Conan Exiles is a new sandbox survival game from Funcom. Nudity can be turned on or off in the settings menu, but it’s not an option for players to change while playing. How did this feature get into the game? What are your thoughts about nudity in games?

The settings menu is a bit confusing, but it does have some important options. Here’s how to turn nudity on or off in Conan Exiles.

The “conan exiles ps4 censored” is a feature that allows players to turn nudity on or off in Conan Exiles. The feature can be found under the settings tab of the game.

Because it’s a Conan game, you’ve learned to anticipate tremendous violence and nudity, but what do you do if your settings prevent nudity or you wish to block it?

The first thing to keep in mind is that whether you may turn nudity on or off depends on whether you’re playing alone or on a public server.

For Single Player, Toggling Conan Exiles Nudity On/Off

Nudity may be turned off in single player by going to your game settings, pressing gameplay, and changing the nudity option to the appropriate nudity level.


What are the Conan Exiles nudity settings?

Within the Conan Exiles settings, there are three degrees of nudity, each of which changes the amount of nudity exhibited.

  • There will be no nudity, and all intimate portions of the body will be exposed.
  • Only female charictars will be affected by this, since they will display their breasts but keep their bottom half concealed.
  • Full: Full nudity, with all genitals exposed.

My Charictar Isn’t Nude Despite Having Full Nudity Set?

If you’ve previously adjusted the nudity level to full or partial yet your character is still covered, the most typical problem is server settings.


If you’re playing on a public server, it’s likely that nudity has been turned off; you may verify this in the chat or go back to the server listings to examine the server’s nudity settings before entering.

If you truly desire nudity, you may want to explore joining another server that permits it; if not, you’ll have to accept the reality that you’ll have to keep your kit on.

Taking Your Nudity To New Heights

If you came here to maximize your nudity, you may be interested in pushing it to the next level, which you can achieve with the assistance of a few Conan Exiles nudity modifications.

Conan Exiles, like Ark, has a thriving modding community, some of which take the game’s ultra-adult settings to new heights; you can learn more about them here.

“Conan Exiles” is a game that has nudity on by default. To turn off the nudity, you need to go into the “Settings” menu and change it to “Off.” Reference: conan exiles endowment greyed out ps4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change max nudity in Conan Exiles?

A: The maximum amount of nudity that can be displayed is as follows. -Females breasts -1; Males genitalia +3 To change the settings, load up your game and use /Conan exiles player config without quotes in chat to open the configuration screen. There you will find a slider for Nudity.

Is Conan Exiles censored on Xbox?

A: Conan Exiles is censored on Xbox One. This is due to the Microsoft policy that all games must be 18+ certified by ESRB, and with it comes a lot of restrictions such as censorship requirements.

What is regional specific DLC Conan Exiles?

A: Regional specific DLC is exclusive to the region its obtained. For instance, if you purchase Conan Exiles from Steam and download it in Europe, then that version will only contain European content for players who own that version of the game.

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