As Windows 10 is coming out, a lot of new features are being added to Windows 8. One of the major additions being “Windows Hello”. This is a new security feature that lets you log in to your computer using facial recognition. You’ll be able to log in using your fingerprint as well, but don’t worry, you can still use your password as well. If you’re worried about privacy, you can turn off the facial recognition feature.

Your computer is going to die. And that’s okay, because it’s going to be replaced by a new Windows, Mac, Chromebook or whatever. But what if you could be warned when your computers were going to die, and even be able to replace them before they died?

There are many malicious programs and viruses that spread on computers. It is transferred from one computer to another when files and folders are shared using data travelers. So, the best way to get rid of it is to install an antivirus application for your mobile device and computers. Lookout Antivirus is one of the best applications to remove all viruses and malware from your computer. You cannot currently download Lookout for Windows 10 or Mac computers. But in this
article we will tell you how to install Lookout Antivirus for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC and Mac.

What is the Lookout application?

Lookout is a premium antivirus application that helps you remove all malware and viruses on your computer and smartphone. Antivirus application is an important application to install on your computer because it allows you to backup files and folders without data corruption or missing. According to users, there are many reviews about Lookout Antivirus. So you can install Lookout Antivirus for Desktops. The app was developed by Lookout Mobile Security and currently has over 100 million users worldwide who have downloaded it on Android devices.

Viewing application features

There are many features available in the application to protect your devices. It has high-security anti-theft protection to guard your personal and financial data and receive alerts as soon as anything is detected online. Also, protect your online reputation and keep an eye on your social media accounts. If your wallet is lost or stolen, recovery specialists quickly contact the issuers of the documents to block and recover the credit cards and identify the contents. These are the main features of the Lookout Antivirus application.

  • Free use of Mobile Security & Antivirus to protect your device.
  • The application supports scanning and protection against viruses, malware, adware and phishing.
  • Checks the root detection of the mobile device and makes sure the operating system is working properly.
  • Easily detects, cleans and removes viruses on your Android device.
  • The application automatically records the location of the device when the battery is low.
  • The application protects your mobile data from phishing and other Wi-Fi attacks.
  • Scan every URL you visit for online threats with antivirus technology.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.

How to install Lookout for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC and Mac

Installing the application on your computer is easy. But there is no official version of Lookout for Windows 10 or Mac yet. Therefore, to install Lookout Antivirus for Desktops, you will need the help of a virtual Android device. So we will install the Bluestacks Android emulator as a virtual Android device. Since Lookout application supports Android platform, let’s see how to install Lookout Antivirus for PC with Bluestacks Android emulator.

  • Download the Bluestacks Android emulator installation file to your computer. Use this Bluestacks emulator guide article to download the installation files and installation instructions.
  • Once you have installed the Bluestacks emulator, open the application and go to the home screen. In the search bar in the top right corner, type in Lookout, and click the Search button.
  • Select Lookout Antivirus from the list of search results and go to the details of the application. Now click the Install button and wait for the application to be installed in the Bluestacks emulator.
  • After installation in the emulator, go to the Start screen, find the Lookout Antivirus application icon and launch Lookout for Windows PC and Mac.

Even if you are connecting more devices to data on the go and using more public WiFi connections for your computer and mobile device, the Lookout Antivirus app is very safe. So, with the Lookout Antivirus application, you can protect yourself from malware and other virus attacks.

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