Switch is a new skateboarding game from Roll7 that looks like it’s aiming to be the real-life Tony Hawk. This is a game about skateboarding, and it’s also a very good game, with plenty of content to draw you in, for long periods of time. The thing is, though, it’s not a very good skateboarding game.

Switch Game Skate City Review – We Just Wish the Vibes Endured There was a time in my life that I would dream to never leave my country. It was a time where I would always say to my self “I will be stuck here in Brazil being a sad excuse of a citizen all my life.” I wouldn’t be able to say that I never thought about leaving Brazil. I always thought about the one day when my parents move out and I finally have my own house. But that never came to pass, and I’m still stuck in the same part of the world as back when I was nine. I’m 23 now. I’m still stuck in this strange limbo in life. I miss the freedom that I had when I

Switch is a skateboarding game by Mark Cerny that was released on March 12, 2018. It’s a game specifically designed for the Switch console, and it’s the first video game I’ve reviewed for the website. While it does have a few problems, it’s a decent game that could have been better if Cerny hadn’t tried to shoehorn in his own skateboarding brand.

Any skateboarding video game developed after 1998 will answer the question: How does it compare to Tony Hawk? This is not a condemnation of any particular game, but simply the fact that the biggest star in sports has also changed the landscape of video games. The good thing is that Skate City is largely what Tony Hawk is not. THPS is an explosion of energetic music, fast reflexes and successive in-game challenges to try and outdo its predecessors. Skate City is a wonderfully relaxing and soothing skateboarding experience that invites you to play over and over again thanks to its easy-to-learn controls, smooth gameplay and enchanting soundtrack. The problem is that it’s too short. Find out that and more in our review of Skate City on Nintendo Switch.

Skate City Overview

word-image-12497 Skate City is a side-scrolling skateboarding game in which you traverse the screen from left to right to achieve your goals. Figures are assigned to the joysticks, turns to the L and R, and manuals to the ZL and ZR. The game is great on the handheld and on the dock, and I had no complaints. There are two ways to play: the endless skater mode, which works like a free skate loop, and then there are challenges for each level. Tasks can be retried and reset almost immediately. The camera is very handy, and in Endless Skate you can easily fast forward or rewind to check out a game you like or miss. Although the name of the game is divine relaxation through skateboarding, the list of tricks is small compared to the rest of the genre. You can grind and manually extend combos, but the 900s, McTwist kickflips, and even quadruple heelflips of THPS history aren’t what Skate City is all about. This realism is truly soothing, especially when your skater is comically and violently thrown to the ground (with rag-doll physics) when you hit an object or land wrong. It took me out of my meditative game, but it was almost always hysterical.

What I like


Relaxed atmosphere

Let’s focus on a fairly simple trick, the 180 kickflip. How many times did you land it in THPS? Ollie, while holding down the left button, tap the corresponding Flip button on the Flip console equivalent. It’s easy to use in combos, doesn’t cost a lot of points, the animation is rather dull compared to the rest of the tricks in the THPS compilation, and it’s taken for granted compared to the beauty of the trick. But in Skate Citythe landing of the same trick seems so natural and poetic, floating in the air with a perfect rotation of the board and the skater. You get it, and it’s a great tickle just like the exact amount of tomato paste for a recipe and the perfect shape of a softball in a batting cage. This is ultimately the basis of the Skate City experience. The challenges are there, and it’s certainly fun to try and execute long combos, but the game is perfectly content to let players roll around the screen and do whatever they want to do to relax.

Audio track

The relaxed pace of the game is accompanied by an excellent hip-hop soundtrack. The game absolutely must be played, 100%, with the sound activated to fully enjoy it. Fans of MF Doom, J Dilla and other producers from that era will enjoy the laid back beats that add so much to the fun of Skate City. Then I discovered that the game was top notch: an excellent instrumental with a tempo that perfectly matched the pace of my task, with all the shots hitting smoothly. Congratulations and kudos to Buster Jenkins, Granbar, Peer Synth and the rest of the artists who contributed to the soundtrack.

What I don’t like


Short length and insufficient depth

There are only three levels inSkate City , and unlike THPS , there is not much variety between each level. Many of us remember the first time we went to expansion school after conquering The Warehouse in THPS – a perfect example of how different environments can shape a skateboarder’s journey. But alas, I didn’t get the same feeling as I drove between Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. It’s very easy to collect Skate Cred (in-game currency, SC) to unlock the other two levels, and after several attempts to complete the challenges, I got tired of the levels. It was like the game was trying to tell me something: Well, you’ve had 20 minutes to soak and relax, it’s time to get back to the rest of your activity. I suppose this brevity of the game will benefit others looking for a shorter break in their day, but I was disappointed to have that feeling while playing. The game doesn’t have a career mode, story mode or anything like that, which further emphasizes how important it is that the gameplay resonates with the players and keeps them relaxed. I also had issues with the camera perspective in the game at times, especially when there were opportunities to grind rails and shoot at the lock in the same place. I had no way to tell the game to avoid or select a railing or edge. Instead, I just drove and hoped for the best. I also noticed that I wanted to use a decorative rail or ramp more often that was outside the horizontal plane of the level. Sometimes I even tried to steer my skater in that direction, but then I forgot I didn’t have that freedom and flipped instead.

Limited customisation

word-image-12499 The game includes a skate shop that provides players with a number of tools to customize their nameless protagonist. However, it is exceptionally sparse: five headgear, a few hats, a few trucks and fairly standard clothing. The only physical characteristic you can change about yourself is the color of your skin, and after a moment’s thought, is that really all? I didn’t go back to the skate shop. Goldskates, which would hardly stand out in the main game anyway, cost over 17,000 SC, while the other two levels cost only 2,5,000 and 4,000. For a game with no licensed content, the Skate Shop is unfortunately a missed opportunity. One can only wonder what would have come out if it had been refined with a unique personality, creative shredding, or clever rewards to further encourage progression.


Skate City is definitely worth a visit. The gameplay and atmosphere are absolutely relaxing, and it’s incredibly easy for newcomers to get into the game and get used to it. The perspective and controls may take some getting used to, but this game offers enough challenges and replayability that will keep players interested, especially with the A+ soundtrack. However, they were warned about brevity and lack of depth. However, it costs $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, making it a budget game.

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