Project Hero is a new category with the goal to bring back one of Roblox’s most loved game modes, Battle Royale. How do you play as well? What are your best strategies for playing Project Hero in 2019? We’ve got it all covered here!

The “project hero quirks tier list” is a guide to the best quirks in Roblox’s Project Hero. This guide is updated every week, and will be helpful for players looking to get an edge on their opponents.

Roblox Project Hero Guide: Best Quirks Tier List



Project Hero, based on My Hero Academia, is the newest Roblox game. The key element that sets this game apart from others is that it enables players to choose between being a hero or a villain. In all circumstances, the game is a lot of fun, with a range of oddities and unique abilities.

This guide will detail all of Roblox Project Hero’s finest quirks, as well as their associated moves. All of these oddities may be obtained from Dr. Mid Groody The Fruity in the quirk lab.

S-Tier Quirks in Roblox Project Hero

Quirk of Half-Hot, Half-Cold

This peculiarity combines the power of both cold and hot elements, allowing players to create freezing powers on their right side and burning ones on their left.

This quirk’s versatility makes it the greatest in the game, since you may utilize it to your advantage in a variety of scenarios.

All of the Half-Hot/Half-Cold quirk moves are as follows:

  • Ice Spike (Z)
  • X – X – X – X – X
  • Ice Floor (C)
  • Hell Shot (V)
  • Flame Pillar (B)

Muscle augmentation is a peculiarity.

This is yet another very versatile ability that enables players to control many of their most vital characteristics, including physical strength, movement speed, and durability.

This quirk allows you to manage the size of your muscles to the point where they become excessive while also creating superpower.

All Muscle Augmentation odd maneuvers are as follows:

  • Shockwave Punch (Z)
  • X stands for augmentation.
  • Ground Smash (C)
  • V – The Leap of Augmentation
  • Leaping Smash (B)

Quirks in the A-Tier

One Quirk For All

This is one of Roblox Project Hero’s more odd features, but it has a lot of promise. You may transmit this quirk to other players, as the name implies, which can be a useful tool for team play.

You must first steal a portion of their DNA, which may be a drop of blood or some hair, before you can convey this quirk to another player. After then, you may freely spread the oddity among your teammates.

All One For All’s wacky movements include:

  • Deleware Smash – Z
  • Detriot Smash (X)
  • C – One Leap For All
  • Full Cowling (V)
  • Manchester Smash (B)
  • St Louis Smash (N)
  • Vanishing Drive (E)
  • Delaware Smash Air Force (Delaware Smash Air Force) (R)
  • T – One-Hundred-Percentage-Percentage-Percentage-Percent

Quirks of Explosion

Explosion will be your favorite quirk if you prefer to blow things up and utilize the fire element in an AoE method.

Depending on the range and force, it delivers four various sorts of explosions. However, if you use it too often, your character will get fatigued.

All Explosion’s wacky moves are as follows:

  • Explosion Surge (Z)
  • Explosion Jet (X)
  • Explosion Rush (C)
  • AP Shot (V)

Quirk of Hell Flame

This is identical to Explosion, but that players may wrap themselves in flames and even employ fire in close combat, which can be useful against any of the freeze attacks.

All Hell Flame’s wacky moves include:

  • Flashfire Fist (Z)
  • Jet Burn (X)
  • Flame Explosion (C)
  • Volleyball (V)
  • Purgatory (B)

Quirks in the B-Tier

Acid Irritation

Although acid burns aren’t as painful as fire burns, this quirk may still do harm.

The true significance of this peculiarity, however, resides in the capacity to regulate acidity levels. You may, for example, utilize it as a liquid to slide about and increase the pace of your movement.

All Acid’s wacky maneuvers are as follows:

  • Acid Spit (Z)
  • Acid Slide (X)
  • Burn Barrage (C)
  • Acid Venom (V)

Electricity Oddities

Unlike acid, which may be utilized for both harm and movement, electricity can be used for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Players may surround themselves with unique electric barriers that protect them from harm. Enemies who attempt to touch the barrier will become momentarily paralyzed.

Electricity’s wacky movements are as follows:

  • Electric Bullet (Z)
  • Electric Stomp (X)
  • Electrification Beast (C)
  • Electrification Releases of 1 Million Volts
  • Electric Flash (B)

Quirk of the Leech

This isn’t the finest quirk in the game, but it does have some advantages. Use it to sap your opponents’ life and stamina, which may be rather devastating in the end.

This quirk also has among of the quickest cooldown durations, making it a cost-effective purchase.

All of Leech’s wacky moves are as follows:

  • Steal Health (Z)
  • X – Stamina thief
  • C – Health Equity
  • Switch Leech (V)

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That concludes our list of the top Roblox Project Hero oddities. Check out our dedicated hub page for additional tier list instructions and other Roblox-related content.

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