Google has plan to send raid alerts directly to Android devices in Ukraine. The idea is that this will help the Ukrainian government with their fight against cybercrime, including ransomware and other nefarious internet activities.

The “air raid alerts” is a feature that will be implemented in the Ukrainian 2022| On Android. The feature will send real-time notifications to users when there is an air raid alert.

Google Will Send Raid Alerts To Ukrainian 2022| On Android

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the world was stunned. Hundreds of individuals were killed, including civilians and children.

Ukrainian government authorities are doing all they can to safeguard the people, including enlisting the help of local and foreign businesses, such as gaming firms, to impose a ban on Russia.

Many major corporations, including as Apple and Amazon, have already halted sales in Russia, claiming “logistical issues” as the reason without providing any additional details. All ties to the Russian government are likewise prohibited on Reddit.

Google has previously reacted by turning off adverts on Russian TV stations’ YouTube accounts.


However, for Android users in Ukraine, it is now taking things a step further.

It is releasing the Ukrainian Alarm App[овтрнa тривоа], an early warning system that will notify people when bombs or ammunition are dropped or fired in their area.

People in locations where an attack is imminent get these messages. According to the corporation, it is utilizing its Maps technology to locate users who are near to a potential assault area.


Google wrote in an updated blog post on March 10:

We’ve begun rolling out a quick Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine, at the request and with the assistance of the Ukrainian government.


Millions of people in Ukraine are now relying on airstrike warnings to flee to safety. 

How do I activate the Air Raid Warning?

The majority of Ukrainians will be able to use this service for free and will not be required to do anything in order to receive the messages. To use this feature, users must first allow location tracking on their phone and connect to the internet at least once after downloading the most recent version of Google Play Services. Within a week, the deployment should be completed.


On Android version 12:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Go to Safety & Emergency
  • Activate Ukraine air raid warnings.

On Android 5.0 and up:

  • Go to the appropriate location
  • Search for Location Services
  • Activate Ukraine air raid warnings.

Google has a few more things to say:

Google’s Android system manager, Dave Burke, announced on Twitter that the new system has started to roll out. Over the following several days, he claims, it will target all Android phones in Ukraine.

The system will begin rolling out today and will gradually expand to include all Android phones in Ukraine in the coming days. Thank you to our engineering, product, and UX teams for working so quickly to find a solution. 3/3

March 10, 2022 — Dave Burke (@davey burke)

Apart from that, Google has said that hotels in Ukraine may indicate if they are providing free or subsidized lodging to refugees on their Business Profile.

On Android cellphones, the air raid warning system has been deployed.

Recently, #Google announced the construction of an air alert system for #Android users in #Ukraine in collaboration with the #Ukrainian government.

March 14, 2022 — NEXTA (@nexta tv)

Local companies may also put their Business Profiles on Search and Maps to provide different services and assistance to Ukrainian refugees. Users will be able to rapidly identify locations giving sanctuary on Google Search and Maps, according to Google.

Let’s just hope that things improve between Russia and Ukraine!

The “air raid alert ukraine” is a notification that will be sent to Ukrainian users of the Android operating system. The warning will inform them of potential Russian air raids.

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