Expedite TV is a Cloud-based IPTV service, that allows you to watch TV shows and movies and listen to radio for free, anywhere on your Android TV using your FireStick, PC or Tablet.

If you have a FireStick or Android TV, you’ve probably heard about the great IPTV channels that come with it. This guide will show you how to install Expedite TV IPTV on FireStick / Android TV.

Wondering how to install Expedite TV IPTV on FireStick / Android TV? Well, now you can with this tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to install Expedite TV IPTV on FireStick / Android TV.

In this guide I will show you how to install Expedite TV on FireStick, Android TV boxes, Smart Android TV, Android and iOS phones and tablets. You will also learn how to stream Expedite TV to Windows and Mac computers via a web browser.

Expedite TV is an IPTV service with over 800 satellite channels. There are dozens of US premium channels and many international channels.

Update: Expedite TV doesn’t work anymore. Try the other IPTV services listed in our article on the best IPTV services.

This service works with the Lenox Media Player loaded on the Amazon FireStick. However, Lenox is also available on other devices through the official app stores (mobile phones, tablets, boxes and Android iOS).

Expedite TV also has a decent collection of on-demand content, catch-up TV and an interactive TV guide. Full HD streaming is available and provides an exceptional entertainment experience.

To install Expedite TV IPTV on a FireStick

In this section, we will consider the following points:

  • Part 1: Subscribe to Expedite TV’s IPTV services
  • Part 2: Install Expedite TV IPTV on your FireStick

Attention FireStick users!

Governments and ISPs are constantly monitoring your online activities, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick can cause serious problems. Your IP is currently visible to everyone. I highly recommend you to buy the best FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and transfer your favorite games safely.

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Here are the reasons why using a VPN is essential at all times.

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Part 1: Subscribing to Expedite TV IPTV

First we need to register for the Expedite TV service and create credentials. This is how it goes:

1- On your computer or mobile device, open the following website: https://store.expeditetv.com/.

2- Select the plan you want and click Buy Now.

Expedite TV currently offers two pricing plans

  • 24 for monthly access
  • 59 for a 3 months access

Even if you save $13 on a three-month subscription, I still recommend using third-party IPTV services on a monthly basis. You can always go bankrupt.

Expedite TV also offers a free 24-hour trial that does not require credit card information. It’s a good idea to give the service a try.

3- On the payment page, select the New Customer tab if you are registering for the first time, and enter your personal information in the Payment Address section.

If you already have an Expedite TV account, click on Return Customer (you will need to log into your account with an email address and password).

The credit card is the only means of payment. But the debit card also works

Message: DO NOT order more than one subscription. The payment has been deducted, but the subscription has not been credited.

Press Next to continue

Follow the instructions on the page and complete the order.

You will also need to create a password on the payment page. This password is used to access your online account. This password is NOT used for data streaming. You will receive your username and password for the stream by e-mail.

4- After a successful transaction, you will receive an email with your username, password, service ID and PIN.

To subscribe to Expedite TV services

Part 2: Installing Expedite TV IPTV on a FireStick

Expedite TV does not have its own application. It works with the LenoX Media Player. I’ll show you how to install LenoX on the FireStick. Here are the steps:

1- After turning on the FireStick, go up and select the menu bar

In the menu bar, select Settings

2- Now go to the My Fire TV option and open it.

3- You will see the following set of menu options

Click on Developer Options

4- To install a third-party application, such as LenoX, make sure the Apps from unknown sources option is enabled.

If it is currently disabled, click on it and enable it.

5- You should now receive a warning message. Don’t worry about it. LenoX is a secure application. In fact, it is available in the official stores on many platforms (e.g. iOS and Android mobile devices).

Click on Activate

6- Press the FireStick’s Home button (or the Back button repeatedly) to return to the Home screen.

Select the top menu bar again and select the Search option in the top left corner.

7- Now we download and install an application called Downloader.

We’re going to use this Expedite TV side-loading app on the FireStick (or rather the LenoX app).

Type Downloader (without quotes) and follow the instructions on the screen to get this application.

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8- You can now open the Downloader application. When you first enter the application, you will encounter a few prompts. Let her go!

