In January of 2021, we’re expecting a new moon in the sign of Aquarius. This happens at the same time as a new moon in the zodiac sign of the Aquarius. So, what can we expect? This post will discuss the details of the attached readings, which are based on a reading from the Occult Tarot by Lenormand.

Every day, we get up, eat breakfast, and leave the house. We head to work, or school, or maybe the mall, or just out to lunch. We meet up with friends, or maybe we have a quick dinner at home. The routine is pretty much the same, and so is our day. But if you look at your life from another perspective, you can see how the year is going.

The new moon in Aquarius has occurred on March 20, 2021, which marks the beginning of a new cycle that begins on the 1st of January of the following year. Those born under the sign of Aquarius often hold an idealistic view of the world, and are inclined to question authority. The Aquarian influence on your life is to start to look at the world through a fresh perspective. The world will begin to make sense to you, and you will become more aware of the need to change things for the better.

word-image-18164 The New Moon in Aquarius 2021 will take place on Thursday, February 11 at 2:06 p.m. ET – and she will be joined by a number of other planets, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. SIX PLANTS. Wow. It’s epic – and powerful. I see this day as a significant change in the team and a signal that a much needed change is coming. The Aquarius stack doesn’t guarantee the arrival of the Aquarian Age, but it certainly promises to make the future a lot more fun. Instead of power in the hands of a few, power belongs to the people. Inclusion is the order of the day – and the table is set for everyone to take their place. (Note: There was a planetary cluster in Aquarius on February 4 and 5, 1962, another time in history when cultural changes related to the hippie movement occurred. Also: my favorite actress Jennifer Jason Leigh was born on February 5, 1962). Before the new moon begins, Venus will be in conjunction with Jupiter at 10:11am ET. This aspect puts fun, art and romance at the forefront. A positive mind permeates the next day and creates the best conditions to create the work – or future – you desire. Take some time this morning to imagine what you want – and what you would want for the team. In this way, you will be ready to ascend and fulfill your intentions when the New Moon arrives in a few hours. Other activities related to love, spirituality, higher education or creativity should be on your calendar today. (I heard Chani Nicholas predict that you should make rest a priority and take a few days off, starting today. I love that idea 🙂 When the New Moon appears at 14:06, it heralds the beginning of a new life, especially in the areas of friendship, technology, innovation, originality and teamwork. All for one and one for all is the mantra of this lunar pleasure. While it’s fun to focus on your own goals, it’s even more fun to think about how everyone can succeed. If everyone has shares, the future will truly be magical. So let’s stand up and lift up our brothers and sisters. Make good intentions for your big visions – and for your community. Vow to support the marginalized and oppressed. Together we are immensely strong. At 2:06pm the Moon will also be zero, so let the rest of the day go unhurried. Take it easy, take care of the little things that need your attention, talk to your friends and don’t forget to drink. The Aquarius vibe continues over the weekend when Mercury is in conjunction with Venus at 2:48 am EST on Saturday and with Jupiter at 4:40 am EST on Sunday. What does that mean? The weekend is filled with opportunities for love, relaxation, art, learning and expanding horizons as far as the eye can see. Why worry about the past when tomorrow is so promising? Let’s look ahead, think big and believe that we are on the verge of a turnaround.

And here are some mini New Moon in Aquarius 2021 tarot readings for each zodiac sign using the Sacred Bee Journey Tarot!

word-image-18165 Aries: Eight of Swords – Everything is a dead end. Stay tuned. There may be a good reason for this delay. Taurus: Five of Bars – Competition is fierce. Don’t let that put you off. Fight for what you want! Twins: Sword Princess – Big news on the horizon. Be prepared to act. A pivot is required. Cancer: Verdict – You are on the verge of a major transformation. The old way is gone, the new way is here. Leo: The four of swords – rest is needed. A stay abroad will allow you to regain your health and your spirit. Virgo: Eight of Cups – When something is done, you know when to leave. There are new paths to explore. Scales: Queen of Discs – It’s a fertile and creative time. A good harvest awaits you – but first the practical details. Scorpio: Nine of Swords – The stress you are experiencing now is real. Acknowledge your concerns and you will find a solution. Sagittarius: Mage – The power and resources are now yours. You’re about to perform a miracle. Capricorn: Princess of Cups – Follow your feelings. Express what is in your beautiful heart. Aquarius: Nine of the Sticks – Little by little, step by step, you get to the top. Stay busy until the job is done. Fish: Two of the bars – Be proud of how far you’ve come. What’s the next step? The future is wide open. Create a new destiny. Blessing, Teresa Do you have a business? Want to know how to fire up the room to make your business the best year ever? Subscribe to Astro Business Digest, my exclusive weekly forecasts for entrepreneurs who want to make sure their business timing is perfect. Because in business: Time is everything. Subscribe to the Astro-Biz Digest website here. Advanced daily horoscope interpretations, early reviews, political astrology, classes, and more: it’s all on my Patreon account! Sign up now, stay as long as you want, come and go as you please. It’s good! Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2021 Images from stock photos and personal collectionsBy now, you’ve probably heard about the New Moon in Aquarius, which occurs on January 29, 2021. In case you haven’t, or you need some guidance on your astrological reading, let me introduce you to our Aquarius horoscope, where you can see what the New Moon in Aquarius is going to bring for each of the 12 signs.. Read more about new moon tarot spread jan 2021 and let us know what you think.

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