Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold, was unveiled in February. In the week since, Samsung has teased several more foldable phone concepts and, today, Samsung Mobile President DJ Koh said that the Galaxy Z Fold would be launching “within the next few months”, potentially as soon as the end of this year. And, in a more exciting development, Koh told reporters that the ‘Z’ will not just be a single phone but will be made up of two phones, the Galaxy Z Fold (the folded device with a 6.3-inch screen) and the Galaxy Z (the phone itself).

Back in September, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold, a phone that opens up like a book and folds into a tablet. The display folds over the front of the phone to provide a screen that is 4.6in across. This was followed by the announcement of a foldable and collapsible version of its Gear S2 smartwatch, called the Gear S3. And then in November, the company announced a new line of foldable phones, with two variants of the foldable Galaxy S10 5G and two more foldable phones based on its existing models. The new phones will be launched by the end of the year with the first models being the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G.

John Prosser brightened up this weekend with some exclusive leaks. He’s shared some images of what could be Apple’s new iPad mini, but this time we’re focusing on a few Android devices. Recently, the company revealed possible launch dates for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. He’s not the only one writing about it though, and it looks like we could also find out a possible date for the next Galaxy Unpacked event. It looks like we may know the presentation and possible dates for the Galaxy Unpacked event for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Watch 4. John Prosser recently wrote that we will see Samsung’s new foldable smartphone on Friday the 27th. August 2021, might see. The Galaxy Watch 4 could be unveiled earlier, as sources suggest it will be released on the 11th. The month of August will be presented. The second launch will offer us four different variants, as the Galaxy Watch 4 could come in 42mm and 46mm variants, while the Galaxy Active Watch 4 could come in 40mm and 44mm variants. 8/3 2 3 are released simultaneously with 2 4. – Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) June 11, 2021 Prosser clarified that these are launch dates and not the day when the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other devices will be announced, as his sources did not want to reveal that information. However, because on Twitter, we found that Max Weinbach wrote that we will be able to go the 2 3s with the 2 4s also the 3. The month of August will be published. Now we have to wait a few more months to see if Prosser’s sources are correct. Still, anything can happen in the coming months, and let’s not forget that the ongoing pandemic has already affected the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. So hopefully we’ll see the unveiling of Samsung’s new foldable devices and smartwatches at this August event. I can’t wait to see what new updates there are for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which will reportedly have a selfie camera under the screen and stylus support. Source 1 Front Page Tech Source 2 Front Page Tech word-image-6740

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