Online reviews are an integral part of our motivation in purchasing online. With a platform like Yelp, people have the ability to review businesses and leave their feedback for others. However, some individuals choose not to write reviews on sites such as these because they feel that the ratings system is misleading or too limited in its options. Others leave bad ratings if they didn’t receive service at all from any company listed on one of these platforms, while still others may do it simply out of spite or revenge due to abuse by companies who were given good reviews before them.,

One bad review is worth it, but when there are many reviews that are negative, it can be difficult to maintain your app’s rating.

Some Ignore, Others Leave A Bad Rating

Elden Ring has been out for three weeks, and the highly anticipated game that won the most awaited game awards last year has clearly:

a large number of new gamers

and set new records

Elden Ring’s admirers anticipated it to live up to the high expectations it had generated.

To acquire an impartial situation, I went to Reddit and looked for top reviewers and competition.

I added a poll as well! Its outcomes are on the way!

Some spectators seem to be upset since the game did not live up to their expectations.

Souls enthusiasts, on the other hand, seem to be pleased with the game and the open-world experience that FromSoftware has provided.

The game is also receiving positive reviews, with a Metacritic score of 95 based on 52 reviews and an Open Critic score of 96.

So, what is it about the game that makes fans loathe it?

We have some serious concerns that need to be addressed after scrolling through reviews and reading each one.

Other flaws were less of a bother for a true enthusiast.

1. The most major complaint stated was a sluggish game with FPS troubles!

I can understand, having played the game for roughly 75 hours, but people place much too much emphasis on it. It does, but just just.

More over half of the participants in my Reddit poll expressed dissatisfaction with the lag/FPS problems.

Another problem was that there was no support for large displays and the FPS was restricted.

I can certainly sympathize as a gamer who uses a large display. And for a game that’s been delayed and promoted so much that it’ll also be published in 2022, compatibility for big monitors should have been included.

However, this does not justify a one-star rating.

3. Another typical user concern was outdated graphics.

Users complained about “hideous” graphics, with some claiming that they weren’t even on par with PS4 graphics.

Other users, on the other hand, seem to have like the visuals, and as a gamer myself, I would consider them to be adequate.Elden Ring Bugs: Some Ignore, Others Leave a Bad Rating

4. The most recent problem I encountered was: Gameplay/Storyline.

This review by apulido33 nicely illustrates the situation:

Elden Ring is an open world built on exploration. The back of the box even indicates that the game is an open world exploration game. Low reviews claiming the game is complicated and difficult to navigate are insufficient grounds for a negative rating. The exploration is stunning and keeps me on the edge of my seat. The adrenaline rush is all over the place. As you’d expect from a Souls game, boss battles are difficult, but the amount of exploring you do will shift the scales in your favor. Elden Ring encourages players to level up, equip up, and grasp the game’s mechanics. The majority of the bosses are well-designed, and the game offers several surprises.

Why do fans of the game like it so much?

Elden Ring enthusiasts like everything about it, but they acknowledge that there are performance concerns, which is to be anticipated in a game with such a large audience and scope.

Furthermore, updates will be free, so bug patches will be available in future editions of the game.

True Souls enthusiasts love the general gameplay, and BadPenguin’s user review pretty well covers up all of the reviews:

Don’t pay attention to all of these whiners. Yes, this game is hard on the computer, but if you have a good one, you’ll be OK. So, what were your expectations? Aside from that, here are some facts: 1) Pleasure: It’s fantastic and entertaining. All of the greatest features have been condensed into one package. 2) Graphics: Absolutely stunning. If your setup can’t play at maximum settings, I understand. 3) Sound: The music and sound effects are fantastic.

This is destined to become a classic. Don’t listen to what others have to say; instead, test it for yourself.

Elden Ring Bugs: Some Ignore, Others Leave a Bad Rating

What are your thoughts? I’m interested in hearing your initial thoughts of the game and how you feel after you’ve completed it!

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