Remember that time Julio Jones took a verbal shot at the Cowboys in the 2016 playoffs?  Well, Redskins fans have the best response to a 26-year-old cornerback saying he was too good to cover him. So, here is Julio Jones to Seahawks fans, throwing a dig at the Cowboys.

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With just six 10-win seasons this century and no NFC Championship since the 1995 season, the Dallas Cowboys have given a generation of fans almost nothing to cheer about. The fact that Giulio Jones is on everyone’s lips due to his choice of clothing says everything you need to know about the state of the Jerry Jones franchise.

Atlanta Falcons can’t afford Julio Jones

word-image-8879 word-image-8880 The Atlanta Falcons will not be able to accommodate Julio Jones under the NFL salary cap unless they drastically cut other parts of the roster. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images COMPARED TO: What is the net income of Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones? Jones spent his 10-year career with the Atlanta Falcons, with 848 catches in 135 regular season games, an average of 15.2 yards per reception and 60 touchdowns. Jones led the league in receiving yards per game three times and twice became first-team All-Pro. He also had 61 catches and scored six TDs in just eight playoff games, indicating a tougher competitive environment. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Jones likely played his last game for the team. The combination of aggressive spending over the past two seasons and a reduced salary cap for 2021 has put the Falcons in a difficult position. According to, the Falcons are nearly $6.7 million over the salary cap two months before training camp and have yet to sign a 2021 draft pick. The usual solution of restructuring veteran contracts will not work, as the front office has used this solution many times recently. The best thing the Falcons can do without destroying their starting lineup is negotiate a deal. According to CBS Sports, the difference in equity would be about $15 million if Jones were selected after the 1st round. June moves if they were able to spread out the remaining obligation of the three-year, $66 million contract extension Jones signed in 2019 over two years.

Jones lets Cowboys fans show their irrational excitement

. COMPARED TO: How Julio Jones convinced Todd Gurley to join the Falcons Yes, the Cowboys have needs as they finish the season with a 6-10 record, mostly without quarterback Dak Prescott. The addition of an alpha wide receiver isn’t high on the list, but it’s become something of an obsession for fans thanks to a photo on Twitter over the weekend. An observant football fan saw Jones walking through a Dallas mall and took a picture next to the seven-time Pro Bowl winner. Jones was apparently in town to train, which is not uncommon since athletes sometimes travel to spend time with their favorite personal trainer or friends. But Cowboys fans went crazy on Twitter and shared the photo obsessively. The reason? Jones was wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt. Of course, that means owner Jerry Jones is magic, right? That’s all it takes: A team that has largely gone under over the past quarter century, a star athlete who wears the Cowboys’ colors, and social media.

Most likely directions

. COMPARED TO: Bill Belichick and Cam Newton should be happy with Julio Jones’ latest report The rumor mill linking Julio Jones to the New England Patriots is boiling over with a clue as weak as a photo of a Cowboys sweatshirt. Michael Holley of NBC Sports Boston reports that Jones likes the idea of receiving passes from Cam Newton. In order to contract Jones, Bill Belichick would have to clear a few million dollars of space to accommodate his draft picks, but that scenario is at least plausible. The Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers have a little more budget and new quarterbacks (should Jimmy Garoppolo leave), so the new receiver won’t disrupt the chemistry. Interestingly, the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets also have a new QB and have the most space in the league, but neither seems to be in talks to acquire Jones. All statistics are from Pro Football Reference.

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