Project Gorgon is a game that does not have any kind of online component, but it does have a sub-reddit where you can discuss the game and find other players to play with. The sub has its own ranking system, and the higher you climb, the more rewards you get. The system is based on the old-school f2p leveling up system from games like Runescape.

Project Gorgon  has been a relatively low-key project since its inception. The main reason is the lack of real-time communication outside of an official Discord server. The other reason is the difficulty in publicizing the project. The goal of this post is to show how far the project has come in the last couple of months, as well as to give some details about the future of the project.

After months of hard work, code and testing, we’re excited to announce that Project Gorgon’s offline leveling system and new sub are live! What is it? It’s a new way to play the game, and it has been in the works for months. The idea is simple: some players enjoy soloing and leveling up, while others enjoy the social aspects of grouping and grinding. With the new system, you’ll no longer need a group to play. You can still group with others, but you can also solo without any loot sharing or party members. You’ll also be able to solo via sub, meaning you can play on your own in a different language (English, Italian,

word-image-11796 On Monday, we reported that Elder Game’s Project Gorgon, which is still in early access, has finally reached a new level of game development that warrants an optional VIP subscription. The goal, according to the studio, was to give subbers useful things – like offline levels and more inventory – without getting into the pay-per-win business. The replacement was released earlier this week, but there was a lot more to note in the patch. Players have also benefited from significant improvements to the Disarm skill, a new in-game messaging system, user interface tweaks, modifications to certain monsters, and new skills: Self-taught – a skill for taking levels offline – and non-fiction writing, which is essentially a way of creating skill books for offline learning. Non-VIP players can even make them and sell them to VIP players, which is a clever way to bring the two groups together. As you can imagine, this option has many limitations, and one of them is that VIPs must find the necessary books to use it. Where do these manuals come from? A new skill in nonfiction writing! There are new NPCs (Hirochi and Vintria) in Rahu who can help you unlock this skill, provided you are at least level 50 in calligraphy. Writing non-fiction is done offline and takes two real days each time. The resulting books can then be used by VIP players who meet the book’s requirements. Each manual is designed for a specific skill and a range of levels. To write a book, your level in book skills 25 must be higher than book skills. Also, your non-fiction level should be at least as good as the book. So, to write a sword book from level 11 to 20, you need to have level 11 in non-fiction and level 36 in sword. EG noted that the books cannot currently go beyond level 60, but that if they continue to develop, the number of levels will increase to 25. ViewThe past weekend, Project Gorgon’s offline leveling system and new sub feature were put into a test period. This allowed players to level up their characters without the need to stay on the Gorgon server. This test system will remain active for a period of time before Gorgon officially releases it to the public.. Read more about project: gorgon population and let us know what you think.

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