This is the startup screen of the downloader. The Home option in the left menu is selected by default.

Click where you see https:// in the URL text box on the right.

9- Browse to the following path or URL and enter it with the on-screen keyboard: lenoxmp.com/app.apk

Check the URL

Press GO

10- Wait for LenoX APK to download

This may take about a minute.

11- The Downloader application will launch the Lenox APK file immediately after downloading.

This will start the installation process

Press the Install button

12- You should now be able to see the progress of the installation on the screen. It usually takes less than a minute

13- Finally, the message App installed appears, confirming that the LenoX application has been installed.

By pressing the OPEN button, the LenoX application starts. But we’ll do that later. I recommend voting DONE. This will take you back to the Downloader application and allow you to remove LenoX APK file. It is no longer needed and its removal saves space.

14- Now choose Delete

15- Click Delete again

Learn how to install Expedite TV IPTV on your Amazon FireStick here.

To use Expedite TV on a FireStick

We use the LenoX Media Player, which we installed, to access Expedite TV on the FireStick.

First, let me briefly explain how to access each application on the FireStick. Here are some possibilities:

  • Go to FireStick settings and then to Applications > Manage installed applications > LenoX (or the application you want to use) > Run application
  • Press and hold the Home button on the Amazon FireStick (for about 5 seconds). A pop-up window appears on the screen. Click on Apps
  • On the FireStick home screen, click the View All option in the second row under Your Applications and Channels. This option is located on the far left or far right.

All installed applications are displayed in a new window. Scroll to the bottom of the page and open the LenoX application.

If you plan to use Expedite TV often on the FireStick, press the 3-line button on the remote and in the window that appears on the TV, press Move. Now drag the LenoX application to the first row.

When you open the LenoX application for the first time, you will be asked to select a language.

Next you will be asked to enter the service ID

You will find the service ID in an email from Expedite TV, which also contains your username, password and PIN.

Message: The service ID is NOT your username. Enter the name of the user in the following screen

Enter the Service ID and click Next.

Now enter the username from your email. This is usually a 7-digit number

Click on more

When you see this screen, click on the Password text box.

Enter the password you received by email

Click on more

Message: If you are not automatically logged in, click Submit in the login window to log in to the application.

This is the LenoX home screen when connected to Expedite TV on Fire TV or another device.

In the top menu bar you will find different categories, such as All Channels, Favorites, USA, Sports, News and Weather, Catch Up, Canada.

You can also sort the channels in alphabetical ascending or descending order from the menu bar. You can also change the way the channel list is displayed.

Below the menu bar is the list of channels

At the bottom you can choose the type of content you want to display, for example. B. Television, channels, movies, TV series, etc.

Press TV Guide on the lower menu bar to open the program guide.

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now ready to play your favorite content. But before I begin, let me warn you that everything you send online is visible to your ISP and to the government. This means that watching movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts for free can get you in trouble with the law.

Fortunately, there is a reliable way to hide all your streaming activities from your ISP and the government. All you need is a good VPN for the Fire Stick. A VPN masks your original IP address and helps you bypass Internet monitoring, ISP restrictions, and geographic content limitations.

Personally, I use and recommend ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN. It is compatible with all types of streaming applications and is very easy to install on Fire TV / Stick.

We do not encourage copyright infringement. But what if you accidentally upload content from an illegal source? It is not always easy to distinguish between a legal and an illegal source.

So, before you start streaming on the Fire Stick / Fire TV, let’s see how you can use ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activities from prying eyes.

Step one: Sign up for ExpressVPN HERE. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use it for free for the first 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the service (which is unlikely), you can ask for a full refund.

Step two: Turn on the Fire TV Stick and navigate to Search and then Search.

Step three: Now type expressvpn (without quotes) into the search bar and select ExpressVPN when it appears in the search results.

Step four: Click Download to install the ExpressVPN application on your Fire TV / Stick.

Step 5: Open the application and enter the credentials you created when you purchased your ExpressVPN subscription. Click on Connection.

Step six: Click on the power icon to connect to the VPN server. That’s it. Now your connection is secure with the fastest and best VPN for FireStick.

You can also learn more about using ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick.

