On draft day in 2009, Stephen Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors as they were looking to make a move for Monta Ellis. However, just before the big trade could go down and help both teams contend with each other in future years, the Milwaukee Bucks offered up their own pick of Brandon Jennings instead. This resulted in two dynamic scorers going head-to-head over multiple seasons until finally coming together on one team last season when Steph signed his max contract extension with GSW.,

Stephen Curry has revealed that he was almost traded to the Milwaukee Bucks along with Monta Ellis. The trade would have sent him from the Golden State Warriors to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Stephen Curry Reveals He Was Almost Traded To The Milwaukee Bucks Alongside Monta Ellis


After winning several individual and team honors, Stephen Curry is perhaps the best Golden State Warriors player of all time. This season, the skilled point guard has done all he can to lead his team to the promised land for the third time, and he’s ready to do it again. 

However, if the Warriors had followed out their original intentions in 2012, the outcome of this fantastic narrative might have been quite different. Monta Ellis was traded from the Celtics to the Milwaukee Bucks back in the day. 

Meanwhile, Steph would go on to become a basketball legend, altering the game while guiding the Warriors to several titles. Draymond Green stated in a recent interview that he might have been part of the deal, but Warriors coach Mark Jackson blocked him from joining the Bucks. 

NBC Sports reports: 

“I can’t put a name to the doctor aspect,” Curry said, “but I know it was part of the dialogue because it all occurred at once for me.” “I knew precisely where we were; we were in Sacramento,” says the narrator. It was the lockout year, thus the trade deadline was approaching quickly. We arrive at the venue and enter the changing room. Monta typically takes the second bus, so I was on the first bus.

“I get into the locker room, grab my tape, and get ready to play, and you see on the locker room TV like breaking news, ‘NBA deal: Warriors trade Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and someone else for Andrew Bogut.’ We found out in the locker room, thinking to ourselves, “What? What’s going on?””

“So Monta walks up, he just got off the phone with his agency, his agent just contacted him — and it’s about an hour and a half, two hours before the game,” Curry said. “Then he becomes upset yet adamant, as if to say, “This is happening, forget y’all.” In terms of the organization, not the squad… he was the genuine, ultimate Warriors, he was a fan-favorite, and rightfully so… So that was a big blow for Dub Nation as a whole, and it wasn’t warmly welcomed.”

Following that, Mark Jackson revealed to Steph what his strategy for him was. 

“So that’s how everything went down,” Curry remembered, “everyone sort of said their goodbyes to Monta, Ekpe, and they departed.” “Then coach Jackson called me out of the locker room and said, ‘yo, I just have to let you know, they wanted you in the deal,’ but it didn’t go down like way for some reason.” ‘I sort of stepped in too… I’m going to hand you the keys,’ he said. We believe in you; all we have to do now is get you well, and that’s what the remainder of the season will be about.’ ‘Don’t make me a liar,’ he said.

“That’s when the exchange took place, and yeah, by the way, it might have been you all at once. That was a wild, insane day, and I’ll never forget it. It really set the tone for what’s to come in the following chapter.”

Curry’s level has only risen since then, and he is now regarded as a true legend. Monta’s desire to play over Curry has gotten a lot of attention, but Jackson had a vision for Steph, not for him. In the end, everyone benefited from this choice. From 2015 through 2019, the Warriors dominated the NBA, reaching five straight NBA Finals and won three championships. 

We’ll never know whether Curry would have had the opportunity to play with Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee, but the two would have been a sight to see. 

Stephen Curry Reveals He Was Almost Traded To The Milwaukee Bucks Alongside Monta Ellis. Stephen Curry revealed to ESPN that he was almost traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, alongside Monta Ellis. The Golden State Warriors point guard said that he thought about it because of how much money he would have made in Milwaukee and how little money he currently makes with the Warriors. Reference: steph curry vertical.

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