Jax Taylor is one of the stars on Vanderpump Rules, and he’s not shy about his parenting style. His son Jameson has a very different hair texture than most people in Hollywood.
Topics: What do you think about how Jameson looks? Is there any advice for parents raising children with curly hair? And what would you say to other parents who might be struggling as well?

“Jax Taylor Responds to Questions About His Son’s Hair” is a blog post by Jenn Rhonj. In the article, Jax Taylor responds to questions about his son’s hair.

Jax Taylor Responds to Questions About His Son’s Hair


courtesy of Getty Images Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor have no intentions to trim their son’s hair.

Cruz Taylor, the son of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, will be one in April 2022 and has never had his hair trimmed. The former “Vanderpump Rules” stars, like many new parents, have elected to let Cruz’s hair grow out, and they’ve even had to put a ponytail on top of his head since it’s so long.

The majority of admirers have only said good things about baby Cruz and how adorable he is. The majority of the comments on Jax and Brittany’s Cruz images have been from individuals who believe Cruz is the prettiest baby ever, with the majority of them thinking his long, blond curls are just lovely.

However, one issue that some fans appear to have is when the pair intends to cut Cruz’s hair, which Jax addressed in a recent Instagram Stories Q&A.

What you need to know is as follows:

Cruz’s hair will not be cut by Jax or Brittany.

A few of people asked Jax when he and his wife intended to give their son’s hair a haircut during a Q&A on his Instagram Stories right before the Christmas break.

One individual inquired, “Are y’all going to trim Cruz’s hair?” “Not in the near future,” Jax said.

Someone another said, “Why do you put [Cruz’s] hair in a ponytail?” “We don’t want to cut his hair,” Jax said, “so we maintain it in a ‘top knot’ to keep it out of his face.”

Despite the fact that Jax and Brittany are no longer on television, they continue to keep their fans updated on their life by posting images and videos on social media. While these two have had their fair share of internet trolls, the majority of actual fans have commended them for being such wonderful parents to Cruz, and many don’t seem to mind that they’ve opted to let Cruz’s hair grow out.

When they’re ready, they’ll cut Cruz’s hair. For the time being, he’ll wear his hair in a man-bun, “top knot,” or ponytail.

In October 2021, Jax and Brittany flaunted Cruz’s ‘Man Bun.’

Cruz wore his hair in a “man bun” high above his head in a photo released by the pair in October 2021. “Cruz’s first man bun,” says the narrator. “I can’t even handle it,” the Instagram caption stated. Someone offered a proposal in the post’s comments section.

“Boymom tip: let his baby hair alone as long as possible!! “Their hair is never the same after the first haircut, and they look like tiny guys,” the Instagram user said. From the Little Baby Cauchi Instagram account, either Jax or Brittany commented. “Trust me, I’m not going to chop these magnificent hair for a time,” read the answer.

Several people on social media remarked on how adorable Cruz looked with his new hairdo.

“My kid is now two years old and has had a man bun since he was around six months old!!! It’s fantastic! “Cruz is so adorable,” one user said.

Another remark said, “This could be the prettiest infant I’ve ever seen.”

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Jax Taylor is a reality tv star and the father of 3 children. He was recently asked about his son’s hair, which he responded to with “I’m not going to answer that.” Reference: jax taylor net worth.

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