How to install Expedite TV on Android TV Box and Android Smart TV

Expedite TV works with the LenoX Media Player. This media player is available in the official App Store – Google Play Store. There is no need to download LenoX on Android TV devices.

First: Subscribe to Expedite TV

The following steps describe how to install and use Expedite TV IPTV on Android TV Box and Android Smart TV :

  • Find and open the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Find LenoX Media Player and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
  • Open the LenoX application
  • Enter the service ID, username and password as prompted in the email.
  • Use Expedite TV on your device

To use Expedite TV on a PC (Windows and Mac)

Expedite TV does not have a client for Windows or Mac. However, you can still use the service via a web connection in any popular browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Here are the steps:

  • Subscribe to Expedite TV
  • Go to https://app.expeditetv.com/
  • Select the desired language (English, German, Polish or Portuguese).
  • Enter the username and password you received in the email.
  • Start streaming!

To install Expedite TV on Android mobile devices and tablets

Lenox Media Player is available on mobile phones, tablets and other portable Android devices via the Goole Play Store.

First, sign up to Expedite TV and get a subscription.

Follow the steps below to install and use Expedite TV on your Android and laptop mobile devices:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Find and install LenoX
  • Open the LenoX application
  • Enter the service ID, user name and password associated with your email address.
  • Start using the service after logging in

To install Expedite TV on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

LenoX Media Player is required to use Expedite TV. Lenox is available as Lenox MP from the Apple App Store.

After signing up for the Expedite TV service, follow the instructions below to install it on your iOS devices:

  • Open the Apple Store on your iOS device
  • Search for Lenox MPs
  • Install the application
  • Open Lenox MP
  • Enter the service ID, username and password you received in your Expedite TV email.
  • You can now use Expedite TV IPTV on a FireStick

Expedite TV IPTVFeatures

Here are some of the key features of IPTV Expedite TV:

  • Provides access to over 800 channels from the US and around the world.
  • You can also watch local news and sports broadcasts.
  • Provides a robust collection of on-demand content.
  • You can broadcast up to 5 devices with one subscription. This means you can share the service with your family and friends.
  • Available on many devices including Amazon FireStick, mobile phones running Android, iOS, Android set-top boxes, Android smart TVs, etc.
  • Web streaming is available for Windows and Mac computers
  • Full HD streaming for most videos
  • Offers an interactive TV guide (EPG)
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a 24 hour trial with full access (no credit card required)

While we’re at it, let’s also look at some of the drawbacks of Expedite TV’s IPTV service. Here are a few things we don’t like about him:

  • It has no application of its own. Relies on Lenox Media Player for streaming
  • The price of $24 per month is a bit high, especially if you are only a single user.
  • M3U or EPG links are not supported. Therefore, it cannot be used with external IPTV applications such as Smart IPTV or IPTV smartphones.

Change an Expedite TV password

There are two passwords associated with Expedite TV IPTV:

  • Password for the Internet account : How to manage your account online in a web browser. It is created during the initial registration
  • Service password : Used with applications to access the Expedite TV service and stream content. It will be sent to your email address

Reset online account password

Here are the steps:

  • On your computer or mobile device, go to https://store.expeditetv.com/index.php?route=account/login.
  • Click on the Forgot Password link under Customer Login or in the right-hand sidebar
    Go to: https://store.expeditetv.com/index.php?route=account/forgotten
  • Enter your registered email address and click Next
  • You will receive an email from Expedite TV with a link to reset your password.

Accelerated TV resetService password

Message: The service password can NOT be changed. However, you can restore it through your online account.

The service password (and your username) will be sent to your email address after you successfully register for the Expedite TV service. If you can’t find the email or have lost it, you can always recover your password online.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your Expedite TV online account.
  • You can find the password in your subscription details.


Expedite TV IPTV is a decent option for watching live TV channels on the FireStick and other supported devices. It also has a strong library of on-demand content.

A monthly subscription will cost you $24. However, it allows streaming to up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can share it with your family and friends. So it costs less than $5 a month to share your subscription.

As far as streaming goes, Expedite TV does a good job. It offers over 800 channels and many video-on-demand options. Full HD streaming is also supported. Overall, Expedite TV on the FireStick is a good service to try.


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