Razer Synapse was announced at CES 2019, but in the six months since its release, it has gained a reputation for being buggy and unreliable. Razer is standing by their software with updates that should fix these issues soon. If you’re looking to get into syncing your lights on PC or Mac, here are 3 steps every user should take before they install Razer Synapse 2.0

The “how to change razer keyboard color without synapse” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. The issue can be fixed in 3 steps.

Razer Synapse won’t change lighting? Fix it in 3 steps


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9th of December, 2021

Date published: June 2020

  • You won’t be able to utilize the peripherals as intended if your Razer Synapse won’t alter the illumination, but this tutorial will assist.
  • Check your ports and then uninstall and reinstall the Razer Synapse program to start addressing this problem.
  • For a trouble-free gaming experience, you’ll also need fully functional Razer Synapse drivers.
  • If you’re having trouble with lightning in your profiles, follow the instructions below to rapidly fix the problem and get back in the game.



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Razer Synapse is a piece of software that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to complicated activities (macros) as well as modify lighting settings. Veteran gamers like the software/hardware combination for its usefulness and appearance.

The Razer Synapse, on the other hand, seems to be reactive to changes in illumination on occasion.

Don’t worry; we’ve gathered a list of our top solutions for avoiding this issue. So relax and adjust the lighting using Razer Synapse by following these steps.

What can I do about the lighting profile problem with the Razer Synapse?

1. Double-check your port.

A broken USB port might cause the razer synapse to not change lights in certain circumstances. If this is the case, disconnect your device from its current port and connect it to a different one.

It also doesn’t matter whether you connect your device to a USB 2.0 port rather than a USB 3.0 port, or vice versa.

If changing the ports doesn’t help, try inserting your Razer gear into a different port on a different computer.

If the lighting profile changes, the problem is with the device. To resolve this problem, contact Razer technical support.

2. Uninstall Razer Synapse and then reinstall it.

  1. Disconnect any Razer devices from your computer. Replace Razer devices with a conventional keyboard and mouse if you’re using a desktop.
  2. Uninstall Razer Synapse by going to Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then clicking Uninstall an application. Uninstall Razer Synapse if it appears in the list.Razer-Synapse-wont-change-lighting-Fix-it-in-3-steps
  3. You may be prompted to restart your computer. After the next step, restart. Delete all Razer Synapse files from their current place (typically C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Razer).
  4. Restart your computer or device.
  5. Reinstall the Razer Synapse Software.
  6. Then press the Install button.1639073139_232_Razer-Synapse-wont-change-lighting-Fix-it-in-3-steps
  7. Connect the Razer devices and test the lighting response once you’ve completed the installation.

3. Update or reinstall Razer Synapse drivers.

  1. To find the Device Manager, go to Control Panel and look for it.1639073139_129_Razer-Synapse-wont-change-lighting-Fix-it-in-3-steps
  2. Navigate to the view section of the toolbar in the Device Manager. Then choose Show hidden devices from the drop-down menu.1639073140_14_Razer-Synapse-wont-change-lighting-Fix-it-in-3-steps
  3. After that, left-click on your unresponsive Razer hardware. An opportunity to upgrade your driver will appear.
  4. You will be given the choice of doing an automated or manual search for drivers after clicking. Select the first choice from the drop-down menu.1639073141_17_Razer-Synapse-wont-change-lighting-Fix-it-in-3-steps
  5. If the issue persists, use the second option and download drivers directly from the Razer website. Open the driver download folder by navigating to it.

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We looked at some of the best ways to address the Razer Synapse not changing lighting problems in this tutorial.

Don’t hesitate to check our vast Razer Hub for additional relevant information on this subject.

If you found this information useful, please let us know by posting a comment in the space below.

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The “razer synapse 2” is a software that allows users to control the Razer Chroma lighting. The issue with this software is that it will not change the lighting. In order to fix this, follow these 3 steps: 1) Make sure your PC has Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed. 2) Update the Razer Synapse application. 3) Restart your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Razer Synapse 3?

A: If you are having issues with your Razer Synapse 3, please contact the company directly to get help.

How do I change the light on my Razer Synapse 3?

A: You will have to do a system restore.

How do I fix my Razer keyboard not lighting up?

A: Ensure that your keyboard is plugged in and fully charged. If it still does not light up, ensure the power settings on your system are set to “on” or at least have them switched to a mode where they will turn on automatically when connected as well.

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