Sometimes when troubleshooting a computer, the first thing you’ll want to do is open Device Manager. It’s an old-school tool that lets you see what devices are connected and working properly on your system. This article will show how to clear SMBus controller error in device manager with 3 easy fixes!

The “sm bus controller error” is a common problem that can be fixed with 3 easy fixes.

SMBus controller error in Device Manager? 3 easy fixes to apply


  • If SMBus Controller has a yellow exclamation mark next to it, Windows does not detect the device.
  • You may either use Windows Update or manually roll back, reinstall, and install the driver. 
  • It’s sometimes required to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent drivers.



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You may get an unexpected SMBus controller issue in the device manager if you have recently reinstalled the Windows OS, updated to Windows 11, or installed the latest Windows update.

The Intel SMBus Controller is a chipset on the motherboard of a computer that monitors the voltage and temperature of the motherboard.

The SMBus Controller driver has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to it, indicating that Windows does not recognize the device. This indicates a driver problem, such as an out-of-date or missing driver. Fortunately, this is a simple repair.

What’s the problem with the SMBus controller?

The problem occurs when the Intel Chipset Device program does not install device drivers for the Intel SMBus Controller (the yellow exclamation mark).

The present SMBus Controller is unable to relay device and hardware information to the OS as a result of this.

The driver is unable to show the right name for the specified hardware in Device Manager due to the error.

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This article will discuss a few options for resolving the SMBus controller not detected in device management problem.

What should I do if the SMBus controller isn’t recognized?

1. Reinstall the Intel SMBus Controller driver that was previously installed.

  1. To open the Run console, press the Win + R keys simultaneously.
  2. To launch the Device Manager window, type devmgmt.msc into the search bar and press Enter.1650426292_587_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  3. Expand the section System Devices, right-click the SMBus Controller device, and choose Properties. 1650426293_641_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  4. Navigate to the Driver tab in the SMBus Controller Properties dialog box. To go back in time, use the Roll Back Driver button. 1650426294_343_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  5. Once you’ve finished, hit OK to save your changes.

Exit Device Manager, restart your computer, and then check to see whether the SMBus Controller driver problem has been addressed.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

If System Devices is not shown in the Device Manager, go to the View tab at the top and choose Drivers by type. The System Devices section should now appear.

2. Manually install the Intel chipset drivers.

  1. Download and install the newest chipset driver from Intel’s official website.
  2. You’ll be sent to the Intel Downloads Center. In the search area, type chipsets and hit Enter.1650426295_920_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  3. On the following page, go to Download Type and pick Drivers from the left pane (Filter By).
  4. Then, under Operating System, choose your Windows operating system, such as Windows 11. 1650426296_295_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  5. Now, on the right, click View Details to see the most recent chipset driver software links and the date. 1650426297_688_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  6. If it’s the most recent version, click the Download link to get the zip folder. 1650426298_672_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  7. To extract the setup file to your selected place, open the Zip folder, pick the.exe file, and click Extract to at the top to extract the setup file to your desired area, such as the Desktop. 1650426299_207_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  8. To execute the file, go to your desktop or the folder where you extracted it and double-click it.
  9. Install the newest chipset driver by following the on-screen directions.

After that, restart your computer to see whether the SMBus controller not detected in device manager problem has been resolved.

3. Download and install the latest Intel Server chipset driver.

  1. Right-click on Start and choose Device Manager. 1650426300_567_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  2. In Device Manager, expand the System Devices section, right-click on the SMBus Controller device, and choose Update driver. 1650426300_14_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  3. Click Browse my computer for drivers in the new window that appears. 1650426301_552_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  4. Next, choose Let me choose from a list of available drivers on my computer from the drop-down menu. 1650426302_620_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  5. Select the relevant Manufacturer in the left column and the SMBUS Controller Driver in the Model column on the right on the next screen.
  6. Select Intel as Manufacturer and SMBus controller as Model if your PC supports an Intel motherboard. 1650426303_510_SMBus-controller-error-in-Device-Manager-3-easy-fixes-to
  7. To install the selected driver, press Next.

Close Device Manager, restart your computer, and see whether the SMBus controller not recognized problem has been repaired.

More information about this subject may be found here.

A driver that is obsolete, faulty, or missing on your Windows PC might cause an error and prevent the device from working properly.

You may use driver detector software to discover missing drivers, detect drivers, and install them automatically to make things simpler.

Leave your comments below if you have any further questions about missing drivers or driver faults.

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The “sm bus controller driver windows 10” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 3 easy fixes to apply.

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