As the New England Patriots prepare to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Saturday’s AFC Championship Game, Kraft has taken a subtle shot at his rival.

The “kraft patriots” is the owner of the New England Patriots. Robert Kraft has just taken a subtle shot at Mac Jones, who he says is “not as good as he thinks.”

Owner Robert Kraft Just Took a Subtle Shot at Mac Jones

The New England Patriots seemed to strike gold at the 2021 NFL Draft after a year of muddled through life with Cam Newton as quarterback. They took a gamble on Alabama quarterback Mac Jones in the first round, despite the fact that many analysts thought he wasn’t ready for the NFL.

Jones got off to a fast start in his first season, much to the delight of the Patriots. He was named to the Pro Bowl after leading New England to the Wild Card Round. Jones had an outstanding first year. However, it seems that it was insufficient for Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, takes a veiled dig at Mac Jones.

“I’m not pleased with the fact that we haven’t won a playoff game in three years.” That’s something I think about a lot.” Robert Kraft is an American businessman.

— Tom E. Curran (@tomecurran) March 29, 2022

This previous season, the Patriots’ postseason run was short-lived. The Buffalo Bills thrashed them 47-17, clearly demonstrating their superiority over the Patriots.

Now that the dust has cleared, it’s evident that Robert Kraft was irritated by the team’s quick departure from the playoffs.

“This year will be extremely revealing,” Kraft remarked, according to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe.

“I believe he got very banged up going into something as new as this, as established, and he kept coming back and getting up and really accomplishing some incredible things.” He suffered some serious beatings and bounced back, just like he does. He has an excellent working connection with the whole group of receivers. What I’ve seen has made me quite pleased. But this is the second year, and it’s a significant year.”

Robert Kraft wants to see exceptional quarterback performance and a quicker turnaround time.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Michael Reaves/Getty Images/Robert Kraft

These remarks in no way imply that Kraft is “out” on Jones. It’s tough to overlook the Patriots’ owner’s focus on Jones’ second season in the league. Kraft does not want to see the first-round selection make consistent development year after year. He wants the Patriots to reclaim the supremacy they had when Tom Brady was at the helm.

For what it’s worth, Kraft is accurate in claiming that the Patriots need exceptional quarterback performance to compete in today’s NFL. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Russell Wilson are among the best quarterbacks in the AFC.

Jones will have to fight with these players if New England is to regain its AFC supremacy.

Do the Patriots have any post-Tom Brady remorse?

Hot take: Tom Brady & Bill Belichick miss each other

Robert Kraft is putting pressure on Bill Belichick to rebuild the team at a high cost. Brady seems to have pulled off a coup in Tampa Bay.

BB & TB will never reunite, but they were a terrific match, even (& maybe especially) when their egos clashed

— Henry Coffey McKenna (@McKennAnalysis) March 31, 2022

The most straightforward way to interpret Kraft’s remarks is as someone who is still adjusting to life without Brady as quarterback.

Brady’s most ardent backer in New England was Robert Kraft. Before signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he allegedly asked Brady to remain in 2020.

During his debut season, Mac Jones performed well. He isn’t, though, Tom Brady. It doesn’t help that Brady has a Super Bowl ring and five postseason victories with Tampa Bay, but Kraft and the Patriots have yet to win a playoff game since Brady retired.

Is it appropriate to compare Mac Jones to Tom Brady? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no That is, however, the harsh reality of being the Patriots’ starting quarterback. In New England, the stakes are quite high.

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