If you find yourself in a gunfight, there’s no guarantee that the bullets will stop coming. This is where reincarnation mode comes into play. It adds an extra layer of difficulty to a small number of scenarios by giving players multiple lives and making enemies more aggressive towards your team members when they hit their limits

“Gunfire reborn reincarnation mode” is a new game mode that was recently released for the popular shooter “Gunfire: Reborn.” In this mode, players will be able to unlock their next life by killing enemies.

Gunfire Reborn: How to Unlock Reincarnation Mode



Normal, Elite, Nightmare, and Reincarnation are the four difficulty levels in Gunfire Reborn. The final one features its own eight stages, making it the game’s most difficult mode.

In Gunfire Reborn, this tutorial will show you how to activate Reincarnation mode. This mode modifies the gameplay a lot, and the final level adds some new hurdles, so read on to find out more before jumping into Reincarnation mode.

How to Unlock Gunfire Reborn’s Reincarnation Mode

Reincarnation mode is unlocked in the same way as each other difficulty is: by finishing the game in the previous difficulty setting. This implies that in order to unlock Reincarnation’s first level, you must first finish the game on Nightmare mode.

The same is true for all eight Reincarnation levels. If you wish to unlock the second level, you must first finish the first, and so on. If you wish to consider your game finished, you must complete all eight stages of Reincarnation mode.

Players must overcome the game’s Duo Fjord or Hyperborean Jokul actions in order to finish the stages. If you fail one of them, you will not be able to go to the next level.

What Happens When You’re in Reincarnation Mode?

Changes in Reincarnation Levels 1–7

The first and most noticeable difference you’ll notice in Reincarnation mode is that you’ll receive more damage, as well as more health and Soul Essence drops.

Normal foes, on the other hand, will give you the same amount of Soul Essence as usual, while elite enemies or bosses will give you the same amount of Soul Essence as usual. All foes will have more HP and better shields as a result of this.

You’ll come across Phantom Peddlers, who can offer you upgraded weapons and scrolls, in addition to standard merchants and blacksmiths.

Finally, you’ll encounter Spiritual Remnant at the start of each act. A spiritual blessings trader is someone who sells spiritual benefits.

Changes in Reincarnation Level 8

Aside from the aforementioned improvements, the final level of Reincarnation mode will provide players with a variety of obstacles, most of which will be random and incredibly difficult.

These problems, on the other hand, will almost likely occur on each boss level. In all other circumstances, you could be fortunate and go through your typical game without encountering anything.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to Gunfire Reborn’s Reincarnation mode. Also, check out our thoughts on Gunfire Reborn right here.

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The “gunfire reborn reincarnation 8” is a game that has been released on the Android market. This mode allows players to unlock new characters, weapons, and levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reincarnation mode in Gunfire Reborn?

A: Reincarnation mode is a survival game type where players must fight their way through waves of enemies to reach the final boss and win.

How many reincarnation levels are in Gunfire Reborn?

A: In Gunfire Reborn there are 3 reincarnation levels.

What is nightmare mode in Gunfire Reborn?

A: Nightmare mode is a new difficulty level for Gunfire Reborn. In this mode, enemies will continue to spawn indefinitely until you complete the stage or die.

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