Prince William and Prince Harry announced that they will be joining hands to honor the winners of a recent sporting competition for children in Kensington. The two British royal princes are said to have been inspired by their father, Prince Charles’ passion for supporting sports after his move from polo-playing champion to rugby enthusiast.

Prince Harry is back in England after his time in the United Kingdom. The prince joined hands with William to honor the winners of a charity event. Read more in detail here: prince harry back in england.



William’s older brother was in the United Kingdom, while his younger brother Harry was in the United States. While in the United Kingdom, William met the recipients of the Diana Award at Kensington Palace. To talk with the award winners from all across the globe, Harry used a live video meeting. This award was created in 2017 to commemorate Diana’s life on the 20th anniversary of her death. Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car accident while William and Harry were still in elementary school.

According to the Daily Mail UK, an awards ceremony will take place on December 9.

Althorp House would be the location, and Diana’s brother Earl Spencer would be the host. These legacy awards are given every two years. In 2017, William and Harry presented the first ones at St James’s Palace. This year’s winners were chosen by an impartial group of judges led by Earl Spencer. They came from several countries, including Germany and the United States. Because Princess Diana adored forget-me-nots, Harry and his wife planted them at a Los Angeles school in September 2020.

The Diana Award’s mission is to honor young people.

Princess Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry, have supported The Diana Award since her death in 1997. It is a charity founded on Princess Diana’s idea that children have the ability to transform the world.

The Coronavirus epidemic, according to Tessy Ojo, CEO of The Diana Award, disturbed lives and created societal inequities. The young people, according to the Daily Mail UK, are striving to make improvements in their communities. It is taking place all around the planet. Their efforts would result in favorable improvements in the present and future.

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It would be an appropriate homage to Diana, Princess of Wales’ conviction that children have the ability to change the world. Prince Harry came in London in June to witness the installation of a Princess Diana monument.

Future Plans for the Diana Award

The Duke of Cambridge acknowledged the lives of many young people touched by the coronavirus epidemic in the prologue of The Diana Award’s Future Forward initiative.

He spoke about difficulties including school breakdowns, job possibilities being disrupted, and damaged social connections. The Duke of Cambridge also talked about the young people he met during the past year, according to the Daily Mail UK. They are “passionate” about helping their towns recover and rebuild, according to him. They want to eliminate social inequity and injustice. The Diana Award, for example, is cultivating the potential of these children in order to assist them improve the world.

The Diana Award recipients were recognized by Prince William and Prince Harry.

Prince William visited 10 young beneficiaries of The Diana Award at Kensington Palace, according to Hello Magazine. Nine of the other ten were greeted via video chat from California by Prince Harry.

Next week, a magnificent celebration will be held at Princess Diana’s family home in Althorp. Both boys were eager to participate. They teamed up for the first time after her monument was unveiled on July 1. The unveiling took place at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden, and William and Harry were there. The Diana Award recipients were picked for their good effect on society in many sectors. They would go through training programs to assist them improve their leadership, community development, social entrepreneurship, and technological abilities. These would assist them in bringing about societal changes. “These young individuals represent the future generation of change-makers and innovators throughout the world,” stated a representative from the awards’ sponsors, Gilead Sciences.


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The “prince harry news” is a recent event that took place on the 18th of June. Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, joined hands to honor the winners of the Invictus Games 2018.

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