Biopharma is a multi-channel, omni-channel business that transforms lives through innovation in medicine. MWSConnect enables Biopharma to sell across channels directly and securely and provide robust support for increased customer satisfaction.

Biopharmacia is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes over-the-counter, prescription, and veterinary products. They have been active in the industry since 1875. Biopharmacia has seen their business grow exponentially with the help of MWSConnect.

How Biopharmacia boosts its omnichannel strategy thanks to MWSConnect [Case Study]

How MWSConnect helps Biopharmacia improve its omnichannel approach [Case Study]



Electronic shopping has undoubtedly provided a significant threat for many retailers and brands, including pharmacies. For years, Spain’s pharmacy and parapharmacy business has grown significantly, particularly in the area of internet commerce.

Biopharmacia is one of the several platforms that has established itself in the sector’s ecosystem, with a present 10-year trajectory. The goal of this parapharmacy is to provide clients with a fair trading platform. Also, deliver natural and useful items connected to health and beauty to its clients in a simple and accessible manner. It was able to do so thanks to a partnership with eXtremaNET, a business specializing in the creation of software and web pages for electronic commerce.

The importance of being where the client is looking in biopharmacy

Biopharmacy is an online parapharmacy platform that works well with the new digital business paradigm.

Consumers are now counting on more flexible and accessible solutions and offers that they can get whenever and wherever they want; this does not just apply to online availability, but also to the platforms, marketplaces, and storefronts where the items are offered.

Biopharmacia had chosen a greater multi-channel integration to be able to adjust to these needs since 2021 in this fashion. However, having grown up in an Amazon-centric society, he felt himself at a disadvantage when compared to other platforms that lack Amazon’s features.

«Taking into account our experience from Amazon, where there is a very extensive ecosystem of services and firms that enable selling,» says Rubén, the company’s manager. We discovered a significant gap in the regulation of markets and Promofarma. Being unable to sustain true control over the same markets.”

To attain this aim, the parapharmacy opted to incorporate the multi-channel sales system built by eXtremaNET into its company after conducting a study.

They were able to provide a fully synced catalogue as a consequence of this connection, resulting in a 200 percent increase in billings compared to prior billings. In addition to having more control over your analytics, you’ll be able to manage your campaigns and tactics more efficiently.

What is MWSConnect, and how does it help with multichannel sales?

eXtremaNET is a firm that creates software, e-commerce websites, and administration tools for virtual pharmacies in the pharmaceutical industry. We may argue that it is a corporation that provides full solutions for multi-channel sales development, automation, and optimization.

As a result, its business strategy relies on maintaining regular synchronization of the Pharmacy ERP to keep the catalog and rates up to date, with the ultimate objective of drastically increasing sales on the marketplace and on its website. It also enables you to manage the publishing of your items on several marketplaces, such as Amazon, Promofarma, and BULEVIP. It provides a full multi-channel sales solution for this (MWSConnect).

«MWS Connect is a program that interacts the pharmacy with any Marketplace sales channel and even with its website,» says Miguel ngel Garca, the company’s CEO. It connects directly to the pharmacy’s ERP to publish the stock and price of products in real time on the industry’s most popular marketplaces, such as Promofarma, Amazon, BULEVIP, Carethy, UNILAE, or Worten, allowing for up to 98 percent less out-of-stock by working directly with your management program. The drugstore sells more and does it in a more secure manner.”

Biopharmacia was able to take the next step in its multi-channel strategy with the help of eXtremaNET’s technology, which addressed their deficiencies in terms of time and order management.

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The “best omnichannel retailers” is a way of boosting the company’s strategy in order to make it easier for customers to shop across all channels. This case study will discuss how Biopharmacia has implemented this strategy and what they have achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could other retailers learn from Nordstroms current omnichannel strategy?

A: There are a lot of retailers that could learn from Nordstroms omnichannel strategy. Some ways for other retailers to start would be by offering different delivery methods like the DHL service, or having an app with mobile checkouts so customers can shop on their phones as well as in stores.

What is an omnichannel strategy in marketing?

A: An omnichannel strategy is where a company has the digital channels of social media, traditional media and online.

What is Amazons channel strategy?

A: Amazon is a giant retailer. They have many different products, including books and videos.

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