The days following winter storms often have an impact on the local economy. With this in mind, a University of Tennessee economist has examined how areas with higher populations can be impacted by these events. Though some regions will see little or no harm from snow-related problems, others may struggle to rebound after their markets are flooded with used cars and other items that had been stored before the storm.

The “nor’easter storm” has been causing havoc in the south. The “Southland Regions Impacted By Fallout From Winter Storms” is a region that is impacted by the winter storm.

Southland Regions Impacted By Fallout From Winter Storms

MALIBU, Calif. (CBSLA) – Residents all throughout the Southland are experiencing the full brunt of the aftereffects of the enormous weather storms that have battered California in recent weeks.

As record-breaking rainfall statistics showered Los Angeles County during a storm that raged through both Wednesday and Thursday, reports of mudslides, rockslides, floods, washed out roads, flooded highways, forced evacuations, power outages, fallen trees, and blocked streets poured in from all around.

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During the storm, dozens of roads were closed or impacted in some way, including State Route 18, which had a large portion of the road washed down the mountain, creating dangerous driving conditions for hopeful snowboarders or New Year’s Eve revelers planning to spend their holiday in a winter wonderland.


(Photo courtesy of KNX News’ Pete Demetriou)

Late Thursday afternoon, rockslides north and south of the Malibu Canyon tunnels, on southbound Latigo Road, on Corral Canyon Road and Newall Road, and especially on Las Virgenes Road south of Mulholland Highway, prevented drivers from passing through the area of the Pacific Coast Highway at Mulholland Drive, as rockslides were reported north and south of the Malibu Canyon tunnels, on southbound Latigo Road, on Corral Canyon Road and Newall Road, and especially on

A bridge in Chatsworth, erected in the 1920s, succumbed to erosion and surging floods, stranding inhabitants who had just left their house to eat lunch. “We came back about an hour later and half of the bridge had crumbled owing to rain and erosion, and we were unable to approach our home,” the resident told CBS reporters.

Because the road is on private property, municipal help is not available to restore it.

A huge section of the westbound I-10 highway was blocked indefinitely Thursday morning after water engulfed the route and rendered it impassable to motorists.


After a mudslide engulfed their whole property, a Tarzana resident’s swimming pool was totally filled with mud. (Image courtesy of KCAL9 News)

The backyard of Mark Schiffman’s Tarzana home was overtaken by a gigantic mudslide at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning, engulfing practically every inch of land and filling the whole swimming pool with the thick muck.

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Schiffman had firefighters on standby to help him keep the muck from engulfing his home. “The danger is that even if it isn’t pouring, the slopes might still collapse.” “With the continuous rain we’ve had over the last several days, the ground becomes saturated, and without the vegetation to hold it back, it releases,” said L.A. County Fire Captain Tom Henzgen.

Mudslides hit Studio City highways as well, particularly in Coldwater Canyon, where numerous cars were stranded in the mud flow, while city authorities evaluated whether it was safe for homeowners to remain in their houses as the situation deteriorated.

A massive tree fell on a home at the intersection of Rhea Boulevard and Welby Way in Los Angeles, blocking all lanes of Sunset Boulevard near Bienveneda Avenue, another tree blocking lanes on Roscoe and Van Nuys Boulevards, and yet another large tree blocking all lanes of East Chevy Chase Drive in Glendale.

Residents living near burn scars from fires in 2020 and 2021, most notably the Bond Fire burn scar and the Bobcat burn scar, were once again told to evacuate. The evacuation order for the Bond Fire burn scar regions was lifted early Thursday morning, but there was still a lot of cleaning to do on numerous roads in the area.

When a local stream overflowed, campers in Leo Carillo State Park were forced to leave the comfort of their campsites, prompting the evacuation of over 50 campers by L.A. County firemen.

On Thursday, even city inhabitants were impacted as Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles was swamped with several inches of water.

Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for 20 counties throughout California, including Los Angeles and Orange Counties, in reaction to the horrific incidents that have swept the whole state, not just the Southern area.

The winter storms weren’t all awful, however, as mountain areas were blanketed in roughly 30 inches of new snow, thrilling skiers and snowboarders throughout the state. California’s snowpack is already 160 percent of normal for this time of year as of Thursday. Despite this, authorities said that state reservoirs were still significantly below normal, and that there was still a lot of ground to make up to recover from the second-worst drought in California history.

Residents in Orange County were surprised by the reappearance of the Dana Point Waterfalls, a natural beauty that only happens when the region receives a lot of rain.

Governor Newsom Declares a State of Emergency in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Officials urged residents to be watchful and be aware of any extra dangers that may arise as a result of the winter storms. Fortunately for many, the impending forecast for Los Angeles County predicts no oncoming storms, despite the fact that it will be chilly.

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