The New York Knicks lost their home opener in Brooklyn on Wednesday night, with the final score a 105-103 loss to the Nets. The teams exchanged leads throughout, but it was an officiating decision that had some questioning whether or not someone got away with a foul during what seemed like dead time.

The “nba standings” is a blog post that talks about the New York Knicks upset with the officiating in their loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

New York Knicks upset with officiating in loss to Brooklyn Nets

NEW YORK (WABC) — During the Knicks’ 112-110 defeat to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night, Julius Randle and coach Tom Thibodeau went off the Barclays Center court talking to each other and “pissed” with the refereeing.

Randle finished with 24 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists, but only went to the free throw line twice throughout the game. The Knicks’ star forward first refused to discuss the officiating until asked whether he was shocked he isn’t receiving the calls normally designated for a team’s best player.

Randle stated of the officiating crew of Scott Foster, Mark Lindsay, and Jason Goldenberg, “I’ve got to question them.” “I have no idea what they’re looking at or what they’re seeing. I can’t be punished for just being stronger than anybody, as aggressive as I was in assaulting the paint. And that is the response I received today.”

Randle, who stands 6-foot-8 and weighs 250 pounds, claims the crew informed him his size and strength are the reasons he isn’t receiving more calls.

“They said that’s because particular contact doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does on other players,” Randle said. “They miss the calls because I am stronger.”

When asked how he feels when he hears it, Randle said, “It irritates me even more.” “To tell you the truth, it is not how you officiate the game.”

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While Randle was composed when speaking with reporters following the game, Thibodeau was visibly upset and frustrated. The Knicks’ coach pointed out that the Nets went to the free-throw line 25 times, while the Knicks only went to the line 12 times.

But it was the way Randle was officiated that really got Thibodeau’s attention.

“I want to see the movie,” Thibodeau remarked, “but… something isn’t right.” “I’m not sure [why].” I’m not sure. I’m keeping an eye on all sides of the situation. [The Nets] are an excellent squad. They performed well. But I’m sure Julius is putting a lot of effort into that ball.

“I’m also irritated.”

With 1:36 left in the fourth, Randle was called for a technical foul after he felt he was fouled on a failed shot with the game knotted at 105. After that, Kevin Durant (27 points) nailed an 18-footer and then sunk the technical free throw off Randle’s technical foul.

During a timeout, Randle’s teammates came over to calm him down.

When questioned about the technical foul, Randle stated, “You witnessed what happened.” “What occurred was seen by everybody. There’s no need for me to say anything about it. What occurred was seen by all of you.”

Randle said multiple times that he did not want the officiating to be the center of attention. He did, however, express what it’s like for him when smaller players try to protect him.

“When lesser guys defend larger players in basketball, they generally get away with a lot more,” Randle remarked. “Certain things, though, are a bit more obvious. I don’t care who you slap, if you slap a person, it will effect him. I don’t wish to discuss them, as I have said. I want to keep blocking it out, playing hard, playing with enthusiasm, and leading my team. Whether we win or lose, I can’t allow my feelings interfere with my ability to be productive.”

With 17.7 seconds left, the Knicks knotted the game at 110 each, but James Johnson was fouled on a drive with 2.2 seconds left. After squandering a 16-point lead, Johnson sank both free throws to help the Nets hang on.

James Harden led the Nets in scoring with 34 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists while hitting 9 of 10 free throws.

“I’d want to look at the footage,” Thibodeau said, “but… there’s a large disparity in free throws, I can tell you that.” “So Julius drives the ball down the court and earns two free throws?”

“It makes no difference to me what the game is named. I truly don’t think so. It’s what you’d call tense. It’s what you’d call sloppy. However, it must be the same.”

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