The Lyf Water 7 is a high-end budget phone from Lenovo. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor and has a 5,000mAH battery for long hours of use. If you’re looking to root your device and install TWRP Recovery, keep reading!

The “how to root redmi note 7 without pc” is a tutorial that explains how to root the Redmi Note 7. The tutorial also includes information about installing TWRP recovery and flashing SuperSU.

How to Root Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) and Install TWRP Recovery

If you possess a Lyf Water 7 smartphone and want to personalize it, you’ve come to the correct place.

In India, the Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) is a sub-8000 smartphone that costs about Rs. 7649. It has a fingerprint sensor that is very quick and allows the smartphone to be unlocked with a single click. The rear camera is 13 megapixels with ‘Auto Mode,’ while the front camera is 5 megapixels for stunning selfies. The display is Full HD 1080p, featuring a 5.5-inch IPS LCD Screen with 400ppi and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The device’s body is made of aluminum, and it’s powered by an energy-efficient Qualcomm Octa-core 64-bit CPU with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, as well as a 3000 mAh battery.

If you’re an Android fanatic looking to root and install TWRP recovery on your device, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll walk you through the process of installing TWRP and rooting Lyf Water 7 later in this post (LS-5504).

The TWRP features the material design, and attractive user interface (UI), and by following this guide you can install latest TWRP for Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504). You can download TWRP Recovery from the links provided in the pre-requisite section of this article. Kindly note that this is a <official/unofficial> TWRP recovery and is only for Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) (Kindly confirm the model by going to Settings>About). The process given below is merely for rooting and installing TWRP on Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504), do not try out this method on any other device.

Rooting and flashing the TWRP is the most important step in unlocking the full capability of your Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504hardware. )’s In terms of customization, stock ROMs often have restricted and unsupported capabilities. You may install any Custom ROMs, Mods, Kernel, and Xposed, as well as many applications that need root access to run correctly, after you’ve rooted your smartphone and installed TWRP recovery.

TWRP Recovery: A Quick Overview and Benefits

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a community-driven open source project. Your device will be able to install any custom firmware, root it, use mod zip files for modifications, use Xposed Modules for customizable features, and perform one-click root and unroot operations after flashing the TWRP. Apart from that, it enables you to create a Full Nandroid Backup and restore it later, flash image files with a single click, remove bloatware, and overclock and underclock your device. After flashing any image file, TWRP can simply wipe Wipe, Cache, and Data to reflect the changes and correct minor cache issues.

Your Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) phone must have the Unlocked bootloader in order to install TWRP. That implies you must first unlock the bootloader before rooting and customizing your smartphone.

Disclaimer: Although covers everything in a very tidy and processed way to ensure that our visitors receive precisely what they want, there are a small number of fundamental concerns that may develop as a result of the actions outlined here. As a result, it is in the user’s best interest to carefully follow the procedures in order to avoid any device malfunctions.

Without a doubt, rooting and flashing the Custom ROM firmware breaks your device’s warranty, and will not be held liable for the warranty void or your bricked smartphone.


Always double-check your model number, which should be:

You must confirm that you have read the disclaimer properly and that you agree to continue at your own risk before rooting your phone.

If your phone is not at least 70% charged, you may have issues when testing. Why take a chance when you can completely charge it?

It is a good practice to create a backup of your phone if you are planning to root it or install a Custom ROM. Make a cloud backup of all your media, including photographs, movies, and other files on your PC, as well as your contacts.

By navigating to Settings, Applications, and Developer settings, you must enable USB debugging.

Rooting Lyf Water 7 Downloads (LS-5504)

Download the Lyf drivers you’ll need.

TWRP Recovery for Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) may be downloaded here:

TWRP Recuperation (XDA Link)

Chainfire’s SuperSU may be downloaded here.

Rooting Toolkit may be downloaded here. (Source: XDA)

TWRP Installation/Flashing on Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504)

To be clear, you may either install TWRP and Root scripts one by one, as recommended by XDA Member ‘Gautam Maini.’ The following strategy, however, is also likely to work. If you wish to flash both TWRP files independently, skip the ‘Moving both files in same folder’ procedure and flash both files separately.

Step 1: I assume that you have already enabled the USB debugging, as mentioned in prerequisite section. But if you don’t know how to do the same, then just navigate to the Settings>About Phone> and then locate the build number and tap on it for 7-8 times. This will enable the ‘Developer Options’. After enabling the ‘Developer Option’, simply tap on same and enable ‘USB Debugging’ under the Debugging option.

Step 2: Now, extract the TWRP and Toolkit packages that you downloaded previously. After unpacking the compressed bundle, you’ll find a variety of files, including Fastboot files.

Step 3: At this point, all you have to do is keep it basic. Locate and copy the recovery.img file from the extracted zipped archive folder to the toolkit folder. The reason for this is that toolkit will be able to access files in its own folder.

Step 4: Now just power off/shutdown the device, then press & hold the Volume Down+Power keys simultaneously to boot it into Fastboot mode.

Step 5: Next, go to the toolkit folder and look for the file ‘Start.bat,’ which is a batch script that is written to accomplish the goal on a regular basis.

Step 6: You will be greeted by a command window with many choices. Simply choose option ‘A’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Connect the Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) device to the PC now. As previously said, the toolkit script will root the device once it is attached. Simply connect the gadget to the computer using the USB cord.

Step 8: As you can see, the flashing process began as soon as the device was attached. Simply reboot the device after the procedure is completed. TWRP has now been successfully installed on your device.

Step 9: Check to see whether TWRP is installed on your smartphone. To enter recovery mode, just switch off the device and press the Volume Up+Power Button simultaneously. To boot into fastboot mode, click the Volume Down+Hold button, then the Volume Down+Up button to explore the screen, pick Recovery, and then hit the Power button to reboot the device.

Rooting Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504)/Installing SuperSU

Make sure you’ve got SuperSU installed (link in pre-requisite section of this article). Then go through the instructions.

Step 1: Move the downloaded file to your Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) smartphone’s internal storage / SD card.

Step 2: Now just enter the recovery mode. You may backup the Stock ROM using the TWRP interface if you want to. However, I would advise you to make a backup of the Stock ROM. Because you can always flash the Stock ROM if the operation fails.


Step 3: Tap ‘Install,’ then scroll to ‘’ and swipe to confirm flashing (located at the bottom of the screen). The SuperSU flashing procedure has begun and will take a few seconds to finish.

Congratulations, you’ve now rooted the Lyf Water 7 (LS-5504) and flashed the TWRP recovery. You may now install the Xposed Framework and personalize your smartphone to your liking. If you want to double-check, you may use the Root Checker app to download and check the Root Status.


XDA 1, 2 is the source of this information.

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