The Omicron Variant is a deadly virus that spreads through contact, and health officials are not sure how to contain it. With Californian hospitals being overwhelmed, many people are wondering what the best way to prepare for an outbreak would be if they were in the same situation.

The “white house lays out new global targets in coronavirus pandemic fight” is a story from the Associated Press that discusses how local hospitals are preparing for the Omicron Variant.

The Rundown on CBSNLA (Nov. 30 PM Edition) Here are the most recent local news and weather headlines. Every day, two updates are made.

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Ricky Romero, a former major league pitcher, is hosting his second annual baseball camp. Ricky Romero, a former Toronto Blue Jay, is returning to his hometown to hold a free baseball camp at East Los Angeles College.

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Exclusive: A family discovers their home has been listed on Airbnb without their consent. Kristine Lazar has an exclusive story of a local family who found out their house was posted on Airbnb when people began showing up, claiming to have leased it. Despite the homeowners’ efforts, the listing remained on Airbnb’s site for weeks until CBSLA brought it to their attention.

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A BB gun was fired at a school bus. In Koreatown on Tuesday night, the rear glass of a school bus was shot out. There were no injuries recorded since the bus was empty at the time.

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Voices of Veterans: K9 For Warriors This episode of Veterans’ Voices focuses on a non-profit that not only provides support and comfort to veterans, but also introduces them to a new best friend.

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Local Hospitals Are Preparing For The Omicron Variant, According To A Regional Physician Dr. Edward Blews III, an infection prevention specialist, talks about how local hospitals are ready for the omicron variety as it spreads throughout the world.

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After undergoing health and safety standards, LeBron James will miss numerous games. On Tuesday afternoon, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers entered health and safety regulations. He’ll be out for many games.

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Kevin Eckert, an arborist, talks about tree health and safety. Tree health, stability, and how to care for trees outside and around your house to avoid dangers to your personal and family safety are discussed by an arborist in the studio.

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A Tree-Fall Victim Is Remembered In the aftermath of the tragic event, friends and family are remembering an Encino man who was murdered when a tree fell on his home.

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Fisheries off the coast of Orange County have reopened after being temporarily closed due to an oil spill in October. Michele Gile reports from Dana Point, where fisherman have reopened a 45-mile stretch of ocean off the coast of Orange County that was blocked in October due to an oil disaster.

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As the supply chain crisis continues, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh visits ports. Port authorities, the mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and Long Beach Rep. Nanette Barragan were among those who joined Walsh.

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Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are set to open on Thursday, which is great news for skiers. This week, two of Southern California’s most popular ski resorts will open for the season. Katie Johnston has the story.

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The ban on high-capacity magazines in California has been upheld. In a split ruling that might end up before the US Supreme Court, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two lower court judges and maintained California’s prohibition on high-capacity magazines on Tuesday.

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The City Council of Los Angeles has approved a ban on ghost guns. The Los Angeles City Council overwhelmingly passed an ordinance banning the possession and sale of ghost firearms on Tuesday.

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After a windstorm that hit Santa Ana over Thanksgiving week, more than 200 trees were downed and limbs were broken off. The powerful winds that swept across Southern California over Thanksgiving week caused havoc on trees all around the area, especially in Santa Ana. Katie Johnston has the story.

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According to a report, the LA Sheriff’s Department is halting the use of COVID testing provider Fulgent due to alleged ties to China. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department would no longer utilize the COVID-19 testing vendor Fulgent because of its alleged links to the Chinese government. Katie Johnston has the story.

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In connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol Breach, Edward Badalian and Daniel Rodriguez have been charged with conspiracy and assault. In connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, two Southern California males face accusations of conspiracy and other felonies, including assaulting a Metropolitan Police Department officer. Katie Johnston has the story.

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Two drug dealers will plead guilty in Mac Miller’s overdose death in Studio City. Two individuals are scheduled to enter guilty pleas on Tuesday for selling the fentanyl-laced tablets that led to rapper Mac Miller’s overdose death at his Studio City home in 2018.

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The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have once again delayed the payment of the container dwell fee. The dwell charge was again postponed until December 6 due to goods moving quicker off the ports. Rachel Kim has the story.

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On the LAX tarmac, a woman was arrested. Although the lady had a travel ticket, she said she was attempting to flag down an aircraft. Rachel Kim has the story.

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The Rundown on CBSNLA (Nov. 30 AM Edition) Here are the most recent local news and weather headlines. Every day, two updates are made.

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Amber Lee’s Predictions for the Weather (Nov. 30) The beaches will have a high of 73 degrees on Tuesday, while the valleys will have a high of 90 degrees.

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A Los Angeles Special Counselor will enter a guilty plea to a $2.2 million LADWP kickback scheme including bribing LADWP officials. A lawyer who defended the city of Los Angeles in a lawsuit over the LADWP billing system has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges after earning $2.2 million in a kickback scheme in which he also bribed other LADWP executives. Katie Johnston has the story.

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The Los Angeles City Council will vote on a ban on ghost guns on Tuesday. The Los Angeles City Council is set to vote on a law banning ghost weapons in the city on Tuesday.

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The “boston coronavirus” is a deadly disease that has been traced back to the Middle East. The Boston Coronavirus is not as contagious as the SARS, but it still causes death and illness.

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