After the success of the original lawsuit against the studio behind the massively popular MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online, the groups behind another popular MMORPG, Chronicles of Elyria, have announced that they’ve agreed to settle the case with Trion Worlds, the game’s publisher.

A class action suit was filed against Chronicles of Elyria studio, LLC on behalf of the owners of the “Elyrian Saga” online role playing game, who allege that the company violated certain provisions of California’s unfair competition, false advertising, and business practices acts. The suit further alleges that the company violated California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the False Advertising Law, and the Unfair Competition Law. The suit claims that the Elyrian Saga’s founders and the studio collected a percentage of player subscription fees, which they failed to disclose to players, and that the company collected a percentage of revenues from the sale of virtual goods, which it also failed to disclose. The suit further alleges that the company

When I first heard about the class-action lawsuit against the games studio behind the MMO, Chronicles of Elyria, I assumed it would be something deal with the game’s art team. But it’s actually impacting the future of the game itself, with a judge recently denying the request for a preliminary injunction against the studio.. Read more about chronicles of elyria 2021 and let us know what you think.


We now return you to the ongoing judicial drama in the Chronicles of Elyria. The case filed against developer Soulbound Studios and Xsolla had been partly moved from California to Washington when we last left the subject. The court ordered the Xsolla side of the case to non-class arbitration in California under the provisions of Xsolla’s original TOS, while moving the Soulbound side of the case to the Western District of Washington.

So let’s get started. The plaintiffs’ attorney, McCathern Law, has informed the group that the class action is in progress in Washington, and that the California courts are, as anticipated, forcing the Xsolla leg of the claim into arbitration – but that won’t happen until the Soulbound case is resolved. The lawyers claim that they intend to “flood Xsolla with hundreds of requests to arbitrate,” but nothing comes for free. The following are the attorney communications that were posted in the class action Discord:

“The class action may proceed in district court in the central district of California owing to the choice of law provision in Soulbound’s EULA contract, but it will have to proceed in district court in the western district of Washington. I’ve already been in court there, and we’re going ahead with the class action against Soulbound.

“The Central District of California District Court approved Xsolla’s petition to compel arbitration. As a result, the claims of the listed Plaintiff, James Falls, will have to be arbitrated. However, the Court ordered Mr. Falls’ arbitration to be stayed (put on hold) until the Soulbound class action is resolved. The court didn’t say whether or not the whole class should be arbitrated.

“NEXT STEPS: I want to inundate Xsolla with hundreds of arbitrator requests. As a result, please check discord next week because I will publish a fee agreement with my company that I hope everyone of you would consider signing no later than Friday, September 10, 2021. This will enable my team to put as much pressure on Xsolla as possible while continuing to litigate the Souldbound class action.”

Readers may remember that in 2020, Soulbound Studios ran out of money, lay off the crew, and put Chronicles of Elyria on hold, only to reverse course a month later and claim the game was continuing in development with volunteer workers. A class action lawsuit was filed against both Soulbound and payment processor Xsolla by backers. In 2021, the controversy intensified when Soulbound started testing the offshoot game Kingdoms of Elyria under a shady NDA; Soulbound later amended the NDA, but then shut down Reddit over claimed “death threats” and revealed plans for crypto land swaps.


Last week, a group of video game players won a class-action lawsuit against U.S.-based Chronicles of Elyria studio CoE studio, which led to a settlement of $1.3 million to the group. Two days later, a separate lawsuit against online online payment system Xsolla, which services players of the MMO-styled video game, was dismissed. In the former, the plaintiff’s claimed that they were led to believe that they would receive a share of the tokens from the sale of the company, but the majority of the plaintiffs were only creditors and not owners. The lawsuit was filed after CoE missed a deadline to release the first part of its blockchain-based video game, which is due to be released. Read more about chronicles of elyria lawsuit discord and let us know what you think.

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