Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Jersey Girl has managed to stay fit for the past 20 years of his life. He has been an avid weightlifter during the early days of his acting career. Over the years, he has transformed his body from a skinny kid into a ripped and muscular man.

Kevin Smith’s life changed drastically after he dropped over 100 pounds through a healthy diet and exercise, and presented his weight loss to a live audience on a TV show. We share Kevin’s story, as well as tips and tricks for others who are looking to improve their health and fitness.

Kevin Smith is a comedian that has gained a lot of weight since he started his career. He has been responsible for the hit TV show “Clerks” and the movie “Chasing Amy”. He has come a long way since he first started out. He has gotten up to over 350 pounds and he wants to lose it.

Kevin Smith is an American film director, actor, comedian, comic book writer, novelist, and podcaster who has captivated audiences across the world. People were constantly astonished by the great director’s store of classic and innovative imagination, which he developed with wit. Kevin Smith has worked as a writer for comic books and periodicals, as well as a screenwriter for television and film productions, among other things.


However, in 2018, the legendary filmmaker died after a heart attack. He recovered fast from his heart attack, but doctors urged him to keep a close eye on his weight and drop approximately 20 pounds in order to enhance his health. He then chooses to follow a food plan recommended by Adam Rifkin, who offers Kevin vegan diet guidance.

Kevin Smith spoke about his dramatic weight reduction in high school in a recent Instagram post. The scale read 198 today! Kevin Smith said on Instagram that he weighed less than 200 pounds for the first time since high school. Kevin Smith has attempted to reduce weight since he was a child, but nothing has worked thus far.


Furthermore, in 2015, Kevin Smith told that he dropped 40 pounds just by walking his dogs and reducing his sugar consumption. As a result, the director carried on with his goals and lost 80 pounds in the 10 years leading up to his heart attack. Doctors urged him to drop another 20 pounds after his heart attack.

Smith weighed 256 pounds at the time of his respiratory arrest, and six months later, he weighed just 205 pounds after losing 51 pounds. Smith dropped another five pounds in only nine days, according to the filmmaker, by sticking to an all-potato diet. Kevin Smith also started a plant-based dietary plan after beginning the diet, which was endorsed by his daughter.


As a result, a vegan diet assisted him in resolving his health issues and achieving long-term health and weight reduction. Kevin Smith, who offered a new perspective on his vegan diet plans, said, “I’ve been eating the way I want for 47 years; try eating right for a year and see what happens.” It seems to have worked.

Kevin Smith met his weight-loss target of 50 pounds in six months and is still going strong. He covers up to seem healthy, despite his present weight of 198 pounds. He works out with a personal trainer (a dachshund named Shekki) every day, and his meals are prepared by a group of specialist foodies who work out at the adjacent Veggie Grill.


As a result, the director may look his best and establish a healthy lifestyle with the assistance of experienced chefs and nutritionists. He excels at sticking to a schedule, being attentive, and anticipating requirements. Shekki even aided him by accompanying him on daily hikes for an hour and bringing him to the top of Runyon Canyon, near his Hollywood Hills home.

He eats a vegan, low-sugar diet and maintains track of his nutrition by using the WW app to analyze the numbers. He has also lately become a spokesman for a weight-loss program previously known as Weight Watchers. He also takes Lipitor to help with his high cholesterol and to offer long-term nutrition and health advantages.


As a result, Kevin Smith is brimming with energy and excitement for the Jay and Silent Bob remake, in which he reprises the character he portrayed in his debut film, Clerks. Kevin Smith was passionately committed to a diet and restriction program, constantly selecting the finest formulae to cope with his life and goals.

Kevin Smith has a habit of ordering the same item again. The same meal, Mondo Nachos, and the Beyond Burger are included. It did not force its citizens to consider what they could and could not consume. He also claims that he can’t get enough of anything he consumes. Instead of thinking about what you want, it’s a more tangible and complicated process to enjoy. As a result, Kevin has constantly been busy, directing, acting, and presenting a variety of podcasts. Kevin may next explore more ambitious ideas, such as visiting a local vegetarian restaurant or switching to Mediterranean cuisine (hummus, falafel) or Mexican rice and beans to boost his energy and activity.


Kevin’s diet includes a significant variety of items that may be necessary for his health. This covers the diet’s projected protein, saturated fat, sugar, and calorie intake. For his daily norm of 25 WW points, the large beans are even given with a slew of figures. Kevin Smith poses a challenge to his followers that is no longer terrifying, but frightening.

As it turned out, a heart attack had piqued his interest and caused him to be worried about his health. After his heart attack, he was able to recover quicker and more effectively thanks to this healthy and pleasant eating regimen.

There was no numbness in the arm and no discomfort in the chest. Kevin’s issues, however, continue to include nausea and shortness of breath. Kevin, on the other hand, made a fast recovery.


Kevin Smith also says that losing weight has let him appreciate the joys of life with his wife to some degree. Furthermore, when he converted from two packs of cigarettes to marijuana, his life got simpler and more expansive. Kevin is sticking to his diet plan and intends to shed even more weight by using all available techniques. He is willing to put in the effort to improve his abilities while also focusing on his health. But, after finishing Jay and Silent Bob, he intends to do exactly that: restart his hard workout regimen.

Kevin Smith, one of the most notable actors in Hollywood today, has been working hard for years to lose weight and improve his overall health and fitness. Here are the tips he shared with us on the journey that many weight loss tips neglect to mention:. Read more about kevin smith heart attack video and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Kevin Smith weight now?

Kevin Smith has not been seen in public since his weight loss.

How did Kevin James lose weight?

Kevin James lost weight by doing a combination of diet and exercise.

How did Silent Bob lose so much weight?

He lost weight by taking up a new hobby, which was to eat.

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