTime link. Since there is no FaceTime app for Android or Windows, they will need to use a web browser to join the conversation – Chrome and Safari are supported. Of course you can use this link to invite all your friends who use Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac.Step 1: Launch the IOS Calendar App Step 2: Tap on the “Add a friend” option Step 3: Enter the information and then tap on the “Add” button Step 4: A confirmation message will appear, select “yes” Step 5: The name should now appear in your calendar, right next to your events. Step 6: From now on, whenever you want to call someone, just tap on “FaceTime” and they’ll appear in your calendar.. Read more about ios add event to calendar example and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What iphones can get iOS 15?

Ever wonder if your iphone can be upgraded to iOS 15? Check out this blog post to find out. I don’t know about you guys but I am not an iPhone user, I am a PC user and I use Windows Phone! So I am not going to try to explain any iOS features, this post is for those who know only iOS or who know already how to use the iPhone but still want to know how the FaceTime link in the calendar works.

What is the iOS 15 update?

So, this month is nice and cool and I am really enjoying the weather. I was thinking, what better way to enjoy the weather than chilling inside the house and chatting with my friends? Unfortunately, you know what they say about the cold weather— it makes you sick. And I have been sick this month! There is a reason for this sickness; the cold weather makes your body more vulnerable to infections. The new iOS 15 update has arrived, and with it comes new features that will change the way you use your device. Currently, you can only screenshot certain parts of your screen, such as the notification bar or Spotlight search, with a 3rd party tool. With the iOS 15 update, you can now screenshot any part of your screen, including the entire screen, simply by holding down on the Home button and pressing the power button at the same time.

How do you get the iOS 15 update?

There’s a new iOS feature coming this Fall called FaceTime. For anyone who is not familiar, FaceTime is Apple’s video calling app which allows users to hold video conversations with each other over WiFi and cellular networks. To be clear, the feature will work in iMessage, which means you can send and receive video messages. The video calling feature is similar to services like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Google Duo, but it has a number of unique features that set it apart from the competition. If you are like many iPhone users, you may not be able to join FaceTime on your Mac or Windows computer because it just isn’t there. But that won’t be the case in the coming days. The latest version of iOS, version 15, will have a feature that will allow you to join a FaceTime call from your computer.

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